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Chapter 2 - Happy Birthday! Part 2

If You Are a Trainer In the Tono Region, This Story Sort of Gives you an insight to The History Of the Tono Region and Their Champ's!

Don't Know what the Tono Region is? Check out this Link

Chapter 2 - Happy Birthday! Part 2

Chapter 2 - Happy Birthday! Part 2
They Said Their Good Byes then started off to Ochoma City

The Path To Ochoma City Is Crowed with trees...and Well Naturaly Leo Being the Space Case he is, he Ran into every one of them

Leo:*Leo has 3 Bandaids on his forhead* OW!!!

Dana: Leo, Pay more attention to where you're walking! I swear if I have to Waste any more of my Bandaidds on YOU'RE FAT HEAD, I'M GOING TO-

Leo: Hey Look over there! Its a Flock of Pidgey!

Dana: 0.0 PIDGEY!!! *She ran to one that was standing a few feet from her...and SHE REACHED FOR IT AS IT FLEW AWAY AND SHE HIT HER HEAD HARD ON THE TREE BEHIND THE PIDGEY*

Leo: Looks like I'm not the Only One who need sto watch Where I'm going!

Dana: Not another word...

Leo: Besides What were You Trying to do?

Dana: I was trying to catch it!

Leo: With you're Hands?!?

Dana: Yeah... *She started to Twiddle her Thumbs*

Leo: You're Suppose to catch it with a Pokeball...

Dana: Yeah I know...I just Got excited...* They continued to walk down the Path*

Leo: Yeah... Well Think Before you Get Excited! Besides That could have been my pokemon...

Dana:Yeah well...

Evee:*Dana's Evee Burst Out of its Pokeball* EVEE!!!(Trans-I Hate it in that Pokeball!!!)

Dana: How the?!? 0.0

Evee:*Leo's evee burst out aswell* Eve!(Trans-ME TOO!!!)

Leo: 0.0 I didn't Know Pokemon Could do that!!!

Dana: I guess they Really didn't Like it In their Pokballs...

Leo: Is that True You guys?!?

Both Evee: EVEE!*YES!*

Leo: *He gasped as he saw a Whismur* Well I guess you can stay Out evee but...Mind doing me a favor and attacking that Whismur with a...*Pulls out Pokedex and Reads Evee's current attacks* Tackle!

Evee Tackle the Pokemon and The wild Pokemon Fainted

Dana: 0.0

Leo: This Is how you catch a Pokemon *He pulls out a Pokeball and Throws it at the wild Whismur*

The Pokeball hit Whismur and the Pokeball Fell to the Ground

Dana: *She burst out Laughing* HAHAHAHA!!! You forgot, to make the PokeBall Bigger!!!

Whismur woke up and Fled

Leo: Aww man...-.- You could have Told me that Before I Threw it *he picked up his PokeBall*

Dana: And Miss the Expression On you're Face? Not a chance!*She started to Laugh again*

Leo: Lets just go -.-

Dana: All right *Pulls out PokeNavi* well According to this, we are all most there...

They Continued to walk for about 10 more minutes when...

Leo and Dana: AHHHH!!!

They fell through a hole in the ground!

Leo: Ow...

Dana: Where are we?*She takes hits the Flash light button on her Pokenavi and she flashed it everywhere*

Both Evee: EVE!*That Hurt*

Leo: Its Looks like we're in a tunnel...

Dana: Where did it come from? Who made it?

Leo: I Place my bet on who's ever Eyeballs Those are below us...

Dana: Eye Balls?

Digglet: Digglet Dig, Digglet Dig, Digglet Dig, Digglet Dig, Digglet Dig, Digglet Dig, Digglet Dig, Digglet Dig, Digglet Dig!

The Digglet Started Carring them down thru the Tunnle

Leo: AHHH!!!


Both Evee: VEE!!!*AHH!!!*

Digglet Carried them For about 300 Feet when, They All of a sudden Dropped them at the sight of...


Leo: What Pokemon is that?*He Pulls out His PokeDex and Points it at the Mysterious Pokemon*

PokeDex: Suicune, The Legendary Dog Pokemon...


Sucune: COONE!!!

Leo: Thats a Hydro Pump!

Dana: Yeah You think?!?

The Water was Minipulated by Suicune and Blasted Leo and Dana thru the Rock above and onto the Surface...

Leo: Well That was wierd...

Dana: Leo Look!

They Looked up and Saw a set of Twin Rainbows With a Ho-Oh Flying Past it...

Leo: Whoa...

Dana: Was that a...

Leo: Ho-Oh


Dana: Hey look! Its Ochoma city!


Dana: What ever, Just Comeon!

Note: Here it is, Sorry It took forever! lol


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Symphoniaprincess101 on July 5, 2007, 10:22:18 AM

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Symphoniaprincess101u r amzing with pokemon stories^^

Tuxedo_Mini_Mask on July 5, 2007, 12:03:10 PM

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Tuxedo_Mini_Maskty =D lol I get that alot

katara719 on June 23, 2007, 6:22:57 AM

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katara719oh very nice! i love your stories!

Tuxedo_Mini_Mask on June 24, 2007, 7:00:27 AM

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Tuxedo_Mini_MaskTY!!!!!!! would you like to be in this one? we need trainers

Deaven987654321 on July 5, 2007, 1:09:45 PM

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Deaven987654321sure i'd love to

Deaven987654321 on July 5, 2007, 1:08:59 PM

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Deaven987654321hey in sonnoh at the rockgym roark has crainados,onik,geodude, but crainados avoles in to ranpartouis mised up

Deaven987654321 on July 5, 2007, 9:15:33 AM

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Deaven987654321 on July 5, 2007, 9:16:49 AM

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FallOutGirlAARHinder on June 24, 2007, 12:03:52 PM

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FallOutGirlAARHinderyes please

i think were fixing 2 come up into a gym battle anyway