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Chapter 1 - Gingerbread Man Showdown

Ok, here is a poem I wrote about a killer Gingerbread Man in August 2004. It''''s old, but I hope you like it. :)

Chapter 1 - Gingerbread Man Showdown

Chapter 1 - Gingerbread Man Showdown
Gingerbread Man Showdown

I was happily making cookies in the kitchen one day
When suddenly something evil came my way
Something I thought that could never be
Came to life and was staring at me!

He jumped off the pan and grabbed a knife
I knew right then I had to run for my life!
I jolted down the hallway and into the living room
If I didnt get away now, I would surely meet my doom!

Running, running as fast as I can
Oh, here comes the gingerbread man!
Glaring at me with those evil red eyes
And filling my head with his evil little lies.

Hes coming closer, closer to me
Can anyone out there hear my plea?
Can anyone save me from this terrible thing, Im sure they can
Please come save me from this gingerbread man!

Hes go teeth so razor sharp
His voice doesnt sound like a harp
I see his shadow on the wall
Can anyone out there hear my call?!

Oh my God, hes coming faster
Its looking like hes got a blaster
I close my eyes and hope that hell be gone
I open them up and find that Im wrong!

I begin to shake and quiver
I feel a chill that makes me shiver
How I wish this all would end
As I see him coming round the bend.

But, wait! Oh, whats this thats up my sleeve?
A big bazooka I believe!
I heard these things do come in handy
Right about now this thing looks dandy!

I finally get the courage to go out and fight
Hopefully the choice I make is right
I slowly turn the corner, to look into his eyes
This creature isnt so scary, I then realize.

I glare at the creature, with bazooka in my hand
He glares darkly back at me, in very deep demand
I shoot off my bazooka and watch him crumble to the floor
Quotes the Shadow, Never more!

Written by: Jennifer Marie Schiefelbein August 2004


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