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Chapter 2 - owh you scared me

Phoenix Tech once owned by her Father, Tamara learns that after a year that there are some things that her father didn't tell her. The secrets unfold and with her unlikely of friends the mysteries become their lives.

Chapter 2 - owh you scared me

Chapter 2 - owh you scared me
“Rena! Rena! Can you get down here please!” a flustered boy shouted, Rena stretched out and sat up on her bed but stayed were she was. “Tamara is on the phone!”
“I’ll be down in a minute Thorn!” Rena yawned back. She dressed in a blue ribbon corset and a ripped mesh over the top with stylish back baggy trousers with alot of hidden pockets. She half jumped out the bed and walked slowly as she could to the door and opened it. Thorn was standing at the bottom of the stairs facing away with the phone a bit far from his ear. Rena was guessing that Tamara wasn’t in a good mood or was just joking around which happens to be the case most of the time. Rena was sitting on the banister when Thorn turned around to see her; she just smiled madly, closed her eyes and jumped. Thorn went wide eyed and let the phone drop from his hand. The drop was about two stories high but Rena landed gracefully onto the floor without even a thud. Her below shoulder length spiky hair purple streaks swished behind her. “Hey Thorn”
“RENA! Why do you always have to do that to me?” Thorn rushed over and left the phone where it was. Rena just smiled down at him, she was about 3 feet taller than him since she was 19 and he was 13 but smart for his age.
“So I know that you care,” she shook her head and placed her hand on her hip. “Plus you always have a funny look on your face when I do that” she walked past him while his cheeks puffed up making her giggle lightly and picked up the phone from the floor. “Hello Rena speaking” she flicked her hair so the phone was closer to her ear and rested it between her shoulder as she fixed her biker gloves.
“Hey Rei Rei,” Tamara sounded exhausted. “Well you be coming in today or will I be having lunch and doing the interviews by myself?” Rena half nodded then realised that she couldn’t be seen.
“Yeah I’ll be coming in, I wanna see who my new testing buddy is gonna be” She waved to Thorn to get her motorbike ready. “I should be there in a couple of minutes”
“Owh good you can keep me straight in the interviews then”
“Since when have you ever been straight” Rena smirked.
“Haha true,” Tamara sighed but sounded better than when she started. “I’ll see ya in a bit then?”
“Yup, talk to you later Tammy”
“Laterz” Rena looked down at the phone and clicked the cancel button. She looked up and saw Thorn was finished with the motorbike then walked over. She slipped the phone into Thorn’s hand and got onto the motorbike, which was proudly named Thalia, while picking up the helmet. “Catch ya later Thorn”
“Bye Rena, be good”
“Aren’t I always” she placed the helmet on and started the engine. Thorn went and opened the garage door with a button. They lived in a warehouse, which was generally quiet during the day but at night that’s when the trouble starts. In the morning she is Tamara’s lab cat and helps with all the new developments within the company. At night she is the leader of the rebel gang called Tainted Rain. And all of her rebel followers come to the warehouse when it gets dark and work throughout the night either partying, stealing, or fighting against other gangs that really don’t know who their dealing with. The engine in her tricked out motorbike rived very loudly and her back wheel started to leave skid marks on the floor before she left up her foot and sped out of the warehouse leaving Thorn coughing in a cloud of smoke.
“Never,” he coughed more while waving his hand in front of his face. “Now on with work” he rubbed his hands together as he went over to the workbench and placed on his tool belt. He tried to stifle a yawn as he went over to work on his own motorbike named Black Rose.


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Scoot on June 16, 2007, 10:32:03 PM

Scoot on
Scootaww cool. i want a bike ^^