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Chapter 2 - The Next Day

A funny story about when Pikachu gets drunk. Notice this actually takes place around E3 2007. Update: I will be making a new story about someone getting drunk soon. If you want to, tell me who you think the next "victim" should be!

Chapter 2 - The Next Day

Chapter 2 - The Next Day
So.... it was 8:50, 10 more minuetes till the Brawl meeting continues. Every one was their including some 3rd party characters like Sonic, Master Cheif, Naruto, and Sora.

Where was Pikachu? He was once again at the Pika bar, drunk. This time he was dancing to Party Like A Rock Star pretending his beer bottle was a guitar and smashing it at the ground at the end. Then he realized about the meeting and ran off and drove the same way he did the day before. This time, instead of crashing into the front enterance, he crashed into a wall that led into the women's restroom. The ladies were sceaming slapping Pikachu with their purses.

So Pikachu ran off to the meeting. He ran through the door and ran into a pop machine, causing pop to fall out. Everybody cried for joy and stole the drinks.

"Oh good Pikachu you're on time. Now lets start with you Naruto. Why are you interested in this game?"Asked the president.

Naruto replied, "I got so many totally awesome moves! I can do my "sexy jutsu" move if you want me to!"

""said the president."Now how about clothing or facial features?"

Bowser said,"Let's have a feature where we can make people bald so Peach can look like Britney Spears!! Bwa ha ha ha!"

"Swimsuits?", asked Daisy.

"No! We can't have anything sexual besides Samus's Zero Suit form! It'll scare away customers!" said the president.

Pikachu recovered from ramming into the pop machine and started saying random things again,"PIKA PI PIKACHU PIKA PIKA! (I'LL NEVER MARRY MICHIAL JACKSON!!!)........PIKA PIKA PI PI PIKACHU PI KACHU!!! (SONIC USES METH!!!)"

"Pikachu! Will you shut up!!!!" cried the president,"If Sonic uses meth, then would he be running at the speed of light?"

BANG!!!!!! Fox shot Pikachu again with a sleep pill.

"Well... I guess he was drunk again,"said the president."I guess this meeting will continue next Friday. See ya after E3!"



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darkyoshi555hehe lol

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