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Chapter 1 - Intro

Phoenix Tech once owned by her Father, Tamara learns that after a year that there are some things that her father didn't tell her. The secrets unfold and with her unlikely of friends the mysteries become their lives.

Chapter 1 - Intro

Chapter 1 - Intro
Thunder struck loudly outside the frosted penthouse windows, lighting up the darkened living room. There was only one lamp on shining it’s light upon a young woman’s face. Her light green eyes danced then dimmed when the thunder struck. She shifted her weight as she curled up more trying to keep herself warm; she brought her legs closer to her body and twisted her spine so she could lean against the arm of the sofa. Her dark brown hair cascaded around her face and spiral down her shoulders. She blinked a couple of times getting used to the light as she had been taking a nap without even realising it. Her hand raised to her chin and brushed her index finger across her pale lips and let it rest there. A door clicked and screeched open. In the doorway stood a tall raven haired man who looked very tired that he yawned when he closed the door behind him.
“Nice of you to come home Will” the woman said as she moved her gaze from the window to her brother who was startled to see her there.
“Oh hey Tamara, How it going?” He said sheepishly as he made his way over to the sofa and flopped himself down making Tamara jump in her seat. “Heh heh sorry”
“No you’re not,” she moved again so that she could face him. She brought up her legs up to her chest and leaned her head on top of her knees. “And it’s not going good, I’ve been up most of the night because of the thunder and lightening. You know what I think about when it’s like tonight” her face was hidden by the shadows but Will could tell that she was fighting back the tears. He tapped his thigh and waved with his other hand motioning her to come over to him. She crawled over silently and rested herself on him as she curled up close. He rested his right arm against her waist and started stroking the back of her neck to clam her down. “I know he wasn’t like a father to you and abused you, but I miss him Will, I miss dad”
“Shh I know Tam, I know” She started to shake against him as she cried. It last for five minutes until she finally calmed down. “So do you wanna hear about my date or what?”
“Owh Will!” Tamara grapped for one of the cushions and smacked him across the face with it. “Just be glad it wasn’t a hard pillow, like the one that Stacey flung at you”
“Hey! I didn’t know she kept cannon balls”
“She was a Shot putter champion, you imbecile”
“And here I thought they belonged to her ex-boyfriend” He started to laugh when he saw a faint blush across her cheeks. In doing so made her huff at the end of the sofa. “Aww ickle Tam Tam gone into a huff aww so cute”
“I thought I told you never to call me that ever again!” She snapped her head in his direction and got ready to pounce on him. “You’re gonna be in a world of hurt” before he could even react she had pounced on him and bit deeply into his upper left arm. He scrunched his face up in pain but then relaxed a little.
“You have no idea how turned on I am at the moment”
“Ewww! Bro that’s disgusting” as she quickly as she latched on to him she let go of him and ran into her bedroom and clicked the lock on her door. “Night night Will”
“I was kidding you blonde! And it’s morning sis” he read 3:30 red numbers on the digital alarm clock next to the lamp. And in 2 hours time Tamara needed to get up again to work as the President of Phoenix Tech.

* * *

Tamara tried to stifle a yawn as she stepped on to the elevator with a clunk she turned her self around and leant against the bar across the glass panels. Her hair swiped up into a ponytail rested down her black stylised jacket. She tried to sort her red polo neck from unravelling when her brother came onto the elevator. His hair was messy and all over the place as he stretched, scrunching up his face exposing his fangs, his shirt wasn’t buttoned so his six-pack showed. The Phoenix Corp had many sexual harassments suits when it came to Will when he was being a perverted ladies man. Tamara was very tempted to lock him in his room until there was an actual use for him.
“No sexual harassments today please,” Tamara folded her arms over her chest and crossed her legs while Will pressed one of the many buttons on the control button. “We’ve had enough as it is for this months, and I swear am gonna kick you out if I get any more involving you and Stephanie”
“Spoil sport” Will pouted as he nudge his sister nearly knocking her over if she hadn’t uncrossed her legs in time. “You forbidding me will only make it taste more sweet”
“Guilty pleasures?”
“As charged, you know Tammy you really should get laid” Tamara scrunched up her nose as blush showed greatly over the it. She closed her eyes as she tired to control her breathing before glaring at her brother, which looked deadly when she snarled.
“Things like that should be taken some what seriously, cause ones it’s lost it’s lost, and unlike you dear brother I don’t want to lose it to someone that I randomly met on the streets” she huffed when they reached the level that they were going to. Will just shook his head as Tamara stepped out and then was surrounded by Reporters who had heard of a new development in the making. “Hello ladies and Gents if you would please follow me to the testing area I would be happy to show you what we are planning for the future” She said sweetly with a smile on her face but as soon as she turned away from the faces her smile slipped a little.
“Tammy what am I gonna do with you?” Will started to button his shirt when a young looking blonde came onto the elevator blushing madly. He titled his head back so that some of his hair covered his face and looked at the girl with his icy blue eyes. “How you doing?”


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Scoot on June 12, 2007, 2:09:57 AM

Scoot on
ScootWill sounds so much like me in the beginning ^^'' but awesome start tam tam =P