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Chapter 14 - Sol

these are the bios of my oc from my online rp (please note that some are from games but have editing background stories

Chapter 14 - Sol

Chapter 14 - Sol
Sol (though it isnt his real name)
none as far as anyone knows.
a basic form of the Order's uniform.
long dark brown, spike with a long ponytail.
a strangly shaped sword with a dull tip and sharp around the sides.
Weapon name:
Fighting style:
Incredibly powerful. sword being a major aspect, but flame maniplutaion also.
Ultimate attacks:
Tyrant Rave
Napalm Death
Dragon Instal
All Guns Blazing
A man with a mysterious past, Sol wonders the globe as a mecenary.
Short tempered and aggresive, Sol can sometimes seem an Anti-hero, But he has a kind side he chooses to hind for others.
Sol is a trueblade taught by the leader of the Order, But he prefers not to make big deal about it.
Sol's headbrace isnt just for display, Its is in fact a limiter for his power, Givin to him by his master.
Sol removes it occasonal in battle to activate what he calls Dragon Instal, were his power raise to unmatcheble levels.
Character theme: Noontide


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ladychaos on September 3, 2010, 3:54:04 AM

ladychaos on
ladychaosHe sounds like he would be crazy strong, I bet Squalo would get beeten by him easily but keep returning for re-matches XD