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Chapter 8 - Another one?

After a mysterious hooded man tells of a myterious entrance to Kingdom Hearts, Sora and his friends are launched on another adventure.

Chapter 8 - Another one?

Chapter 8 - Another one?
Sora, Riku, and Kairi hurried into the hospital room in a panic. Sora looked behind curtains, Riku under the bed, and Kairi on the ceiling and behind furniture.
The three friends paused and turned towards Sora's mother. Who was watching them with Zacharia.
"What is going on here?"
Kairi looked at the other two and quickly answered.
"We, err... lost something."
Zacharia spoke.
"Well what is it? Maybe we can help you look."
Kairi thought quickly.
"Uh, my charm it is made out of flower petals."
Sora saw movement on Tidus's bed and when he looked carfully at it he saw a faint shimmer just above Tidus's chest.
Sora's mother looked around and picked something up off of the ground.
"Is this it?" She asked.
Sure enough, there was the petal charm that Kairi had made when she was little.
"Wow!" Kairi said, slightly bewildered, "That's it alright! Thank you."
"You're very welcome." said Sora's mother as she turned back towards Zacharia and proceeded with their conversation.

Kairi turned back to Riku and Sora.
"I didn't realize that I lost it!" she whispered to them.
Sora looked back at the bed to see the shimmer still there.
"Do you see the shimmer over Tidus?" He asked.
Riku and Kairi both looked. Riku turned back to Sora.
"Yeah, do you think it's the Heartless?"
Sora also also returned his gaze back at his friends.
"I think so but I'm not sure."
Kairi somewhat panicked.
"What can we do? We can't just pull out our Keyblades in front of everyone!"
Riku thought for a moment then spoke.
"We have to wait and see what it's going to do."
"Right." said Sora and Kairi in unison.
They then pivoted to face the bed, watching the shimmer. It didn't do anything for several minutes when there was a brief flash of light. Tidus began to toss and turn as if having a bad dream. Another flash and he began shaking violently. Suddenly there was a last bright flash and he went still, his eyes open and empty as if...
Sora gasped. Only one time had he seen that look before when he saw Kairi without her heart.
"The Heartless took his heart!" He told Riku and Kairi.
Zacharia and Alanna were trying to get a response from Tidus but none came.
"No! Tidus! Wake up! Please! Nooo..." Zacharia embraced Tidus and began to sob.
Meanwhile the shimmer moved from the bed across the floor and out the door. Sora, Kairi, and Riku ran from the room just as several nurses entered. The shimmer was moving quickly down the hallway and, when it was about to turn the corner, turned into a Neoshadow, looked back at Sora and the others and continued into the next hall.
"We can't let it escape!" said Riku angrily as they turned down the hall after it, just in time to see it exit out the entrance of the hospital.
The three friends rushed out the door and continued chasing the shadow. Kairi's legs began to burn when suddenly a red van drove up next to them. The driver's window rolled down to reveal Sora's sister, Ichigo.
"Come on!" she yelled, "Jump in."
Sora looked over to her.
"We can't sis!"
Determined she kept driving alongside them.
"You're trying to catch that Heartless right? Get in and I'll help you!"


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sailoraqua13 on October 23, 2008, 6:27:11 AM

sailoraqua13 on
sailoraqua13Cool! I love it! Oh, and Ichigo has a Keyblade of her own, The Lover's Regime. The blade is silver with blue designs on it, the handle is blue butterfly wings, and the pole part of it is pink.