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Chapter 2 - Shadowfire

The Teen Titans find a mysterious visitor in the outskirts of Jump City. Will they discover who he is and what power he possesses?(after BIRTHMARK)

Chapter 2 - Shadowfire

Chapter 2 - Shadowfire
The young man wore an outfit made up of a short black cape that only covered his back. He wore a mask that was connected to part of the cape around his neck. It had obviously seen its share of battles, as it was torn and looked somewhat old. He also had very long black gloves and, oddly enough, what appeared to be tameranian gauntlets. He had also worn a purple shirt and black pants with two belts and very detailed boots. He turned to the titans with the neck of Dr. Chang in his grasp and jumped to the cliff. “I believe this belongs to you.” he said, as he threw Dr. Chang to the titans. Robin then said, trying to shake off his amazement, “Uh…thanks. I’m Robin and we’re the Teen Titans.” Suddenly, Starfire threw herself at the young man and said “Oh, thank you for defeating the evil doctor for us!!!! Please, what is your name, where are you from, how old are you, and will you be my friend?!” Trying his hardest to break out of her hug, he ignored what she said and replied in a shady, dull voice, “Princess, you have a rather strong grip now.” Starfire looked at him in disbelief and asked “how did you know I was a princess?” The young man said “I have not introduced myself yet, my name is Shadowfire” and then he added “and the reason I know that you are a princess is because I too, am from Tamaran”. Starfire exclaimed “I am elated to see another tameranian here on the Earth!!! Tell me, what are you doing here?” The young man responded “I was sent here by the Emperor Galfore. He asked of me to journey to Earth to check on you. He couldn’t wait to hear from his bungorf again.” This did seem to make starfire happy to hear from her guardian, and then Robin came over and asked, “Why don’t you come to the tower with us, and we could give you somewhere to stay for awhile”? Shadowfire then said, “Thank you very much, but I will be okay…” before he could finish, Starfire grabbed him by the arm and said, “Please, you must have a nice place to stay”! After a few more tugs, Shadowfire agreed. Beast Boy the said to Raven, “You know Raven, he sounds as dull and mean as you. Hhahahahahahahaha”! Just then, Shadowfire turned to Beast Boy and said, “Oh really? At least I am not obnoxious and rude… ” Beast Boy got really annoyed, but Raven actually giggled a bit. Robin then led the titans and Shadowfire to the tower.


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Suukorak on February 20, 2006, 1:12:34 AM

Suukorak on
Suukorakhehehe i laugh. this chapter is really funny. and I like the story so far.