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Chapter 4 - Bonding

The Teen Titans find a mysterious visitor in the outskirts of Jump City. Will they discover who he is and what power he possesses?(after BIRTHMARK)

Chapter 4 - Bonding

Chapter 4 - Bonding
Later during the day, the titans were discussing about whether or not Shadowfire should join them. Robin had been suggesting that having another member would be great, but some of the titans were a little uneasy about it. Cyborg, for instance, had mentioned, “Ya know, the dudes cool and all, but what happens if he pulls a fast one like Terra did”. Robin, however stated, “Look I know what happened last time wasn’t great, but maybe it’ll be different, we just have to make sure-”, but before he could finish, Raven interrupted and said, “He should stay” in an excited voice. The other titans looked at her in astonishment, and then Robin decided to continue the discussion. Little did they know, Shadowfire was listening to them on the other side of the board room. Once the titans left the board room, Raven went out looking for Shadowfire. When she found him, she saw he was meditating outside the tower. Shadowfire then noticed Raven without looking and said, “How are you, Raven, finished with the meeting”? Raven said, “Yes, you wouldn’t mind if I were to join you in meditation, would you”? Shadowfire then looked up at her and said, “Yes of course, you are most welcome to join me”. Right before they started, Shadowfire said, “Raven, I do appreciate you giving me this cape, but you mould not mind if I were to change it”? Raven opened her eyes in an interested look, wondering what he meant and said, “Its okay with me”. “Thank you”, Shadowfire said, and at that instant, his shadow started to stretch. He then took of then cape, leaving his mask on of course, and dipped the cape into his own shadow. Raven was amazed and astonished at what was happening, and then she saw him take the cape out. It looked almost the same, except it was black, there was no hood, and there was no pendant. While Shadowfire was putting the cape back on, raven still had a shocked look as she said, stuttering, “T-that was…incredible”. Shadowfire then looked back at her and said, “Yes, it is quite an interesting trick, perhaps I may be able to teach it to you if I become a titan”. Raven then paused for a moment, then said, “Ummmm, Shadowfire, could I see what you look like, I’m just curious”. Shadowfire then paused as well, and said, “Very well, but may I also see your face as well. Raven nodded, and Shadowfire started to take off his mask. Once he took it off, Raven then become even more amazed at the sight of his face. She noticed that he had a gem on his forehead just like she does and he had gray skin like her as well. The only difference was his long, red hair, which Raven assumed was a part of his Tamarainean side. Shadowfire then got Raven’s attention again by saying, “Now will you show me what look like please”? Raven snapped out of her dazed condition and uttered, “Oh, yes….of course”! So she took off her hood, revealing that she too had a gem on her forehead and gray skin like Shadowfire, but she had short, purple hair. After Shadowfire was finished looking at her face, he said, “Well, it would appear that my time here will be very interesting”. The next day, Robin and Cyborg had set up the training course for Shadowfire, who was prepping for it. Robin then started the machine, and the training began. The first part involved a bunch of metallic walls that jutted from the ground. Shadowfire was able to avoid all of then with his great speed and jumping rate. The next part would decide how strong he was, as a group of robots that looked almost like Brother Blood’s mock-ups of Cyborg came up, and went straight for him. However, in an instant, Shadowfire smashed right through three of the robots, and then jumped up and fired seven of his shadowbolts at the remaining robots, and the others were stunned as they blew up in an instant. After their senses kicked back in, they started to applaud at Shadowfire’s incredible performance. Even Beast boy and Cyborg admitted his score was amazing.


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