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Chapter 4 - Case 1031: Halloween

funny mysteries solved by none other than Sherlock Tyson!

Chapter 4 - Case 1031: Halloween

Chapter 4 - Case 1031: Halloween
Case 1031: Halloween

It is Halloween. The decorations are up. And I have a great costume.
"Aaahh!!"Kai screams.
I run down the hall, open Kai's door, lean in, and ask, "What's wrong?"
"All my clothes are..."he drops off when he sees what I'm wearing... one of his outfits, facepaint and all. "What are you doing wearing one of my outfits?" he asks.
"It's my Halloween costume. Don't I look cute?" I say with a smile stepping completely into the room so he can see me fully.
"Take those clothes off right now!" he demands.
"Oh Kai, I didn't know we were that far along in our relationship."I tease.
"That is not what I meant! I'm not trying to get this fic an R rating!" Kai exclaims blushing.
I laugh and say, "I'm sorry, Kai."
He sighs and says, "Will you go change out of that now?"
I kiss him on the cheek and calmly say, "No." I smile and turn to leave.
Kai loosely grabs my arm and half exclaims, "What do you mean 'no'?!"
"It wouldn't do any good." I reply with a mischievous smile.
"You don't mean..." Kai starts but is interrupted when Tyson pops in.
"Mornin', Kai. About time you were up. Happy Halloween." Tyson says cheerily.
Kai's eyes go wide when he sees that Tyson's outfit is actually one of his outfits. "Tyson, why are you wearing one of my outfits too?" Kai asks half exasperated.
Me and Tyson look at each other and then say, "We planned it." We grin at Kai.
"And it's not just us." Tyson adds grinning.
"Don't tell me..." Kai starts but is this time interrupted by Rei and Max.
"Hey, Kai. Happy Halloween." Rei says.
"Morning, Kai. Happy Halloween." Max says.
Both Max and Rei are also wearing Kai's outfits.
Kai's jaw just drops as he looks at them. Then he turns to me, puts his hands on my shoulders, and says, "Please tell me at least Kenny..."
I just shake my head.
Just then Kenny comes down the hall. He stops at Kai's room."Good morning, Kai. I'm sorry. They made me do it." Kenny apologizes blushing a bit ashamed.
"It's alright, Kenny." Kai says with a sigh. "Now out! All of you!" Kai says shoving us all out of his room and slamming the door.
We all chuckle and go to the kitchen for breakfast.
A few minutes later, Kai comes in dressed in his usual outfit and sulking. He sits down beside me without saying a word. The rest of us can't help chuckling a little. It's a table full of Kais.
Just then Tyson's grandpa comes in and says, "What's up, my Kai homies? Happy Halloween."
"Happy Halloween, Grandpa Kai." Tyson says stifling a chuckle.
Kai, who had not yet looked up, looks up and sees Tyson's grandpa also wearing an outfit just like his. Kai's eyes go wide and he is finally overwhelmed by it all and faints.
When Kai wakes up, he is laying on the couch with his head in my lap and I'm gently running my fingers through his hair. He blinks and looks up at me... still in one of his outfits.
"So it wasn't a dream." Kai groans.
"Nope." I say still playing with his hair.
"And the day isn't over yet?" he asks.
"Nope. It's just started." I reply.
Kai sighs and sits up. "I guess I have no choice but to endure it, huh?" he concedes.
"Yup." I agree. Then I lean in, kiss him on the cheek, and whisper, "At least Tyson isn't wearing his Sherlock Tyson outfit."
Kai chuckles, "That is a small comfort."
Just then Tyson, Max, and Rei come into the living room... still in their Kai costumes.
"So Kai's awake." Tyson says flopping down in one of the chairs.
"Yup." I say smiling.
"You ok, Kai?" Max asks sitting in another chair.
"Yeah, I'm fine." Kai replies.
"We didn't mean to overload you, Kai." Rei says leaning on the back of the couch.
"It's ok." Kai sighs.
Tyson is about to say something when the doorbell rings. He gets up and answers it. It's Hilary.
"Tyson, why are you dressed like that?" Hilary asks looking at Tyson then she notices the rest of us. "Why are you all dressed like Kai?" she asks.
"It's our Halloween surprise." Tyson grins.
I get up and walk over to Hilary. "We've got an outfit for you too. Come with me." I say taking her arm and leading her to my room.
Kai who had briefly found hope of one person in the house not wearing the same outfit as him now hung his head.
A few minutes later, me and Hilary come out of my room.
"Why do I have to wear one of Kai's outfits too?" Hilary asks.
"Because it's Halloween and you need a costume." I reply.
"Why can't I wear something else?" she persists.
"Because this is the Halloween prank we all wanted to pull on Kai." I explain.
"All of you? Even Kenny? I can't imagine him agreeing to this." she says.
"Well we kinda convinced him to go along with it." I say with a sly grin.
Hilary sighs as we enter the living room.
"Hilary, you look great." Tyson says coming over and kissing her on the cheek.
"Thanks, Tyson." Hilary says blushing a little.
I notice Kai just hanging his head and go over to sit beside him. I pat him on the back and say, "There, there, Kai. It's just one day."
Kai looks at me smiling and shakes his head. "You're really enjoying this aren't you?" he asks.
"Yup." I say with a big grin.
Kai just shakes his head again and says, "Well what are we gonna do today?" Then mutters under his breath, "Not go out in public I hope..."
"We gotta get ready for the party." Tyson says.
"We're having a party?" Kai asks eyes going wide at the horror of other people seeing all of us in his outfits.
"Just a small one." Max says.
"Yeah, only Tala, Carly, Mariah, and Eri are coming." Rei lists off counting on his fingers.
"Emily's not coming?" Kai asks.
"Naw, she couldn't make it. Something came up." I explain.
"I bet Kenny's disappointed." Hilary says.
"Yeah, he was looking forward to seeing her." Rei says.
"But he's probably glad she won't be here to see him in his Kai costume." Max chuckles.
"Don't worry, I'll be taking pictures and sending her a copy." I say winking.
The others chuckle.
A thought occurs to Kai. "The others aren't wearing my outfits too, are they?" Kai asks.
"No, it's just us." I say.
Kai sighs with relief.
Tyson, Max, and Rei look at each other and chuckle. Kai glances at them and raises an eyebrow. They're thinking about the other part of the plan.
"So I guess we should get started on all the preparations for the party." I say.
"Yup. Me and Maxie will start getting all the decorations up." Tyson says.
"But there are already decorations." Hilary says puzzled.
"He means the serious decorations, Hil." Max chuckles.
"Oh. I think I'll help you guys out. If you don't mind." she says.
"Sure. The more the merrier." Tyson says and heads off to get the decorations with Max right behind him.
"Keeping them out of trouble?" I whisper to Hilary before she follows them.
"Yup." she whispers back and follows them.
"Well I guess we should get started on the baking and cooking, Michelle." Rei says.
"Yup, let's go." I say standing up.
"What are you gonna do, Kai?" Rei asks.
"I think I'm just gonna lay here and save up my strength for later." Kai says laying down on the couch.
"Ok, have fun." I say then head into the kitchen with Rei.
For the next few hours, we all bustle around busily preparing for the party. Tyson and Max have fun putting up lots of spooky decorations. Hilary has fun keeping them from going too crazy with everything. Me and Rei bake dozens of cookies in Halloween shapes. Kenny is in his workshop working on something for Tyson and Max. And Kai just rests on the couch.
At about 4 o'clock the doorbell rings.
"Can you get that, Kai?" I shout from the kitchen.
"Yeah, sure." he replies getting up off the couch and going to the door.
When Kai opens the door, it's Eri... and she's dressed like Max.
"Hi, Kai. Happy Halloween." she says in her usual bubbly tone.
Kai now realizes what Tyson, Max, and Rei were chuckling about earlier.
Max pokes his head into the living room at that moment and exclaims excitedly, "Eri!"
"Maxie!" she exclaims in return.
The run to each other and embrace.
"So you guys really went through with it, huh?" she says.
"Yup. Thanks for going along with it and doing your part." Max replies grinning.
"No problem. I like wearing your clothes." she giggles.
Max chuckles and kisses her on the cheek. "Wanna help us finish putting up the decorations?" he asks.
"Sure." she says and goes off with Max.
Kai just sighs and goes back to laying on the couch. "This is gonna be a long night..." he mutters.
Tyson, Hilary, Max, and Eri finish setting up all the decorations just before the doorbell rings again. This time Tyson answers it. It's Mariah and she's dressed as Rei.
"Hi, Tyson. Happy Halloween." Mariah greets with a smile.
"Happy Halloween, Mariah. Rei's in the kitchen baking with Michelle." Tyson says.
"Thanks, Tyson." Mariah says and heads to the kitchen.
Kai just watches as she walks by, taking note of her costume.
Rei turns just as Mariah walks into the kitchen. "Mariah!" he exclaims happily and picks her up in a hug.
"Hi, Rei." Mariah says hugging him back.
"Good to see you, Mariah." I say pulling a batch of cookies out of the oven.
"You too, Michelle. How's the baking going?" she asks.
"Almost done." I reply with a smile.
"Anything I can do to help?" she asks.
"Yeah, you can help us carry everything out to the living room." Rei says.
"Alright." she agrees with a smile.
Rei and Mariah start taking everything out to the living room while I finish the last bit. Hilary makes sure Tyson doesnt eat everything before the party gets started.
I'm coming out with a plate of cookies when the doorbell rings. I set the plate down and answer it. It's Carly and Tala.
"BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!" me and Carly exclaim in unison hugging each other.
"I like the matching outfits." I chuckle looking at Carly and Tala.
"I don't know how I let Tyson talk me into this." Tala sighs.
"He's very convincing." I say in a jokingly serious tone.
Tala smirks and says, "Yeah and the idea of seeing Kai's reaction was too much to pass up."
Me and Carly chuckle.
"How's it goin', Kai?" Tala calls.
Kai sits up and looks over at Tala... to see him and Carly wearing Tyson outfits. Kai just smacks his hand to his forehead hiding his eyes.
We all start laughing.
"Well the gangs all here, let's get this party started." Tyson says.
"Yeah!" the rest of us cheer, except for Kai.
Tyson starts the music and the party gets rolling. I disappear to my room for a moment to get my camera. I don't want to miss any chances to get hilarious pictures.
A little bit into the party, the doorbell rings. Max answers the door thinking it must be some trick-or-treaters. But... it's Emily!
"Hi, Max." Emily says.
"Hey, Emily. I thought you couldn't make it." Max says.
"I got things done sooner than I thought I would so I came." she replies.
"Kenny will glad to see you. He's still in his workshop finishing up something." Max says with a smirk.
Emily nods and heads to the Chief's workshop.
"Hey, Kenny." Emily says knocking as she enters.
Kenny turns to see her then turns bright right. "W-what are you doing dressed up like me?" he stammers.
"Tyson said I should as part of the Halloween prank on Kai." Emily explains.
"Oh..." Kenny says still blushing.
"So Max said you were working on something?" she inquires.
"Yeah, him and Tyson asked me to make something for the party. I'm not quite finished with it yet." he explains.
"I'd be glad to help if you'd like." she offers.
"Yes, please." he accepts with a smile.
They start chatting and get to finishing up the something for the party.
Back in the party, I've gotten a lot of great pictures. Kai is actually enjoying himself. Hilary has managed to keep Tyson from eating all the food. And everything is going great.
"So you guys really pulled this off." Carly says to me.
"Yeah. But you missed Kai fainting." I chuckle.
"He fainted!" she exclaims laughing.
"Yup, when he saw Grandpa." I reply.
"Grandpa even dressed up like Kai?" she asks snickering.
"Yup." I laugh.
She starts laughing again too.
At that moment Kenny and Emily come out with a small box. Tyson and Max rush over to them.
"You got it finished?" Tyson asks excitedly.
"Yup, it's all done, Tyson." Kenny says.
"Hooray!" Max and Tyson cheer.
Tyson takes the box and him and Max go set it up under the food table. Then they go back to enjoying the party as if they didn't do anything. Kenny and Emily shrug and join the party.
At exactly 10 o'clock, the box begins emitting fog then projects a ghostly image into the room. Eri screams seeing the ghost and clings to Max who is trying to suppress his laughter. Her scream triggers another part of the apparatus and an eerie voice laughs maniacally.
"Good evening, partiers. I hope you've been enjoying yourselves because this is your last night among the living!" the voice says then begins laughing maniacally again.
All of us girls scream, even Emily who had helped put it together. Max and Tyson are trying not to laugh but Tyson is failing and Hilary notices.
"What is so funny, Tyson?" she asks holding onto him because she's scared.
"Nothing." Tyson replies trying to stop chuckling.
Then Hilary notices the box under the table. She goes over to it and turns it off then goes back over to Tyson.
"Oh, Tyson, what a terrible trick to play." she scolds.
Max and Tyson burst out laughing as the rest of us catch on to what has happened.
"Sorry, Hil. But it is Halloween afterall." Tyson laughs.
"Maxie, you were in on this too!?" Eri exclaims.
"Sorry, sweetie, but as Tyson said, it is Halloween afterall." Max replies laughing.
The other boys start chuckling too because of how scared us girls got from the joke.
"Were you in on this too, Rei?" Mariah asks.
"I might've known about it." Rei chuckles.
"Oh, Rei!" Mariah exclaims a little shocked.
"Kai, what about you?" I look at him accusingly.
"I didn't know about it but I do have to admit it was a bit funny seeing you scared." Kai snickers.
"We'll get you boys back for this!" Eri says with the rest of us girls agreeing.
"Tonight?" Tyson asks.
"Of course not tonight, you'd be expecting that." I say with a smirk.
The guys look at one another a bit warily. Then Kai sighs and says, "Well no use worrying about our impending doom. We might as well enjoy the rest of the night."
We all agree and get back to enjoying ourselves 'til around midnight when the party begins to wind down. I get some last pictures, particularly one of all of us wearing Kai's outfits. I get Carly to take that one. Then we say good-byes and good nights.
"Well that was fun." I say leaning on Kai's shoulder.
"Yeah it was." Tyson agrees leaning on Kai's other shoulder.
"I can't wait 'til next Halloween." Max says leaning on Tyson's shoulder.
"So we should do this again next year?" Rei says with a smirk leaning lightly on my shoulder.
We are all now more or less leaning on Kai who is getting just a bit agitated.
"Yeah. Same time, same costumes?" I say trying to hold in my laughter.
"Oh absolutely." Tyson says.
"No way! I'm putting a lock on my closet for next year!" Kai exclaims shrugging us all off.
We laugh.
"Well then we'll have to come up with new costumes." Max sighs.
"How about this! I could wear my Sherlock outfit and..." Tyson begins to propose.
"NO!!!" the rest of us interrupt.
"Ok, ok..." Tyson says a little disappointed.
I yawn, "Well I think it's time for bed."
Everyone else agrees and we head to bed. So ends Halloween. Kai survived and we all had fun with our joke.


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TurtleQueen on August 25, 2009, 4:13:25 AM

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TurtleQueenyay! another chapter lol that was great poor Kai haha

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Crazy_Neko_Hirukathat was great XD oh boy can't wait for the girls getting their revenge! you are gonna type that up, right?

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Pocky_PixieSticks_Animeof course X3

Pocky_PixieSticks_Anime on June 6, 2009, 1:04:12 PM

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Pocky_PixieSticks_Animeso finally i have another chapter of the Tyson Files up! i hope everyone enjoys! =^_^= *eats pocky and pixie sticks*