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Chapter 6 - Crossing of the Sixth

After encountering a Heartless, Sora and crew come across the Hall of Abandon and their journey begins!

Chapter 6 - Crossing of the Sixth

Chapter 6 - Crossing of the Sixth
Kairi jerked awake. It was dark, but she could still see the outlines of the enourmous piles that entrenched the room. She and her friends had figured out that the light that entered through the stained glass dome window on the ceiling was the only source. Their assumption of that light coming from the Sun seemed to be correct. She looked over at Sora, Ichigo, and Riku who were sound asleep on the strangely comfortable marble floor. A draft blew through Ichigo's ebony hair, which seemed to glow in the faint moonlight. Kairi paced slowly around the clearing in which they slept, looking at nothing in particular. Hearing a soft tap behind her, Kairi turned around to see what it was, but, seeing nothing, continued to make her way through the clearing. Again she observed a light tap, which reverberated twice in this instance.
"Hello?" said she, "Is anyone here? Sora? Riku?"
She waited for them to answer but the only ones that she recieved were several trademark snores of two boys sleeping.
"Is there ayone there?" she repeated after hearing the tapping for a third time.
Suddenly a warm feeling laced her soulder, as if someone was there breathing on it. She turned, somewhat bewildered. All she saw was a moonlit floor. She heard what seemed to be a faint ringing which slowly, gradually grew louder. After further listening she could discern a melody within that ring. Peaceful, it seemed to her, as she closed her eyes and let the harmony of several invisible instruments and a background choir sweep her mind from reality. The voices of the choir lowered and rose, lowering again and suddenly peaking to a crescendo and going silent. The music continued quietly as Kairi opened her eyes, and, being assaulted with bright light as she did so, began to look around curiously. Surrounding her, on all sides, was, strangely enough, light. Everywhere, and, coming from everywhere was a soft, yet soundly pure, white glow. For no reason, Kairi smiled, letting the light flood her vision in it's warm prescence.
"Do you know where you are, Kairi?"
She had to think for a moment before realizing that the calm feminine voice was speaking to her.
Her voice echoed from her lips resounding in the invisible emptiness of the light.
"Where am I?" she continued.
Slowly a figure began to materialize in front of her. It had on a long white robe with sky blue trim. The hood on the figure was up, but Kairi could see lengthy blue hair trailing from beneath it. The figure removed it's hood, revealing a beautiful face upon which sat two beautiful sapphire eyes. The young lady before Kairi smiled warmly.
"You happen to have stumbled upon what is known as the Realm of Light."
Kairi, stunned at the stranger's sudden appearance, took a step backwards.
"You... you're beautiful...Who are you?"
The blue haired lady hesitated, biting her lower lip softly. The expression in her eyes grew sad as she lowered her gaze to the ground.
"I..." she began, with reluctance in her voice, "I... don't know my name... It has been lost, as with the rest of my memories... I am still searching for them."
Kairi felt the pain in the girl's voice as she blinked a few tears away. The anonymous girl looked back up at Kairi.
"I woke up here one day, without a single clue as to who I was or where I came from, I've been searching ever since, but this light has always led me astray. I am lost to it... But now I've finally found someone."
Her face brightened as she looked up. Kairi thought for a moment.
"If you have no memory, then how did you know my name? I don't think we've even met before..."
The girl looked at her confusedly.
"I don't know, it just came to me as I saw you... Can I come with you when you go back?"
Kairi nodded and smiled.
"Yes of course!"
The girl smiled back, but then her expression turned somewhat morose.
"But how will we get out of here? I haven't been able to find an exit."
Kairi looked left and right thinking of a way out.
Suddenly a familiar voice spoke in her mind.
Kairi looked back at the girl.
"Take my hand."
"But why?" replied the girl.
Kairi grasped her hand.
"All we have to do... is beleive that we can get out, and the light will show us the way. So... close your eyes."
Thus, she and the blue-haired girl closed their eyes and held on to each other's hands.
Kairi repeated in her mind, over and over until she felt the light of the Realm begin to fade. Tightening her hand on the girl's Kairi felt them gliding down, once more into the Hall of Abandon. They seemed to have come straight from the light that floded from the dome.
"Kairi!!!" called a familiar voice.


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sailoraqua13 on November 4, 2008, 8:42:37 AM

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sailoraqua13I love it! ^U^

NobodywithaHeart on November 4, 2008, 8:48:49 AM

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NobodywithaHeartthankies! stay tuned! lol ^.^

sailoraqua13 on November 4, 2008, 11:03:31 AM

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sailoraqua13Cool! ^U^