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Chapter 5 - Seishoru Orochi

these are the bios of my oc from my online rp (please note that some are from games but have editing background stories

Chapter 5 - Seishoru Orochi

Chapter 5 - Seishoru Orochi
Name: Seishoru Orochi
Nickname: The Testament
Age: 47
Family: Slain by his own hands. they were pointless to him
Clothing: The Empiral Cobra uniform. a coat that covers his chest but the tails reach his ankles.
Weapon: Katana
Weapon name: Soul Cleaver
Fighting style: Strikes as fast as lighting with no let up. all his enemies usally die.
Ultimate attacks: World of pain, Bane, Cherry blossom dragon storm and Testament of the end
Info: A man shrouded in mystrey.
Engimatic in everyway
Heartless, Harsh, Crule and emotionless are all words that best desribe him
He lost the use of his right eye which is now a glass eye.
Seishoru is the highiest ranking officer of the Empiral Cobras.
an elite group fighters who fight in the name of the empire.
Personal qoute: life ends like a flickering candle.
and I ensure that...

Character theme:
And this when he fight agaisnt flynn


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