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Chapter 6 - The Half Heart Key

After a mysterious hooded man tells of a myterious entrance to Kingdom Hearts, Sora and his friends are launched on another adventure.

Chapter 6 - The Half Heart Key

Chapter 6 - The Half Heart Key
Riku sat on his, Sora's, and Kairi's favorite tree, watching the sun sink
below the horizon. He noted the gentle ripples on the surface of the
vast ocean, the brilliant gleam of the sun reflecting on it, extending forever
into the fading twilight. He closed his eyes and felt the whirling breeze
blow through his hair. Riku reopened his eyes and held out a hand in front
of him, summoning Way to Dawn, his Keyblade. Gazing at it silently, he ran
his soft blue eyes down the extended wing that formed the blade
section, slightly reminiscent of Soul Eater. He shifted his concentration
to the gleaming green eye that lie at the base of the blade, on the center
of the hilt. As he did so, something lying on the ground caught his eye.
After jumping off the tree to get a closer look, he picked up off the
ground what looked like a keychain. It was black and ended in a heart, or
at least half of one. Riku pondered on it for a second then proceeded to
remove his Way to Dawn keychain and attach the half heart chain. As soon as
it clipped on, it was as if someone had hosed out the sun. Darkness
consumed everything. Riku frantically looked around for some source of
light but none was there to be found. But just as soon as darkness came
light blasted through and illuminated the ocean once more. Strangely
though, the sun was rising from the horizon instead of falling as it
had aminute ago. Riku waited for his eyes to adjust from the sudden change,
and as he did so he looked at the Keyblade. The blade itself was sleek and
black running down to meet a blood red hilt. The hilt was in the shape of half
of a heart as if someone had broken part of it off. As he held it out in front
of himself, Riku realized that something about his arm looked off-kelter.
His arms, normally uncovered, now had red sleeves, and as he searched himelf
realized that he was entirely different. Running to the shore, he looked at
his reflection, not to see long silver hair, but spiky, red hair. He also
wore sunglasses, which explained why his eyes were having trouble adjusting
to the light. His mind reeled at his sudden change in appearance as he ran
his hand over his face. He removed his glasses, but, as he did so, noted
that his reflection didn't do the same. Instead his reflection began
extending a hand out towards riku as if he was trying to escape from the
water. Riku stood up and took a step backward, dropping his Keyblade on
the ground. The reflection rose up out of the water and solidified. Startled,
Riku stumbled backwards onto the ground as the figure approached.
Picking up the Keyblade, the spiky-haired boy spoke.
"Hello Riku... my brother."
Riku struggled to comprehend this statement.
"What do you mean? I don't have a brother!" he said in a panicky tone.
The boy smiled his eyes flashing under his dark glasses.
"Of course mother never told you did she... I guess it would be too much HEARTBREAK for her to.
Nonetheless, I have other things to do so I'll make
this quick, goodbye brother..."
The boy ran at Riku, swinging the Keyblade in a high arc. It rushed down
at Riku and then, everything went black.
leave me alone...
"Riku wake up."
no just let me die...
"What? Riku, WAKE UP!"

Riku shot up out of his bed almost hitting heads with Kairi who had
been leaning over him. He looked at her with a confused look.
"But... I thought... he killed me."
Kairi gazed at him with a worried expression.
"You must have had a nightmare. You're fine. But you need to hurry, Tidus
has been revived at the hospital. He, Selphie, and Wakka are there right
now. Sora's outside come down when you're ready, okay?"
Riku just laid there awkwardly.
"But... but... I was, him... and he was me and... he killed me with my own Keyblade..."
Kairi looked at him sternly.
"It was just a dream, you're fine! Come on we'll be waiting outside, hurry."
With this she strode quickly from his room, leaving Riku confused on his bed.


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