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Chapter 1 - Introduction

The Teen Titans find a mysterious visitor in the outskirts of Jump City. Will they discover who he is and what power he possesses?(after BIRTHMARK)

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Dr.Chang has begun to attack the city with a giant mechanical dragon. It rains on the city with a xenotheum liquid that he had used to fuel his cannon a while ago. “No one will be able to stop me now that I have finished my mechanical monster!!!!” however, his fun ended quickly, as the Teen Titans had appeared to fight this beast.

“Don’t you know, Dr. Chang?” said Robin, “The bigger they are…” “The harder you fall!” finished Cyborg as he fired his cannon at Dr. Chang. The dragon dodged the blast and tried to escape the titans. The Titans began to assault the monster, but its armor was too thick to even scratch it. The dragon escaped into the desert. All the while Dr. Chang laughed “You’ll never be able to destroy my…” Just then, there was an explosion in the dragon’s wing. Dr Chang was shocked to see that his dragon’s armor was pierced by nothing but a black staff. He looked down to see a figure standing on a cliff looking up at him. Then, all of a sudden, he launched himself right into the air at him. Jumping on to the dragon, his fists started to glow red and, with little effort, vaporized both the dragon’s wings. Dr Chang exclaimed in shock “LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO MY CREATION!!!!!”, and then fainted. Meanwhile, the Titans were in shock. They had seen the monster explode and crash in an instant. They started to hear screaming and bawling, which was coming from a cliff below them. The person who destroyed the monster was with a traumatized Dr Chang. Without even turning around to them he said, “It seems as though I have an audience…”


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