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Chapter 5 - Double Trouble!

If You Are a Trainer In the Tono Region, This Story Sort of Gives you an insight to The History Of the Tono Region and Their Champ's!

Don't Know what the Tono Region is? Check out this Link

Chapter 5 - Double Trouble!

Chapter 5 - Double Trouble!
Dana: Hmmm... Where should We look...

Leo: I got it! You Remember how on Our way here, on the Path to Tono we saw a bunch of Pokemon?

Dana: Yeah, and our pathetic attempts to catch new Pokemon...

Leo: Don't remind me... Well My Point is, That there are alot of Pokemon in that Woods...

Dana: OHHH I get it!!! Let's go catch Some Pokemon!

They Went into the Woods and Found a clearing with a Pound. They Were Hideing in a bush Watch all the Pokemon there Play....When

Copper: EEVEE... *Just dropin by*

Leo's Eevee Popped out of it's Pokeball!

Leo: Copper!!! *He went to shut the Eevee Up when...*

Copper: Eevee! EEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEE!!!! *Don't Worry Leo I know the Drill! SHADOW BALL!!!!*

Copper opened it's Mouth and a Small shadow Ball grew From it, and shot at the Pokemon!

Leo: NO!!!

Dana: LEO!!!

Leo: Sorry!


The Shadow ball made a huge explosion but hit no Pokemon...All the Pokemon Fled

Dana: OHHH NOO!!! We had the Perfect chance to catch MORE then what we needed! we could have destoryed the Gym leader

Leo: *Grinding his teeth* Copper.....

Copper:*makes sad face* eve...*Sorry*

Dana: Aww, Leo you can't be mad at that!

Leo: It's okay... Just Don't do it again! Promise?

Copper: EEVEE!!! *YES SIR!*

Dana: Now, we need to catch a Pokemon Fast! it won't be long till We it's to late to challenge the Gym leader!

Leo: *nods* RIGHT!

They walked out into the medow, and waited for hours...

Leo: AHHH!!!!

Dana: This is So frustrating!!!

Leo: Ahhh!!!

Both Eevee: AHH!!!!

Dana and Leo: AHHH!!!!!

They then Relized that Screaming wasn't going to make any Pokemon come out from hideing so then they decided too started trainiing a bit Becuz No Pokemon were apearing after that explosion...

Dana: Good Sky! Now use Bite on that Giant rock!

It did as it was told and the Rosk was smashed into a billion pieces!

They coninued to train for about an hour or so anf Final 2 Pokemon Made their appearence...

Minun: Min! *haha!*

it was a Minun and a Plusle playing a Game of Leap Frog!

Leo: Aww...

Dana: Let's Catch em!


Dana: Sky!!!

Leo: Copper!!!

Leo and Dana: Use shadow ball!!!

The 2 Eevee's Fired 2 Small Shadow Balls. The attack's hit their Target's, Knocked Minun Off of Plusle and Pushing Plusle Furth away From Minun. Minun Got up after taken some serious Damage and Ran toward Plusle. Plusle Attemped to get up but just back down again and She reached her hand out to him. Minun Ran to Plusle and Reached out his hand to her, But right Before they could Touch...

Dana and Leo: Pokeball Go!!!

Dana's Pokeball Hit Plusle and the Red light begain to suck it in to the Pokeball and Minun Reached Further For Plusle as Leo's Pokeball Hit him and Sucked him in the Pokeball as well... The Pokeball's REd light went out at the Same time and Dana and Leo had CAUGHT Their VERY first pokemon!!!

Dana: YES!!! I just caught a Plusle!!!

Leo: and I just caught a Minun!!!

Both Eevee: EVE! *YAY!*

Dana and Leo: COME ON OUT YOU GUYS!!!

They threw Their Pokeballs up in the Air as Minun and PLusle Poped out...Minun Rubbed his Eye's and Saw Plusle and Ran to her and Gave her a Hug!

Leo: I think He's Glad to see her!

Dana: Yeah, How wierd is it that We both caught Electric Pokemon?

Leo: Not very...

Dana shrugged

Dana: Ohh well...

Leo: Seeing as there are no More Pokemon showing up here... LET'S SPLIT UP!!!

Dana: OKay... But are you sure?

Leo: Yeah Positive! What's The worst that could Happen...

More thhen you Think Leo... More then You think... What he didn't Know was the Team rocket were Watching Them From a cliff Miles away from them...

Neo: Those Little Punk's down there Ruined Our Plans, Now it's Time for-

Ruby: REVENGE!!!!! *Her and stunky started to Evil Laugh*

Neo: But first... We must Prepare Our Pokemon Team for the Big Break in tonight...

Ruby: RIGHT!!!

Neo: At exactly 7:00pm... All the Pokemon that Belong in the Ochoma City Gym will be Our's...

Ruby: And Then We Get Revenge?

Neo: NO! first we let the Stongest One's Out of Their Pokeball's, and Put The ring of Hatred around their Pokeball...Then they Will be Evil and then-


Stunky: Stunk! *Yeah?*

Neo: NOO!! Than we RE-break into the Pokemon Center and Still all of their Pokemon and then....*Wait for about a minute or so* and then...



Ruby: ohh...

They all started to evil laugh as they Noticed the cliff they were stand on was Breaking and then it BROKE and then they went tumbleing down with it!

Narrator: Next time on "Pokemon: The Tiwn Legend"

Leo: That Pokemon is so mine!

Dana: That Pokemon is Going in my Pokeball and staying there


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Symphoniaprincess101 on July 8, 2007, 3:11:25 AM

Symphoniaprincess101 on

FallOutGirlAARHinder on June 26, 2007, 8:46:41 AM

FallOutGirlAARHinder on
FallOutGirlAARHinderO_O team rocket want get my pokemon! and they want steal pokemon either!

but what pokemon r we getting next?

i just cant wait.


Sky- Ve eevee! *I got a partner!*
Dana- Lets go get a new one Sky!
Sky- Eevee! *Yeah!*

Tuxedo_Mini_Mask on June 26, 2007, 8:50:20 AM

Tuxedo_Mini_Mask on
Tuxedo_Mini_Masklol You'll see =D