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These are my newest characters, Ever since ive got back into the game
this is a list of fearsome and powerful monsters of my own creation
Listen up!
The Racoon Brigade Needs You!
Or Your OCs!
please copy and paste the bio into the comments and your characters will be drawn along side the current members of the Racoon Brigade.
Thanks a bunch!!!
Joshua Scarlet
Bio of the characters from my series Kimiuharashi
i was thinking. how would a battle between Cynthia and my oc Legion would go. theres only one way to find out.... FIGHT!
these are all my pokemon oc
some are appearing in ladychaos'' story the darkside of the moon
reasons why some GA characters are or worse then azumanga characters
The bios of some of my famous rp bosses. who where taken from games and inhanced
these are the bios of my oc from my online rp (please note that some are from games but have editing background stories