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Chapter 4 - Joshua Scarlet

these are the bios of my oc from my online rp (please note that some are from games but have editing background stories

Chapter 4 - Joshua Scarlet

Chapter 4 - Joshua Scarlet
Joshua Scarlet
All members of his mercenary group
Tattered green coat with a matching green hat, white trouser and brown boots fasten with belts
long red hair which covers his right eye
Weapon: Falchion
Weapon name:
Swift Racoon
Fighting style: a mix of swordplay and martial arts
Ultimate attacks:
Scarlet Thrust Fist. Joshua Sheethes his sword and calls to the power of the lion mark on his arm,
He then charges forward and punches the foe with un matcheble force (this usally kills in one)
Scarlet Overdrive. Joshua strikes the foe numerous time before stabbing them with his sword,
he then scarlet thrust fists it dealing massive damage
Leader of the Racoon brigade, a group of talented mercenarys.
Joshua is a skilled swordsman who lives life to the full.
He is very care free and sometimes acussed of being an idoit. Although his apperance Joshua is aware of his limits, His main goal is to become one of the greatest heroes in history.
Joshua intends to free the land from the Empire's evil rainge and will unite with those who want the same thing.


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