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Why am I back here again?  Nostalgia.... I guess.
That and procrastination!

Hello everybody!  I have more sonic art to post, but my DA page (HyruleHistorian) isn't really a "sonic" page... SO I'LL POST IT HERE!  Because why not.  That and I miss my old buddies :(

Basically I was going through some old artwork and actually found a bunch of fan art that I didn't post for some reason; but a lot of it was pretty good quality.... so I'm gonna edit them on Photoshop and get some new works on here!

See ya soon :D


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nextguardian on November 21, 2014, 11:01:23 AM

nextguardian on
nextguardianJust checking in, friend :)

nextguardian on August 8, 2014, 4:58:20 PM

nextguardian on
nextguardianNo problem :)

I think Nintendo got a little too gimmick happy with the WiiU, though I do think it's a fundamentally good console. Microsoft made too many of the mistakes Sony made with the PS3, although you made a good point about their attempts to innovate.

I would have walked out, said something to the manager, and that would have been that. But yeah, they wanted me to call the game wrong on purpose. As far as breaking up fights goes, that was my standard move XD Other moves included headlocks, grabbing the face cage, etc- all stuff you really aren't supposed to do. But I was alone, so I had to do something...Still gives me a chuckle, I admit XD

I think you're right, on both counts. I think that this particular version of Robotnik/Eggman is more sinister than the other incarnations. He's basically a joke villain lately...

nextguardian on July 27, 2014, 7:15:20 PM

nextguardian on
nextguardianThe upside is that I wound up with a TV I really like, so it was a semi-blessing.  Good point about Sony, too. I've gotten more impressed with them, actually- it seems like they actually have bothered to learn their craft. They didn't make any of the mistakes that Microsoft and Nintendo made this generation, and they didn't price themselves out of the market like they did with the PS3.

You said it!

Wow, that really is dumb. If I'm the customer waiting an hour for six balloons, I'm ticked off and going to the drug store instead. Huh. I was once semi-fired because I refused to referee hockey the "wrong way". I always called penalties and enforced the rules; the players hated that and complained to the staff because the other refs were so lax. Thing is, there were less fights and injuries during the games I refereed. (I will admit, I was creative when I broke up fights. You ever see refs jump on top of a pile in a hockey game? I jumped as high as I could and came down elbow-first, lol)

You're okay; I ask because I want to make sure we're at the same place in the time line. That's a detail I think we should definitely agree on.

nextguardian on July 20, 2014, 5:47:40 PM

nextguardian on
nextguardianYep, it just killed it. These pixilated lines running vertically eventually took up roughly 1/3 of the screen. Apparently the Wii does that, but I think LED tv's do okay. It's just the plasmas that get eaten alive -_-' I don't know...I think, within two console generations, Microsoft will be gone- they're a company that just happens to make games sometimes; not a game company. They won't lose money on consoles that they won't ever make back imho. Sony is in the same position, but they had more success. Plus, if I'm Microsoft, I would work on PC gaming, since that's my backyard, and there would be little in the way of R&D costs.

I miss the days of companies that took people in at age 18, and then kept them until 62 -_-' I was born in the wrong generation!

Well, I just interviewed for a job at Best Buy, and it had THE worst job description I've ever seen. When I started reading it, I thought "Okay, I'm counting boxes". Midway through, I thought "Oh, I'm unloading trucks". Then they mentioned "Asset protection", which is security, so I assumed I was warehouse security. I geared up my interview skills and was ready to focus on my security background...only to learn that "No, unload trucks and clean bathrooms". ...I don't think I'll get a call back, but there's no way I'll take the job. Seemed like a disorganized clustercrap of a place as it was (on top of being way overpriced on a lot of items!)

So, on the subject of your fic, I wanted to ask- is our enemy "Robotnik" (the original, issues 0-50?), or "Eggman" (50-1something)? Just so I get the timeframe straight. 

nextguardian on July 12, 2014, 7:06:26 PM

nextguardian on
nextguardianMy only mark against the Wii is that I'm fairly sure it destroyed my last TV. Apparently it doesn't play well with plasma TV's. But you're right. The manufacturing isn't there, and it's no accident. That's why I would LOVE to see Sega step back into the console industry. Microsoft is weak right now...if Sega got Valve to make Left 4 Dead for them, and partnered with Capcom...I think they'd take Microsoft out.

I guess it depends where it is I want to be management. If it's a company I'll have a career with, then I don't mind the extra work. If I'm going to be leaving, though...not sure I want to invest the time that way.

That's fair XD It's definitely a neat concept to be working with from my perspective!

Maybe we should start Shadow out without being affiliated with GUN. Flesh out what his personality and relationships will be like within the world we're creating. Then, later on, he can join GUN, and we can make a good reason for it. What do you think?

I decided that I am going to go back to school after I get a new part time job. So, hopefully that'll work out. I just had an interview that went well, but the job itself is something that I can't do. An unadvertised part of it is cleaning bathrooms, and given my germ way.

Thanks for understanding :)

nextguardian on July 4, 2014, 11:56:06 AM

nextguardian on
nextguardianIt's the same thing with game consoles and TV's, too, I would guess. My Sega Genesis still works; but I've been through 2 Xbox 360's? I don't think so. I've had people think I'm borderline rude for not being on Facebook, lol.

I'd like to be management, but some of the steps to get there are unsavory. I don't mind hard work, but I don't like a lot of the politics you have to play to get to be management. But if the opportunity ever came up, I would absolutely go for it. You are definitely the type of worker I'd hire in a heartbeat because we share the same work ethic :) And you're a good person on top of that!

It's almost the blind leading the blind XD Ekyt will just kind of 'be' in the role all of a sudden. And how awkward will it be for his "daughter in law" to look his age but be so much older? Lol, there's a comic in there somewhere! I think their relationship will be a high point of our fic.

Well, what would you prefer? I think we could write him either way, but you're the bigger Shadow fan- what would be more fun for you?

I'm going to look into it, and probably meet with somebody soon :)

Sorry for the long wait between replies! My Dad has been sick, so I've been kind of distracted.

nextguardian on June 30, 2014, 11:18:21 AM

nextguardian on
nextguardianI don't text very often, or even use my phone very often, so mine suits my needs pretty well. I only really carry it if I'm off by myself, driving or in the woods. I like to be able to disconnect from the rest of the world too much to justify a smart phone. I think, though, once they make them a little less fragile, I'd definitely get one.

I think the only reason I might be a good supervisor is because I genuinely don't mind being the guy to give bad news. I also know that compliments are more effective than running employees down with the negative crap. I'd like to be a supervisor, because then I'd know exactly what the hierarchy of power was. It drives me nuts when I walk into a job, and I don't know who's in charge, or everyone is kind of at the same level, so all the good and bad the employees do gets thrown together. I'd like to know if I, personally, am doing a good job or need improvement.

I think we have a winning scenario here :) Both our characters have some growth, and we work on their bond, too. That will come in handy later when Tiffany and Kurt meet. Ekyt is very much the father/big brother you don't want to meet if you're a guy XD I could see him introducing himself as "Colonel Ekyt" or something to the wrong guy/girl to scare them off.

I'm thinking that myself. I don't really want to go back, and I wonder if that's the reason why. It's too far from home for me to be happy with commuting, and I sure as hell won't live there! There is a college that is half the distance away I thought I might look into. It's a notorious party school, but it also produces a lot of good students, so...maybe. I sure as heck won't live there, though!


nextguardian on June 24, 2014, 6:14:44 PM

nextguardian on
nextguardianMy phone isn't made for texting. I've got no desire to own a smart phone. I had one with the touch screen, and it drove me nuts. Now I've got a military-grade flip phone that can apparently survive being dunked in water and being dropped (it's already survived a couple falls). So texting is good, but time consuming. Clothes must have some psychological effect, you're right.

It was really the people that made it so much fun. I definitely miss my coworkers. The place, too. I mean, you can't work with toys and video games and NOT look a little forward to work. If there was better money there, or opportunity for advancement, I probably would have stayed longer than I did. It's cool that your boss could trust you like that. I did get to be in that position one time- I was one of four people who ran the museum for an after-hours event. I tend to like having that kind of responsibility. I think I would have made a decent supervisor. I'd imagine you would, too, for that matter. We're both amiable enough to listen to people, but not so immersed with the "inner circle" mentality that seems to be an issue with some supervisors.

It would be a wake-up call for Ekyt. I'm thinking we could position this before his transformation. We can establish his character that way, and the maybe use the trauma of nearly getting killed to act on the SoulTouch he's been denying he's been feeling. It would help him and Tiffany bond, too- Ekyt would definitely decide that he's loyal toward her at that point.
Maybe that's when they start having their talks.

It couldn't believe they actually admitted it. Being racially biased- I knew they were. I didn't know how bad, but I knew it was a real thing. When they SAID it to me, though, I had a hard time believing they'd be dumb enough to openly admit it. Wish I'd gone after them harder. I probably could've had the rest of my education comped or something.

Sounds good to me!


nextguardian on June 18, 2014, 4:45:36 PM

nextguardian on
nextguardianI'm usually not someone to embrace new technology, but texting is definitely a life saver for me! I don't know what it is, but I'm even worse talking on the phone than I am in person. I think maybe it's because, over the phone, I'm usually talking to someone for the first time, and I'm never sure if I'm saying their name right or something -_-' I know what you mean about saying lines, in a manner of speaking. If I'm dressed in a suit and tie, or in my martial arts gear, speaking is easier. The self confidence I don't have just kind of appears.

I had an even better one. I'll PM you, though. I'm not sure I'm allowed to say what the job was yet, since the game is still in development.

The management was so reputation conscious that if one person made a mistake years ago, there was no way anyone was getting a first chance to make a mistake. I got where they were coming from, but I still think that it went a bit too far. Have less strict rules, and anyone who abuses the more lax rules gets fired. I would prefer that to this "preemptive punishment" thing. Some exhibits didn't have clocks, either, and we were supposed to switch at certain times. One in particular was the horrible, loud, boring, isolated area, and you had to switch at least every hour. We had radios, but the person you were switching with was in a low priority area, and didn't always get a radio. As far as shirts go- some people wore undershirts, but only the ones that didn't ever work in the horribly hot and humid butterfly garden. I was in the garden a lot (I liked it). Honestly, the food court people could be jerks, so I wouldn't buy from them on principal anyway, lol.

I know I want to do a chapter where Ekyt loses it because of people not trusting him. Where he just has enough and decides to take out some huge enemy to prove a point. I think he'll need Tiffany and Linda to save his backside XD It'll be fun to have him lose control, though.

I figured out why people don't want to deal with anxiety- it's too minor. Whenever I've told people about it, they always compare it to the anxiety you get before a big test. Plus the fact that you don't necessarily need medication to get over it makes it seem too minor, and more "irritating" than "serious problem". I've told some of these people "imagine you can't ever get away from your fear. Test day never comes- you just dread it and dread it, and once it DOES come, you don't feel better after". As for school- ugh. If you hadn't guessed, I go to a college that isn't very, ah, white focused. If you aren't black,
hispanic, or a mix thereof, they don't do jack for you.

I definitely prefer the original Charmy. I can see where it wouldn't translate well to game play, but for comics I like that he had a real story.

nextguardian on June 14, 2014, 6:22:11 PM

nextguardian on
nextguardianThe fact that I even attempted was a step in the right direction for me! As far as public speaking goes, the thing about it is that I don't have to think about what to say. With a person one-on-one, you have to be so careful with what you say and you have to really relate a topic to them. With public speaking, I already know the topic, and if I'm the one doing the speaking, then I'm usually the person who knows what they're saying (that came out sounding arrogant; I just couldn't think of a better way to say that).

Yes indeed. He's a heck of a nice guy. I worked with him on another game that came within a hair of getting a commercial release. We were also going to make a special version for the museum I worked at. I got pretty deep into talks with them. That was so cool for me- being the guy in the suit, selling the product, talking on behalf of a game was just really cool, and I hope I get to do it again.

We were always instructed to bring a lunch. The foodcourt was always packed, and if we went in there, we couldn't be in uniform (apparently a few employees had been rude while in uniform, so that ended that), and no one really felt like bringing a change of clothes. We could keep things in our lockers and check our phones on lunch, but no way were we allowed to carry them on the floor at all. Not even in our pockets. That came from too many people messing around and not working.

lol, Tiffany and Linda will be the two who keep him sane! He'll earn respect, but there will be certain things that people won't like him doing because he is/was human.

I dropped the class, but I didn't get my money back. I was too tired and miserable to go talking up the chain of command, honestly. My anxiety was at a bad place, and I just didn't have enough mental reserves to deal with other people's stupidity at that point. Heck, I had the same issue when they turned me down for a grant because I was "white, had two parents, and had no visible disability". I didn't take that very calmly, as you might imagine. I made some very unkind comments. Nothing racial, just not very...Christian. It wasn't the first time we'd had discussions like this, either. Because I have anxiety and not something visible, they aren't interested in helping out.

You have to go back into the comics for that one. Here is an explanation: ​  Make sure you read the "Prime" and "Pre-Super Genesis Wave" sections for the part I'm talking about. It's really interesting.

Bunnie definitely seems like the type to accept anyone- especially with Sally's "she's ok."



story pic! (Nextguardian's story)

story pic! (Nextguardian's story)


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