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I created a character and she's not the brightest at all. :)
She's a Beyblade Metal Fusion Fan Character, Paired with Kyouya Tategami
I had my friends come up with either a 1st setence, or a jumble. Numbers which I used a sheet from creative writing class to created a story.
Shared as written. Enjoy.
... it's pretty explains itself lol :D
this story was written, just to kill time it involves a hero who is out to help the whicked witch of the west....It''s one story in its self but i did write other chapters but have to re write them so that they aren''t so R rated
about godzilla takin over the world and people and stuff. please comment. the sequel is coming up soon
A short story. Not exactly humorous, but it''s the closest category
This is what comes out of my brain when i get randome. enjoy.
umm yeaa...another story. so enjoy...xx
Being cool doesn't always mean you're popular. But in this case, it does! (:
A very Irish girl moves to america, meets a very american boy, hates him starts a band with her new friends and tries to get her step-dad kicked out.
The random things to do at school. Yes I know that there are lots of these thing but oh well.
Wrote this January 12 09 durin a review 4 the Biology Exam @ school Took me about 5 min 2 write I put a couple of my friends n it & just so u dont get confused THE STORY ISNT SUPPOSED 2 MAKE SENSE I WROTE IT USING EXAGGERATION KRISTIN IS ME
this is an email kitsune_727 and I had earlier in the day.... it honours the great bucket..... his life and death...
Excuses taken from unfocused's forum Worst Possible Lost Homework Excuses
Just some fun things to try. :]
i am!
this is me giving my opinion
if i made a club, this would seriously be it :)
I love the first one! Read it! It s hilarious and the second one is random ^^ Comment if you like :D I reply to all comments (Because I am weird >.<)
this is just a story my 8th grade science teacher told my class once. (no it's not about science....seriously)

enjoy it!!
I don't expect anyone to read this at all xD
It's just a story a friend had me write xD
I'm S'mores.
Cupcake is my friend.
And Ben is a jerk. xD Lol. That was in our english class at school!
GUARANTEED to be the most RANDOM thing you read. EVER. An RP created between me and Apocalypsedragon. The results were... unstable.
milar, a cat with extrordinary powers, no idea how to stop them, and bugsy, a human who doesnt have a clue that he was supposed to save the world, and therfore doesnt. id probably have to class this as a horrer comedy