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Chapter 0 - Character Information

Sora; a girl fighting to be Shaman King became friends with Yoh and the gang when Ren fights her, but what past does Trey and her have together? Now she joins Yoh in the fight to be Shaman King. Will she make it or die trying? And what does her name mean?

Chapter 0 - Character Information

Chapter 0 - Character Information
This story DOES follow the original Shaman King story line. But becaue the manga and the show are differnat in some ways I will be using both. There are some things in the manga that I like better then what/how it happens in the show. It all just depends. So I'll be using both. Enjoy.
Name: Sora Haon (hA-O-n) Hanan (ho-na-n) Tsuki (ts-oo-kEE)
Nickname: Sora, Haon, Hanan, Hana,
Name Meaning: Air(Sora)/Moon(Tsuki)
Age: 14
DOB: September 7th
Height: 4' 7"
Weight: 53 lbs
Blood Type: A
Hair Color: Purple with a hint of red
Hair Length: Lower waist
Eye Color: Dark red almost maroon
Body Type: Slim and slender
Race: Human
Race Specifics: Shaman
Weapons: staff; taijutsu; physical strength; mental strength;
Personality: stubborn, easily irritated, proud, calm, serious, strong willed, never gives up, a good strategist, bold, talented, a quick learner, watchful, observant, careful,
Other Information: Ghost's name is Kaze-Ame which means wind-rain. It is a male. Personality is mostly like Hiei's but all in all it is a Hiei/Bailong/Kurama/Yusuke mix. He's caring even though he says he's not. He's smart but very protective.
Sora's element is air/wind/gravity; but mostly gravity.


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