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Chapter 8 - Oblivion...

After encountering a Heartless, Sora and crew come across the Hall of Abandon and their journey begins!

Chapter 8 - Oblivion...

Chapter 8 - Oblivion...
Sora, Riku, and the others approached the large pearly door that rested upon the wall before them.
"I can't believe I have a Nobody..." stated Riku, "How?"
"I don't know, but we can't worry about it now." said Sora, "It wouldn't serve any purpose."
Riku nodded.
Suddenly the blue haired girl stopped.
Kairi and Ichigo turned around to look at her.
"What? Is something wrong?" asked Ichigo.
The girl furrowed her brow in thought.
"I... I'm not sure. Arona..."
She paused, her eyes widening, she looked excitedly to Ichigo and Kairi.
"My name! It's Arona! I remembered!"
She rushed forward and hugged the two girls tightly.
"I can't believe it! I feel so... so, happy, all of a sudden!"
Kairi and Ichigo smiled at her.
"Congratulations! That's such a pretty name!"
Suddenly a voice called from behind them.
"Good job with the name and all, but we need to keep going! Who knows when this door might disappear."
Arona, Ichigo, and Kairi laughed excitedly and met up with Sora and Riku.
They all faced the door. Sora grabbed the handle and pulled hard, expecting it to be heavy. It swung open with ease. He shrugged at the others and stepped through. Riku looked at the others and called to Sora.
"Wait up!"
He walked through, but as he did so, something large and heavy hit him across the back, sending him sprawling on the floor. He looked back just in time to see the girls' faces vanish behind the closing door.
"Kairi! Ichigo! Arona!"
Sora turned to him.
"What happened!?"
Riku got up and faced him.
"The door closed on them!"
Sora crossed his arms.
"Great! Now what do we do. We can't just go on without them."
Riku walked up to the door and tried to shoulder it open. It didn't budge.
"Unfortunately, I don't think we have a choice."
He circled around to view the room, if you could call it that. There seemed to be no defined walls, ceiling or floor to the black velvet-like enclosure. Though Sora and Riku seemed to be standing on something solid, ripples and creases moved along the floor as if it were fluid. In what seemed to be the center of the room, there was a dark spire that emitted a bright concentrated light from it's apex. The light laced upward towards the nonexistent ceiling of the shadowy room, and faded into the void. After a closer look, Riku could see strange bursts of explosions occurring some distance past the invisible walls of the room.
"Hey, Sora do you see those explosions?" no reply, "Sora?"
Riku rotated to see Sora facing away from him gazing at the spire of light.
Sora turned towards Riku, who was shocked when he looked at him. Sora'a eyes seemes to be shrouded in a transluscent gray mist, his facial expression blank. Riku stepped forward.
"Are you okay?"
Sora's face contorted.
"What do you care!?" he yelled.
Riku hesitated.
Sora continued.
"When have you cared about me, or anyone else around you?"
Baffled, Riku uttered.
"What are you talking about?"
Sora took a step towards Riku.
"You only ever care how you feel, not about the me or anybody else! I'm tired of being your shadow! You've always tried to be better than me and put me down!"
Riku hesitated.
"S-Sora! What do you mean? Snap out of it!"
Sora pulled out his keyblade and began a slow advance on Riku.
"You know exactly what I mean! You even tried to take Kairi away from me! You know how that made me feel?"
Frightened at Sora's behavior Riku replied.
"Sora, cut it out! You know I was taken by the darkness! I'm not in the darkness anymore!"
Ignoring this Sora ran at Riku slashing the Keyblade in an arc. Riku dodged and summoned Way to Dawn.
"Sora! Stop! Don't do this! We're best friends!"
Sora snarled and charged Riku once more, swinging his blade forcefully. Riku blocked the attack. Sora attacked viciously, slashing, thrusting, smashing, while Riku frantically defended each blow. Suddenly, in a concluding swing, Sora struck Way to Dawn out of Riku's hand. He tried an overhead slash, but Riku caught the blade.
"Sora please it's me! Riku! Can't you see that I'm on your side?"
Sora bore down his entire weight on the keyblade sending Riku to one knee. He then proceeded to kick Riku to the ground.
"This is where the nonsense ends Riku. You're not going to bully me any more!"
Sora raised the Keyblade ominously. Riku panicked.
"Sora! Stop! You're not yourself!!!"
Time seemed to slow as the blade descended towards Riku's chest. He held his hands in front of himself as if to guard the attack. Riku closed his eyes preparing for the worst. He gave one last shout.
There was a bright flash of light, a yell, and then silence. Riku opened his eyes to see a dazed Sora standing above him.
"What... happened? Riku? What's going on?"
Sora realized that he was holding the Keyblade. He looked down at Riku who still had his hands over him in defense.
"You went nuts, and started attacking me! I tried to make you snap out of it but it was like you were hypnotized."
Sora's eyes widened in shock.
"Wh-what happened to me?"
He took a step backward, his head spinning.
"I, I, don't know what went wrong with me."
Sora looked around frantically.
"I can't... I'm not fit to do this..."
Tears began streaming down his face. Riku watched him worriedly.
"Sora. It's okay! I'm fine, you didn't hurt me."
Sora wheeled mindlessly his face flooded with tears. He broke down.
"I...I can't do this."
He gazed down at the Keyblade in his hand.
"I can't do this anymore..."
Hefting the Kingdom Key, Sora looked over to Riku, then tossed the blade to the floor. A bright flash of light, and Sora was knocked to the ground.


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