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Chapter 2 - I cant be

Viola is just a ordinary girl until she finds out she is a Sailor Scout and has to fight the baddies with the rest of the gang.

Chapter 2 - I cant be

Chapter 2 - I cant be
The bell rang to go out of school."Oh man today was realy boring" said Lita. "I know what you mean" said Mina. "Remember Viola your coming to meet our friend raye with us now" said serena. "I know" i said. "Rayes house is just around here" said Amy. "So what do you guys do for fun around here" i asked. "We go shopping,study you know just hang around". "Cool" i said. "Here we are" said Serena "This is Rayes house". DING! DONG!. "Oh hi guys". "Grandad its just my friends". "Raye"? "yes serena"?. "We have someone for you to meet". "And who might that be"?. "Viola". "Viola" "Who's Viola"?. "This is Viola". "Hi" i said. "Oh hi so are you new around here"?. "Yeah". "Cool". "So who wants to go shopping"? said Serena. "ME"! shouted everyone. "Come on then lets go"! screamed serena. When we go to the shops we had a look around i didnt have much money so i just got a sandwich and a bottle of juice. We were walking back when we heard a sort of screeching noise. "What is that"? i said. "I dont know" said Serena in a curios way. We noticed the screeching noise was coming from the park. No one else was around the park. Then we noticed what was making the screeching noise. Agirl was getting strangled by a by a well i dont know what it was but what ever it was it looked hidious.To me the thing looked like a monster but i still wasnt sure what it was. "What is that"? i said to the others. Then i heard Raye saying to the others "We have to transform". "We cant not with Viola here" said Serena. "We have to or else that girl will die" said raye. "Your right" said Serena. Then i heard Cerena saying moon crystal power and Raye,Amy,lita and mina saying Star power!.Before i new it the hidious monster grabbed me and started to strangle me. Then i heard someone going "Hey iam Sailor moon and i fight against evil fo justice so let that poor inecent girl go. "Was the mysterious sailor moon Serena and were the others my friends "I couldnt belive it". All of a suden the monster attaked Sailor moon. After that the monster was trying to strangle Sailor moon not me. Then out of know where came a black figure. The figure said "iam Tuxedo mask and i fight for love and justice so let her go". "Tuxedo mask" i thought to myself what a name. A red rose came flying down from where he was standing and so did he. Then the monster said "Fine i'll just have to kill all of yous then snakes came pounding from her head and started to wrap there bodys around everyone. I quickly rang and hid behind a tree. I felt realy guilty everyone was fighting for there lifes. Then i heard Serena going "Viola do something". "What can i do" i screamed!. I went out from behind the tree and put my hands out and said "stop"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The evil monster just fell down screeched and turned into dust. "What just happened" said raye. "How did you do that" said Amy. "Idont know i just did". "Is it possible could you be a sailor scout". "No No No i dont want to be a sailor scout and im not a sailor scout i cant be". "I have got to go". "Wait Viola Wait you might be a sailor scout said Sailor Moon" "but i cant be a Sailor scout i just can be".


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darkhorse on June 7, 2007, 2:04:06 AM

darkhorse on
darkhorseI liikkkke!!

SailorComet96 on June 6, 2007, 1:32:25 AM

SailorComet96 on
SailorComet96Hiiiiii!!!! everyone hope you like my story!!!!!!!!!!