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Chapter 2 - "Cries From the Eastern Garden"

This is the very first chapter book that im writing,i have only ever wrote short stories,that werent very good in the first place.this story is going to become a series.hope you all enjoy it and remember that this is only a few chapters.

Chapter 2 - "Cries From the Eastern Garden"

Chapter 2 - "Cries From the Eastern Garden"

Chapter Two "Cries From the Eastern Garden"[br]
Tipani and Rumba glided throught the large patch of "babies Breathe" that layed infront of the yard where the great oak stood tall. They landed at the door as the last few creatures were entering the oak tree...[br]
Rumba looked around to see if he could spot his buddy Yubbie, but he wasnt anywhere in sight. As they the moved towards the door way, Tipani whispered "Rumba, what do you think the elders want to talk to us about?..." Rumba looked at her with a conserned expression "im not sure Tipani..." .They entered the oak tree,[br]
and walked over to some chairs that were placed in a perfect row, as Rumba went to take a seat, he looked up towards the front of the room and saw that the elders had already taken their positions on the council stage.He saw that their expressions had a glimse of deep concerne. Their eyes glimsed over the room of creatures, almost as if they were trying to make sure that everyone was accounted for. It only took a few moments for everyone to be seated and the whole room to go silent.[br]
The elders waited for a moment, and then elder Luwella, the enchantris faerie, stood up to the podium. She was dressed in a long multi greened robe, her hair was twirled in a braid like style around what it looked like a large flower vine, it was very long. She had a beautiful pendant necklace that hung from her neck. "Welcome my fellow creatures, I am terribly sorry for all the commotion, but it is our best interest of the "Zinnia"garden community that we gather you here at this moment to inform you about the message that we recieved just moments ago...[br]
Rumba noticed that the other elders were in deep thought as they continued to glimse over the crowd...He finally noticed that elder Vesper was stairing at him with sharp conserned eyes.[br]
Rumba then realized that this meeting wasnt only to tell the garden community about the message, this was to get help from the community creatures... Luwella began to read what was on the cream colored bark paper...[br]
"I regret to announce that there has been great sadness and destruction brought upon the Eastern Garden "Emperium". There has been an attack by a dark creautre. All has been lost, and mainy lives have been taken...[br]
I am sending this warning to you, so your community can prepare for the beast and to ask that you send help in our time of need...signed Elder Jinke"[br]


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vampire_called_demon on November 25, 2008, 11:17:56 PM

vampire_called_demon on
vampire_called_demonNice story like to know what happens.