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Chapter 6 - This or That

Like QueenPaige said, it''s easier to put the quizzes here instead of in a bloggy thing.... :P

Chapter 6 - This or That

Chapter 6 - This or That
Fruit or Vegetable
Hmmm...right now, I'd say fruit.

. Black or White

. Rock or Rap

. Cookies or Muffins

. Hugs or Kisses
Hugs :D

. Have 30 kids or live on Apples?
wth....apples I guess.

. Live in Greenland or in Hawaii?

. Live on bacon or paper?

. Live without internet or without TV?
TV PLEASE! *hugs computer to protect it*

. Have no friends or be the only person on Earth?
No friends.

. Someone paid you 1million dollars to eat dog poo?

. You lost a close friend?
Be sad forever and cry my eyes out ):

. You woke up and no-one remembered you?
I'd freak out

. You woke up next to Zac Efron?
“....*spreads arms and legs out, shoving Zac Efron off my bed* there's not enough room for both of us in this bed *goes back to sleep*"

. You had no central heating for 5 years?
I'D BUY LOTS OF BLANKETS!! We have lots of blankets anyway :P

. What do you hate the most?

. What do you like the most?
Lots of stuff… but I guess laughing with loved ones?

. What do you feel like right now?
Uh.... bored.....a little depressed..


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