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Chapter 9 - Love's Regime

After a mysterious hooded man tells of a myterious entrance to Kingdom Hearts, Sora and his friends are launched on another adventure.

Chapter 9 - Love's Regime

Chapter 9 - Love's Regime
After getting in the car, Sora looked over to his sister who was concentrating on following the Neoshadow.
"How did you know about the Heartless?" he asked in a confused voice.
She straightened slightly and siged.
"Well, I had a dream about them, actually. I was on a stained glass platform, when all of these shadow creatures began overrunning it. You jumped in front of them with some sort of key sword thingy in your hand and told me to pull mine out. I said, 'I don't have one' and then suddenly one popped into my hand. You and I fought the shadows off and won. You told me that they were called heartless. The platform shattered and everything went dark. I woke up after that."
Kairi gasped.
"Does that mean... that you have a keyblade too!?"
Ichigo nodded.
"Yes, but I'd rather not talk about it right now we need to focus on catching that Heartless."
Sora looked ahead to see cars stopped at a traffic light.
"No! We can't stop now!"
His sister slowed down the car.
"Unfortunately I have to Sora."
Riku squinted ahead at the Heartless. His eyes widened.
"Hey look it stopped!"
He pointed ahead, and sure enough, as the others eventually saw, the Neoshadow was stopped on the side of the road looking back at them.
People were pointing at it yet it did nothing but stare back at Ichigo's car.
As the light turned green and the car surged forward, the Heartless continued running. Riku thought for a moment.
"I think it's luring us." he said indesicively.
"You're right." said Sora who continued to watch it carefully.
Kairi, who was also watching it, asked,"Why do you think it's doing that?"
"I don't know." said Riku.
Abruptly, Ichigo pointed ahead.
"Hey it just turned onto a bridge!"
Sora murmured.
"That's our island. I know where it's going..."
"Where is it going?" questioned Ichigo, who turned onto the bridge.
Sora paused and looked towards the Island.
"To where everything started. Our cave..."
"Why?" asked Kairi.
Riku answered.
"Because, that is where all of our dreams and fantasies began, in that small cave. That is where we are going to find all of the answers and it's where we are going to end this once and for all."
As they drove onto the island, Sora noticed somthing moving high in the sky. After a hard look his eyes widened.
"Hey look! It's the Gummi Ship!"
Sure enough, coming down rapidly from the atmosphere was the ship that Sora, Donald, and Goofy had used on their previous adventures.
Riku, Kairi, and Ichigo looked up at it.
"What's a Gummi Ship?" asked Ichigo.
Sora leaned forward, excitedly, watching the ship land.
"We'll explain it when we're not doing something too important. Just keep following that Heartless." said Riku.,"Seeing whoever's on that ship will have to wait."
Sora looked down disappointedly.
"Hey! It's landing ahead!" exclaimed Ichigo.
Sora looked back up and grinned.
"I'll get to see them!"
But as drove up, Ichigo kept going.
"Hey! What're you-?!" Sora complained.
"You heard Riku, we have somthig that we need to do right now, you can see them later." said Ichigo.
Sora crossed his arms and frowned. But then jumped when he saw.
"It went into the cave! You were right Sora." said Kairi.
They pulled up next to the hole that led into the cave.
Everyone got out and lined up before the hole.
Sora looked at Ichigo and his friends.
"Well, are we ready then?"
Riku faced him.
"No turning back!" He ran up to the hole and crawled through.
Ichigo went in next.
Sora looked at Kairi, who looked back at him. She smiled.
"Together this time, right?"
Sora smiled back.
"Yeah! Let's go!"
They went into the crevice without a single look back.



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