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Chapter 0 - rawr

I don't expect anyone to read this at all xD
It's just a story a friend had me write xD
I'm S'mores.
Cupcake is my friend.
And Ben is a jerk. xD Lol. That was in our english class at school!

Chapter 0 - rawr

Chapter 0 - rawr
The Story of Cupcake.

Once upon a time, there was a girl, who went by the name of Cupcake. She was a very cool girl; everyone wanted to be her friend. She and her pet Walrus, Pippy, loved to sing “I Am The Walrus” by the Beatles! They were great friends with this loser of a girl named S’mores, and she, too, had a pet, that we believed to be a Pony.. But we aren’t sure what it is. Anyways, the Pony had a name, it was named Fredrick.

One day, Cupcake and S’mores went to the local forest preserve with their pets, Pippy and Fredrick, and saw Ben there. Ben wasn’t a very nice guy; he was a jerk to Cupcake and S’mores, even though they were nice to them. They, of course, waved to Ben, and Ben ignored them. Cupcake and Pippy ran around in the river, singing their song, while S’mores and Fredrick sat around and enjoyed the nice sunny day.

Suddenly, as all seemed well, Ben came over and threw several water balloons at S’mores and Fredrick. They tried to move out of the way, but S’mores tripped over a log and Fredrick just sat there. Cupcake came running over and smacked Ben in the face with her shoe. “How could you be so mean?!?” Screamed Cupcake, and smacked Ben once again with her shoe.

“I’m always mean!” Shouted Ben as he pushed Cupcake over into mud and laughed. Cupcake always hated when Ben was so mean, so she got up and hit him on the head with a stick. Ben fell over. He wasn’t dead, but he was out like light. Cupcake and S’mores made a run for it as Ben’s friends came over to his aid. Ever since that day Cupcake and S’mores have never been heard from again, and Ben suffers from amnesia.



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