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Chapter 3 - Lin-Mei

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Joshua Scarlet

Chapter 3 - Lin-Mei

Chapter 3 - Lin-Mei
My OC from katekyo Hitman Reborn

Name: Lin-Mei Chan
Nickname: Mei-Mei (chinese for little sister, usually called that by Dino), Mei-Chan (last name isn't an honourary so she gets annoyed by that one)
Family: Chan family of Hong Kong (real family), Cavallone (Mafia family)
Age: 23
Hair: short, dark brown down to her neck and feathered out/spiked out with two long twin tails tied low at the back underneath/at skalp. Fringe is parted to the left and is partially dyed blue.
Eyes: brown
Personality: serious in battle but friendly on other occasions however she has a short temper.
Clothes:her outfits tend to vary, usually choosing something like this 61223407.jpg for combat, this for formal s.jpg and this for everyday 1.jpg
Weapon: box weapon - she used a Guan-Dao that weighs about 40KG, it has a green pole with a red sash that is tied around the base of the blase it has an unusual lightning element to it which is specualted to be caused by the rotation when it is twitled in the air and then swung. The number of times it gets twirled determines the strength of the lightning attack. Without the weopon she is a powerfull martial artist however due to the weight of her weapon her original speed without it is slower. The guan-dao can be used for non elemantal attacks as well however there is a posibility of getting an electric shock from contact with the blade.
box animal - at her side, sealed away is a Chinese dragon with a thunder element. It has blue scales and darker blue whiskers with a yellow underbelly with lightning bolt esque yello horns with a main that looks like green flames with something similar on the tip of his tail. He is rather moody. He has yet to show any special abilities, mostly he gets used as a mode of transportation.
Weapon Name: box weapon hasn't really been names however the box animal is called Li-Sheng, Chinese for powerfull victory.
Ultimate Attacks: Zhaoming Drago, when the lightning takes the form of a dragon/Li Sheng.
Info: Exiled from her family after bringing dis-honour to them at the age of 13, she was welcomed with open arms into the Cavallone mafia family, run by the young boss at that time he was 22, Dino. Dino and her became close as he reminded her of her cousin that was lost, Ming-hoa. She vowed to repay him with her very soul for his kindness. She trained extremely hard in order to be worthy of being at his side. When she first recieved her Guan-Dao she became nearly as big a clutz as he is due to being more familiar with light weight weapons. She enjoys to cook.
Personal qoute: AIYA! Zhong-lie-hoe, da-sei-lei (GAH! think your so good, i'll beat you/kill you), Siew-sum-hoe-ah! (better be carefull) usually said to Dino.

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