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Chapter 2 - Where Am I?

Inuyasha ends up in sonics world. plz comment

Chapter 2 - Where Am I?

Chapter 2 - Where Am I?
Kagome loooked around and thought she was dreaming. She wasn't in the fuerdal Era, She wasn't in the well house, She was in a different world. She didn't know where though. She looked around and saw someone from far away. She came in closer. That's when she realized where she was. She was in the Sonic World because she saw was no other then Sonic The Hedgehog. "Ummmmmmmm do you know how i can get out of here?" She asked him. "No. Why would I want to get out of here. I'm famous here, my friends are here, and I like it here." He replied."well I'm not from here and Iwould like to get back to my home." Kagome said. "Well don't ask me ask someone else, Someone who has gotten out before." Sonic said. "like who?" She asked. "Huh. I don't know just ask around. If no one tells you then I will help you." He said. "fine" she said as she walked away.(at Fuerdal Era) "Where is she?" Inuyasha asked. "Maybe, She ditched you." replied Sango. "haha Very funny it was so funny i forgot to laugh." He said in a pissy tone. "Maybe she is doing homework." Shippo said. "I'm going to see where she is and don't come with me." He said. "Oh we're coming with you and do you want to know why." Said Miroku. "Why?" replied Inuyasha. "Because we want to get you pissed off." Miroku said. "I'm already pissed off" He said. "well now we can get you even more pissed off." Sango said. "Whatever just hurry." Inuyasha said. They jumped down the well and came up one by one. Inuyasha came up first. Then Sango, Miroku, and Shippo. "why am i always last." Shippo said. "because your small and weak." Inuyasha said. "Where are we?" Miroku said. "I don't know." said Sango. "lets find Kagome already." Inuyasha snapped.TO BE CONTINUED.


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