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Chapter 1 - Tiffany the Hedgehog

Biographies of my OC's.  (Subject to change)

Chapter 1 - Tiffany the Hedgehog

Chapter 1 - Tiffany the Hedgehog
I threw this together pretty quickly, so I'm sorry if any of it comes off as confusing, It is subject to change.

Name:​  Tiffany the Hedgehog 

Title:  Prototype of the Ultimate Life Form 

Age:  ??? (50+ years) 

Sex:  Female 

    A black hedgehog with red highlighted quills and single red stripes on her arms and legs; red eyes.  Her quills are abnormally long, so she pulls them back into a ponytail to keep them out of her way.  She wears a black shirt and pants which both have red stripes going down the sides.  She has hover shoes like Shadow, and also wears inhibitor rings with her gloves.

Shadow the Hedgehog (Twin Brother)
BioLizard (Brother - Deceased)
Professor Gerald Robotnik (Creator/Father -Deceased)
Maria Robotnik (Sister-figure - Deceased)
Black Doom (Biological father - Deceased)

           Tiffany is a prototype of the Ultimate Life Form created by Professor Gerald Robotnik.  After the creation of the Biolizard, Professor Gerald realized he needed to create a smaller, more stable creature, so he settled on a hedgehog to be the Ultimate Life Form.  However, he was running out of time and recognized that he didn’t have much room for error on this new experiment, so he created 2 hedgehogs, Shadow and Tiffany.  Tiffany was his primary test subject.  Several abilities and DNA samples were tested on her and only the successful samples would be given to Shadow.
Black Doom’s DNA was also tested on Tiffany first.  However, she received too large of a sample and it had negative effects,  The larger sample made her more connected to the Black Arms’ mind-hive; which made her highly susceptible to mind control and could also trigger a killer instinct in her.  This loss of control lead Tiffany to kill 4 scientists, and injure 7 more before she was restrained and immobilized.  Professor Gerald created and implanted a microchip in Tiffany which would block off the telepathic signals and keep her in control of her own body.  Professor Gerald realized that the Black Arms’ DNA was dangerous, but he found himself at a loss without if;  So he gave Shadow a decently smaller sample size, which balanced out quite well.  
For Tiffany; while effective, the microchip was not perfect.  When angered, Tiffany could still lose herself to her instincts, which would cause her to attack any living being in the vicinity.  This was discovered during GUN’s attack on the ARK.  After seeing the soldiers shoot down a handful of scientists, Tiffany lost control and attacked them, killing over a dozen of GUN soldiers.  She managed to snap out of it by the time Professor Gerald located her.  There was no time to fix the problem though.  Fearing further issues, Professor Gerald brought her to a lab deeper within the ARK where he placed her in a hidden stasis chamber and activated it; effectively putting her into suspended animation before the Professor was found and captured.  Tiffany’s location was not discovered until over 50 years later. 

         Despite her unfortunate DNA composition, Tiffany is not violent by nature.  She, in fact, dislikes violence and will often go out of her way to prevent it.  She is always one to stay in motion, often playing with her powers and learning new ways to control them.  Although she is very curious and lively, Tiffany never comes off as having an over-zealous personality.  She is usually very reserved in her behavior.    
After the ARK was shut down, Tiffany’s personality took a tone of bitterness.  She struggles to cope with the loss of those she cared so much for, but won’t show it, keeping a stern, emotionless front when confronted about it.  She openly displays distaste for GUN; willing to go out of her way to destroy their weapons and robots when she encounters them; which serves as both a warning to stay away from her, and a reminder that she won’t forgive what they had done.  Despite her violent actions toward GUN, Tiffany won’t attack soldiers, or any other life forms for that matter.  She sticks to defensive maneuvers when forced into conflict with another living being, and will only go as far as to knock them out if push comes to shove.    
After both of her “accidents”; Tiffany has a strong understanding and respect toward death.  Even though it was out of her control, she still has a cloud of guilt looming over her.  To compensate, she protects people; fighting for the lives that don’t deserve to be lost.  With Black Doom dead and the mind-hive gone, Tiffany’s instincts are much less likely to trigger; regardless, she treads lightly, fearing the small chance that it may happen again.   

Shadow: Tiffany and Shadow were not highly involved with each other on the ARK.  They would encounter each other from time to time; but Tiffany didn’t have as much free time on her hands as her brother.  She was usually being held in one of the labs, undergoing numerous tests..  However, when they had the time, the two would often sit and talk, or even fight or race to test each other’s skills. More than anything, the two held each other’s respect.It was not until they were sent to Earth that they actually began to treat each other as brother and sister.  There was never really any need before, but now, they are all they have left and they feel the need to look out for each other.  However, they usually keep to themselves, only coming to each others aid when it is requested of the other. 
Maria:  Tiffany wasn’t as close to Maria as Shadow was, again, due to her busy schedule.  She was, however, quite fond of Maria and enjoyed her company as much as Shadow did.  Tiffany’s appreciation toward her grew even more after her first “accident”.  During her recovery time, Tiffany was held in isolation, in case she were to lose herself again.  Maria understanding the danger, still came to visit her as often as she could.  She understood that what had happened was not Tiffany’s fault, and did not treat her any differently after the accident.  Discovering Maria’s death was easily the most painful experience Tiffany had to face. 
Professor Gerald:  Gerald was the closest to a father that Tiffany had, but she would treat him more as her master since he created her.  Tiffany holds respect for him and is very obedient to his orders. 

Powers and Abilities:
Tiffany has a large array of powers, even a few that Shadow does not possess; however, some of her powers can be difficult to control or are too draining to be passed over to Shadow.  Like Shadow, her powers are restrained by inhibitor rings.  If removed, she can release a large amount of chaos power, which leaves her drained in the end. 
Chaos Powers: Chaos Control; Chaos Spear; Chaos Blast; Chaos Storm(Shocks target with a burst of electricity);Chaos Shock(An electrified force field surrounds her for a few seconds; drains energy)
egular Powers: Sonic Boom - From a standing position, she uses a quick and sudden burst of speed to produce a sonic boom; which stuns enemies                                     
                         Force Field - She can produce a strong force field, but it quickly drains her stamina; leaving her nearly powerless if she uses it for too long.                          
Telepathy - Though Tiffany is cut off from the Black Arms mind-hive; she and Shadow share a telepathic connection through a mini mind-hive. 
Abilities: Super Speed; Spin Attack; acrobatics 


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