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Chapter 3 - Case 911: I Lost My Keys, He Lost His Pants

funny mysteries solved by none other than Sherlock Tyson!

Chapter 3 - Case 911: I Lost My Keys, He Lost His Pants

Chapter 3 - Case 911: I Lost My Keys, He Lost His Pants
Case 911: I Lost My Keys, He Lost His Pants

"I lost my keys!" I exclaim while frantically searching the dojo.
Tyson walks in.
I look at him and scream, "He lost his pants!!!"
Tyson does not have any pants on, he is just walking around in his rubber ducky boxers.
Rei walks in a moment later... he is also wearing no pants. "What's wrong, Michelle?" he asks calmly.
"Oh my gosh, Rei! Where are your pants!?" I exclaim.
"I don't know. I couldn't find them when I woke up this morning." he replies still very calm.
"He lost his pants!!!" I exclaim.
Max comes in acting very cheery.. his pants are missing as well. "Hey, all! What's going on?" he asks.
"Oh my gosh! He lost his pants!!!" I exclaim and run out of the room.
"What's wrong with Michelle?" Max asks.
"She lost her keys and can't find them anywhere." Tyson replies.
"Oh." Max says.
"And it probably doesn't help that we're all in our boxers." Rei says.
"Ooh! Nice kitty cat boxers, Rei." Max says.
"Thanks, Maxie. I like your bit-beast boxers." Rei says.
"Thanks. My mom got 'em for me." Max says.
"What about my boxers, guys?" Tyson asks.
Rei and Max look at Tyson and start laughing. Tyson glares at them.
I run into Kenny in the hall... and he's pantsless.
"He lost his pants!!!" I exclaim.
"I'm sorry, Michelle. I couldn't find them anywhere. I'm still looking." the Chief apologizes blushing slightly.
"It's alright, Chief. But you're the fourth one this morning." I say.
"You mean Tyson, Max, and Rei lost their pants too?" Kenny asks.
"Yeah. I'm going to see Kai. Maybe he can help me find my keys and figure out where the others lost their pants." I say.
"Good luck. I just hope Kai hasn't lost his pants too." the Chief says and walks down the hall to where the others are.
I run down to Kai's room and knock on his door. "Kai, can I come in? I need some help." I say.
"NO!" he exclaims.
"Why not?" I ask.
"Because... um... uh..." he stutters.
"Ugh! Kai, whatever it is can't be that bad." I say as I open the door and lean through the doorway.
The sight that greets me is not one I would expect but should've since it's been happening all morning. Kai has no pants on, just his beyblade boxers.
"He lost his pants!!!" I exclaim.
Kai pulls me into his room and quickly shuts his bedroom door. "Shhh... don't shout so loud. I don't want the others to know." he says blushing a bit.
"Kai, I hate to inform you but the others have also lost their pants which means that I am stuck in a house with five teenage boys who have no pants." I say rather calmly for what I just said.
"The rest of them lost their pants too!? Even Kenny!?" he asks incredulously.
"Yes, I am sad to report that they have. And to top it off, I lost my keys." I sigh.
Kai looks at me for a moment then says, "You took them, didn't you?"
"What!?! Why in the world would I take your pants!?" I ask trying not to laugh.
"I don't know. You're the only one who hasn't lost your pants so I thought it might've been you." he says with a shrug.
"No way. I wouldn't do that. I have better things to do than steal pants... like find my keys." I say.
"Well I really need to find my pants." Kai says looking around.
I lean against him and put my arms around his neck. "Kai, you have got to help me find my keys... and everyone's pants. I don't think I can handle having you guys walk around all day without your pants."
Kai blushes. "Ok, I'll help you." he says.
"But first, Kai, I have to say you do look very attractive without your pants." I say with a smirk.
Kai turns redder. "Michelle!" he exclaims.
I chuckle a bit. "Alright, I'm done kidding around. Let's go find your pants, my keys, and everybody else's pants." I say.
"Alright." Kai says as he follows me out of his room.
Then he stops in the doorway.
"What's wrong?" I ask.
"I don't think I can walk around the house without my pants." Kai replies.
I sigh and say, "I'm sorry, Kai, but there's nothing I can do about it. If you want to find your pants, you're going to have to leave your room."
Kai nods and steps out into the hall. He sighs and asks, "So where should we start looking?"
"I have no idea." I say.
Kai sighs.
"Wait! Let's check in my room." I say.
"What? But you said you didn't take our pants." Kai says confused.
"I didn't, but let's go in there anyway." I say.
"Alright." Kai says and follows me into my room.
We search around for a bit and don't find my keys or anyone's pants. But I do find my camera.
I get it ready and turn to Kai. "Kai, turn around." I say.
Kai turns around and asks, "Why?"
I click a picture and smile.
"Ah! Don't tell me you just took a picture!" Kai exclaims.
"Yup. And it's a really good one. This is definitely going in my scrapbook." I say smiling.
Kai sighs, "Ok, whatever. Let's just get back to searching for the pants."
"And my keys." I say as I follow Kai out of my room.
We walk down the hall and head for the living room.
The others are all lounging in chairs or on the couch when me and Kai walk in. I take this chance to snap a few pictures of them in their boxers.
"Ah! Michelle, why did you just take a picture of me in my boxers!?" Kenny cries.
"It's for my scrapbook. I'm going to label the page 'The Day the Guys Lost Their Pants'. And then I'm gonna have a picture of me exclaiming 'I lost my keys!!! He lost his pants!!!'." I reply.
"Dude! Kai! You lost your pants too!?" Tyson exclaims.
"Yes, Tyson, I lost my pants too." Kai sighs.
"Why are you four just sitting here instead of looking for your missing pants?" I ask.
"We got tired of searching and decided to take a break." Max replies.
"Plus, we're hungry." Tyson adds.
"Well then why didn't you get Rei to go cook something?" I ask.
"I'm not wearing any pants. I can't cook without pants on." Rei says.
"Put an apron on, it's the same difference whether it's over pants or boxers." I say.
Rei sighs and says, "I guess that'll work. What do you guys want to eat?"
"Pancakes!" Tyson and Max reply in unison.
"Alright, I'll go make some pancakes." Rei says and heads into the kitchen.
I sigh and say, "I am so lucky that none of you wear briefs."
"No, you're lucky that Tyson is actually wearing clean boxers." Dizzi says.
"Dizzi, that's not nice." Kenny says.
"But it's true, Chief." Dizzi says.
"Enough about Tyson's boxers. Why don't you guys start looking for your pants while Rei makes the pancakes." I suggest.
"But I'm too hungry do anything." Tyson moans.
"Tyson, if you don't get up and start searching for your pants, you will be in too much pain to eat once I get through with you." I say glaring at him.
Tyson shivers and stands up. "Well I'm off to search for my pants. Hey, Maxie, you wanna help me?" Tyson says.
"Sure, Tyson. Let's go." Max says.
Tyson and Max hurry out of the room.
"Very persuasive..." Kai says.
"It's a talent." I say with a smirk.
"I guess I'll do some searching as well." Kenny says standing up.
"Good luck, Chief." I say.
Kenny nods to me and leaves the room.
I turn to Kai and say, "On a scale of one-to-ten, where do you rate the Chief's computer software boxers?"
"Uh... five. Why?" Kai asks.
"How about Tyson's rubber ducky boxers?" I ask.
"Is this on the hilarious meter or the cool meter?" Kai asks.
"Both." I reply.
"On the hilarious meter, ten. On the cool meter, one." Kai replies with a smirk.
"Alright, now that we have that cleared up, let's do a little searching of our own." I say heading out of the room.
Kai follows saying, "That was pretty random."
"I know but today's been a pretty random day. For crying out loud, none of you have pants on." I say.
"True." Kai concedes.
Me and Kai are about to begins searching for everyone's (well not mine because mine aren't missing) missing pants... and we can't forget my lost keys... when we pop in to the kitchen to see how Rei's doing. When I see him wearing the apron over his boxers, he just looks so adorable that I have to take a picture.
I pull out my camera and say, "Rei, say cheese."
Rei turns slightly to look at me and I snap the picture. He turns slightly red and says, "Michelle, do you have to take pictures today?"
"Yes. This is a day worth remembering. I mean all five of you lost your pants." I say.
Rei just sighs and returns to making the pancakes.
Kai drags me out of the kitchen so we can actually start searching. "So where do you think we should start looking?" he asks.
I think for a moment and say, "Well, I guess we could check the hall closet and the bathroom. I don't think we should bother with any of the bedrooms considering that's probably the first place everyone looked this morning."
"Alright." Kai says.
We check the hall closet thoroughly. We move things around and pull stuff out, but don't find any pants. We then move on to the bathroom. We check under the sink and in the over-sink cabinet. We even check the shower, but without any luck.
Then there's a knock on the door. Apparently all of us had the same idea to go answer it, except Kenny who does not want to be seen without pants. But I stop the boys since they aren't wearing any pants and answer the door myself. It's Hilary.
"Hey, Hilary. What brings you here today?" I ask.
"I just came by to see Tyson." she says.
"Oh, well if you want to come in, be prepared." I say.
"Why?" she asks as she comes inside and sees all the boys in their boxers. "Oh." she says.
"Yeah." I say shutting the door.
"Why aren't they wearing their pants." she asks.
"Because they lost them." I reply simply.
"They lost their pants?" she asks as she begins to laugh.
"Yes, they lost their pants. Even Kai." I say smirking slightly.
"Incredible." she laughs.
"Hey, you wouldn't be laughing if you had lost your pants, Hil." Tyson says.
"True, but I haven't lost my pants so this is rather funny." Hilary says.
Just then Rei calls from the kitchen, "Pancakes are ready!"
"Food!" Tyson exclaims and runs into the kitchen with Max right behind him.
The rest of us walk calmly into the kitchen. Me and Hilary get plates and silverware while Rei serves the pancakes.
We all sit down to eat and begin discussing the missing pants.
"So you guys just woke up this morning and couldn't find your pants?" Hilary asks incredulously.
"Yup." Tyson replies stuffing an entire pancake in his mouth.
"And you searched your rooms from top-to-bottom and still couldn't find them?" she asks.
"We couldn't find even a single pair." Max replies as he puts mayonnaise on his pancakes.
Hilary sighs and asks, "So have you started searching the rest of the house?"
"Of course we have." Rei replies.
"So where have you checked so far?" she asks.
"Me and Maxie checked the living room, the dojo, and Grandpa's room." Tyson says as he stuffs two more pancakes into his mouth.
"Me and Kai checked the hall closet and the bathroom." I say.
"I checked my workshop." Kenny says.
"I looked around in the kitchen while I was making the pancakes, I even checked the oven and the fridge." Rei says.
"Did anyone check the attic?" Hilary asks.
"No." Tyson says stuffing his face some more.
"Well, as soon as we all finish eating, why don't we check the attic." Hilary suggests.
We all agree to this and as soon as we finish eating, we head up to the attic.
As we begin searching, dust begins to fill the room.
Hilary coughs and says, "Will somebody open a window?"
"I've got it." Rei says as he opens a window.
The dust quickly dissipates.
"Ugh! You know what I keep forgetting to look for? My keys." I say to no one in particular.
"Oh, Michelle. I found your keys." Kenny says as he pulls them out of his shirt pocket.
"Thanks, Chief. Where were they?" I ask as I take them.
"I found them in my workshop." Kenny replies.
"Oh that's right. I forgot. Yesterday when I got you to tweak Dramikun I had my keys with me. I must've put them down and forgot to grab them when I left." I say putting my keys in my pocket.
"Hey, can we get back to searching for our pants!?" Tyson shouts.
"Sure, Tyson." I say loudly.
Tyson and Max are checking some boxes and an old trunk when the rest of us here a loud crash. We turn and see that Tyson has fallen into the trunk. Max is laughing as Tyson flails around trying to get out of the trunk. We all laugh a bit at this and I get a picture. Then Max helps Tyson out of the trunk and we continue our search.
After a few hours, we have checked every box, trunk, and whatever else that was in the attic without any success in finding the boys' missing pants. We head back downstairs to the living room.
"Well, we've checked everywhere and still haven't found our pants." Rei says.
We all sigh.
Then a thought dawns on me. "We didn't check the laundry room." I say.
"Of course! It's the most obvious place and we completely forgot about it." Kenny says.
"Well then let's go check it out." Hilary says.
We all get up and head for the laundry room.
Tyson pushes open the door and exclaims, "Grandpa! What are you doing in here!?"
Tyson's grandpa, who had been asleep 'til just now, rubs his eyes and says, "I guess I dozed off while I was washing your pants, homies."
Hilary walks over to the dryer and opens it. She then pulls out Tyson's pants. I snap a picture as Tyson runs up and grabs his pants practically hugging them before putting them on.
"All your pants are in here guys." Hilary says.
I snap a few more pictures as the others quickly claim their pants and put them on.
I sigh and lean against the doorframe of the laundry room door.
"Sorry, my peeps. I was washing your pants last night and I guess I dozed off after I put them in the dryer." Grandpa apologizes.
"It's okay, Grandpa." Tyson says as he pats him on the shoulder and then hurries out of the laundry room.
"I'm just glad to have my pants back." Rei says as he leaves the laundry room.
"Me too." Max agrees as he follows Rei.
"Same here." Kenny says also leaving the laundry room.
"Well, I'm glad that's over with." Hilary sighs as she leaves the laundry room.
Grandpa leaves as well, which leaves me and Kai alone.
"Well I bet you're glad to have your pants back, Kai." I say with a smirk.
"Yes, I am." Kai says.
"Good." I say with a smile as I click a picture.
"Agh! Will you stop taking pictures!" Kai exclaims as he tries to take my camera from me.
"No way! It's too much fun." I say holding the camera away from him.
He tries to grab it again and I dash off down the hall. He follows me determined to the camera... which he won't, because there's no way I'd let him.
So ends yet another case. I survived a day with five pantsless teenage boys and found my keys... not to mention the BladeBreakers pants. Until the next mystery, see ya.


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jak-n-daxter203 on May 21, 2007, 5:35:16 AM

jak-n-daxter203 on
jak-n-daxter203You've just inspired me for a pic!

FallingRaindrops on December 8, 2006, 12:18:48 AM

FallingRaindrops on
FallingRaindropslost pants thats funny ^^

TurtleQueen on November 5, 2006, 9:01:02 AM

TurtleQueen on
TurtleQueenlol that was hillarius! no pants! haha!

Yorda_Valkov on April 30, 2006, 7:48:23 PM

Yorda_Valkov on

phoenix_grl on March 24, 2006, 6:45:40 AM

phoenix_grl on
phoenix_grlrei has kitties on his boxers LOL!you should do the mystery between mao and rei!LOL just an idea i love your story!its funny

Crazy_Neko_Hiruka on February 19, 2006, 5:16:34 AM

Crazy_Neko_Hiruka on
Crazy_Neko_Hiruka*laughing* that was good. how did i know it was gonna b something like that? anyway til next time XD

sis on February 18, 2006, 12:31:20 PM

sis on
sisHehe this very funny!This whole story is great!

Monkey-Ninja on February 18, 2006, 10:33:10 AM

Monkey-Ninja on
Monkey-NinjaCool! I love this one!

Pocky_PixieSticks_Anime on February 17, 2006, 7:55:19 PM

Pocky_PixieSticks_Anime on
Pocky_PixieSticks_Animesweet! i finally got another Tyson File case done. =^_^= this one was hilarious and random and i loved writing it. =^_^= *eats pocky and pixie sticks*