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Chapter 6 - Lucia Scarlet

these are the bios of my oc from my online rp (please note that some are from games but have editing background stories

Chapter 6 - Lucia Scarlet

Chapter 6 - Lucia Scarlet
Name: Lucia Scarlet
Nickname: Sakura Draco
Family: second eldiest of the siblings
Age: 28
Hair: Short red hair that covers her left eye
Eyes: Dark blue
Personality: quite, serious, strict, cautious but caring
Clothes: clear white sleevless coat, long dark blue scarf.
Weapon: Great spear
Weapon Name: Sakura Arashi
Ultimate Attacks: Cherry Blossom Storm, Dragons Maw
Lucia is the second oldiest sibling of four and is second in cammand of the racoon briage.
She is Joshuas polar oppersite.
Although she is stronger then him she still looks up to him
Personal qoute: I never hold back.
not even if you were an old friend


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