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Chapter 5 - Battle

The Teen Titans find a mysterious visitor in the outskirts of Jump City. Will they discover who he is and what power he possesses?(after BIRTHMARK)

Chapter 5 - Battle

Chapter 5 - Battle
After the training, Robin finally spoke and said, Wow Shadowfire, I haven’t seen a more impressive score from a newcomer since Terra”! Shadowfire heard this while Raven was congratulating him, and asked, “Terra, who is Terra”? All the Titans looked at each other, and then Beast Boy decided to answer. He told Shadowfire all about Terra, even going back to when they first encountered Slade. He finally told him of Terra’s great sacrifice, which had prevented the city from turning into a molten wasteland. After Beast Boy finished, Shadowfire said, “I now understand why you did not want me in that room that is special to you”, then he added, “And what of this ‘Slade’, where is he now”? Robin looked to Raven with concern, knowing exactly what Slade was up to, and he then decided to say, “Well, he..” but before he could finish, the alarm in the Titans Tower sounded, and Robin shouted to the other Titans, “Titans, lets go”! He also asked Shadowfire for his assistance, seeing as though he wanted to help out the Titans a lot.
The alarm had sounded, and for good measure too. Overload was once again on the loose, and everything was short circuiting around him. The Titans arrived in the nick of time, and Cyborg gave Overload notice that they were here with his sonic cannon. When Overload looked over with rage, Cyborg yelled, “Yo Sparky, maybe ya oughta short your self out instead of everything else”! Overload must have understood that, because once Cyborg was finished talking, he came right for them. The titans jumped out of the way, while Shadowfire snapped, “I believe you have acquired his attention”! With that, Robin shouted, “Titans, go”! And they went off. While Raven attempted to hold him down with the azarath spell, Robin used his freeze – disks to put Overload on ice. Starfire and Cyborg then fired their attacks right at the giant ice sculpture of Overload into a hundred shards. Just when everything seemed fine, the ice shards exploded with thunder bolts, and they reformed back into Overload.
The titans were shocked to see Overload back in one piece, but Shadowfire was curious. He asked Raven, “Please, do all of your villains come back this easily”? Raven looked back at him and said, “The problem is they just don’t know when to stay down”. Overload then let out a horrid scream and fired electric streams at the Titans. Each one got hit except shadowfire, but the titans quickly shook off their daze. Shadowfire then said, “Please, allow me to handle this cretin”, and with that, he went right after Overload. Overload tried to catch him, but Shadowfire was too fast for him. With both hands, Shadowfire blasted the electric menace with a barrage of shadowbolts. Once Overload started to look weary, Shadowfire shouted at the titans, “Now, you must finish him off”! As soon as they realized what had happed, Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy went full force at Overload, and it seemed that the battle had been won. However, just as the titans congratulated each other, Overload ran right for the titans, crashing right into the building next to them. Shadowfire was standing on the edge of the broken street, but before he could jump out of the way, the rubble had already fallen on him…


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Suukorak on February 20, 2006, 1:25:11 AM

Suukorak on
SuukorakThat's kinda sad what happened to Shadowfire, but he is a hero and will problay bust out of the pile of stuff all pissed off and kill overload. GREAT STROY!!!

Lexan on October 5, 2005, 12:16:02 PM

Lexan on
Lexannest chapy, next chapy! and read my new story and pics as well!

Koga_InuYasha_miroku_lover101 on September 29, 2005, 5:23:23 AM

Koga_InuYasha_miroku_lover101 on
Koga_InuYasha_miroku_lover101i liked thid chapter but i can't wait to read more please tell me when you have the next chapter up can't wait bye