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Chapter 9 - The Clash

After encountering a Heartless, Sora and crew come across the Hall of Abandon and their journey begins!

Chapter 9 - The Clash

Chapter 9 - The Clash
Riku ran over to Sora, who lay still on the ground. He stirred, blinked several times, and looked at Riku.
"What happened?"
Riku shrugged and grinned.
"So you're okay then?"
Sora looked around.
"Where am I?"
Puzzled Riku gzed at him.
"We're in a strange room. You tried to attack me and got upset remember?"
Sora looked around in amazement.
"Wooow! Cool! This place is neat."
The tears from a few moments ago were drying unnoticed. Soras gaze met Riku's.
"Sora?" said Riku confusedly.
Sora looked around.
"Who's Sora? What's your name?" he thought for a moment, "What's my name?"
Riku grinned in amusement.
"Okay Sora you can cut the joke! I know you're..." suddenly realization hit Riku as he watched Sora's blank look. Familiar words echoed through his mind. leaving your Keyblade, you leave part of your heart...
Riku looked for the Sora's Keyblade which was thrown to the ground. It was't there.

"The power of the Keyblade is remarkable isn't it, brother?"
Riku searched around for the source of the voice and his eyes fell upon a familiar sight. Adam stood a good distance away hefting the gold and silver Kigdom Key in his hands. Riku took a step forward, calling upon his Keyblade.
"Give it back, Adam!" he thought about what Adam said. "And I don't have a brother!"
Adam smiled, adjusting his dark sunglasses.
"I looked for information as to my birth and where I came from. The results were interesting. My father, it turns out, was a scientist that worked on a quaint, peaceful planet known as Radiant Garden. Has your friend ever told you of this place?"
Riku glared at him.
"Yeah, a little."
"Well, it also turns out that my father was the ruler of this world, and was someone that you were quite familiar with. Does, Ansem, ring a bell?"
Riku clenched a fist.
"No way! That's not true! And that doesn't explain how we're brothers!"
Adam aproached Riku slowly an cautiously.
A long time ago, Ansem, my father, traveled to a planet deep in space, after being kindly acquainted to the Gummi and buildig his own ship. The planet was a gentle one, clear warm oceans and a few islands that dotted it's surface. He landed on one of these islands with a few dozen villagers and assistants at his wake. He had the island explored and established sort of a colony on it, dubbing the group of islands, the Destiny Islands.
Riku clenched his fist tighter.
"Ansem discovered the Desiny Islands!?"
Riku turned to check on Sora, who was running around the bright light in the center of the void.
Adam continued.
While he was there, my father fell in love with one of his assistants and not long after, she was pregnant with twins. Being an honest and faithful man he stayed behind with her through the birth. They named the twins Adam, and Riku.
Riku clutched his Keyblade.
He ran at Adam, who disappeared in the darkness. Riku's head reeled with shock.
"What I tell you is the truth!" Adam had appeared a few dozen feet behind him. "My mother's name is Evelyn! So is yours, right? Our parents are one in the same. I didn't want to believe it either, but what I'm telling you is real and true!" he continued his story as Riku faced him. "Sadly Ansem was forced to leave our mother behind and return to Radiant Garden. He took one of us with him, and that was me. Over the course of a few months, he fell in love with another woman, Elysia, and later on, two girls were born. Elysia died at childbirth, leaving Ansem completely devastated. Having no extra time to take care of me and the girls and rule Radiant Garden, I was put up for adoption. He took one of the girls, named Arona, as his heir and princess, and the other with him on his ship and traveled once more to the Destiny Islands, where he sought our mother. As he showed up on her doorstep with the baby in his arms, she greeted him sourly, for he had left her behind with a child to raise, alone. He begged for her forgiveness and in his shame, held out the baby to her. He asked her to take the girl in and give her a home, but she at first turned it away, saying that she couldn't take care of her. Seeing his dedication to the welfare of the girl, Evelyn offered to give her to one of her dear friends, who she was certain would take care of the child. Our father appreciated this and offered to help our mother raise you, but she refused, and he left to return to Radiant Garden, where he ruled as King and continued his research, while raising Arona."
There was a long silence as he and Riku watched eachother. Riku spoke.
"But then... who was the other girl?"
Adam chuckled.
"Think hard. Who's one person that you know that could possibly be a princess?"
Riku thought for a moment,then it hit him.
"... Kairi."

End of Part II


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