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Chapter 3 - Pokemon Parrle!

If You Are a Trainer In the Tono Region, This Story Sort of Gives you an insight to The History Of the Tono Region and Their Champ's!

Don't Know what the Tono Region is? Check out this Link

Chapter 3 - Pokemon Parrle!

Chapter 3 - Pokemon Parrle!
Note- I would Like to thank my dear friend Charity for helping me with this chapter...THANKS!

The "in progress" twin legends were sleeping for the first time in the pokemon center after a LONG day. Unawar of the crooks in the Pokemon Containment Area. But Leo was awake and still didnt notice all the Noise's they were making. He was to Buisy listening to Dana sleep talk. But first he took a pic of her sleeping with his head making a funny face in it.
Dana- *sleep talking* Yeah--yes i do...
Leo- *in thoughts* I wonder if shes being proposed.
Dana- *st* I-I don wanna.
Leo- Man chick you dont make since.
Dana- *st* ?Eevee atta-- *yawns and wakes* Le-Leo? *whispering* Were you listening to me sleep talk?!?!?!?!
Leo- Yeah why? Also who was proposing to you?
Dana- no one.
They heard a crash and laughter outside their room.
Leo- Who in the hell is that?
Dana- *gets up and peaks out door then sends out Eevee* Hey Leo come here.
Leo- *under Dana's head and above Eevee and along sends out his eevee* Whoa there stealing pokemon!
Dana- *covers Leo's mouth* Man. How is it that were twins and I end up being the one that knows how to whisper?
Crook 1- Whos there?
Crook 2- Show yourself.
The twins sat still.
Dana- *Pull's out Pokedex, and looks to see what Attack's Eevee can do* Umm... Eevee use..Umm... shadow ball at the bag.
A small shadow ball shot at the crooks and blasted a whole in the bag they were caring the Pokemon in
Leo- Eevee after Dana's Evee get's through with it's Attack I need you to use Shadow Bal- *Leo's eevee used shadowball Before Leo could finish*. Eevee!
Dana- Have control over your pokemon! Now eevee use bite on the crooks.
Crook 1- Not if we can help it... Deffending Evil From all the Light
Crook 2- We are here to Put up a Fight...
Crook 1- Showing the World That we are here
Crook 2- Just so they can Disappear
Crook 1- Ruby
Crook 2- Neo
Stunky- Stunk!*Stunky*
Leo: that was wierd...
Dana- Your telling me...
Crook 2- I tod you that New moto SUCKED!
Crook 1- Errrggg... Stunky attack and use tackle!
The Stunky attacked Dana's eevee.
Leo- Eevee attack that stunky useing tackle.
Eevee did as it was supposed to do.
Dana- Eevee get up and bite the crooks.
Crook 2- You'll never defeat us!
Crook 1- Wait! let us say our GOOD moto.
Leo and Dana- It couldn't be any worse then the other one
Crook 1- Errrgg...Prepare for trouble.
Crook 2- And make it double.
Crook 1- Ruby
Crook 2- Neo
Crook 1- Kicking your butt.
Crook 2- Is our moto.
Crook 1- Team Rocket Juniors blast off at the speed of light.
Crook 2- Where ever theres peice in the world.
Stucky- Stuck, stunky *We're there to makes things worse*
Leo and Dana- *in thoughts* We were wrong... it did get worse *Out of thoughts* Your moto stinks like your Stunky.
Ruby- At least we got one!
Neo- Stunky use smog and lets get out of here.
Stunky- Stunk *right*
Stunky did as it was told and the crooks ran. followed by Leo and Dana.
Leo- Stop it.
Dana- Eevee shadowball!
D's Eevee- Eve *yes*
L's Eevee- Eevee *let me in* (uses shadowball)
The two shadowballs hit the three as they were getting in a stunky air ballon that was like a stunky head and tail. The pokeballs they stole flew to the ground un harmed.
Dana and Leo held hands and jumped around.
Leo and Dana- WE DID IT!!!
They saw the sun come up as the saw Nurse Joy clapping by the center.
Nurse Joy- Congrats. You two saved the pokemon. But I noticed that you both have eevees. It must be confuseing, especialy for them! How are they supposed to know who you're talking too? Why dont ya'll nickname them?
Leo and Dana- Nickname?
Nurse Joy- Yeah nickname them.
Leo- Oh, oh. I pick-- uh
Dana- Sky
D's Eevee- Ve *Sky?*
Dana- Eevee until you evolve I want you to go bye the name Sky.
Sky- Ve ve *yay I love it*
Leo- Eevee you'll be Copper for now.
Copper- Ve *ok*
The twins had nicknamed their eevees and went back to sleep...


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