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Chapter 6 - Let's Split up!

If You Are a Trainer In the Tono Region, This Story Sort of Gives you an insight to The History Of the Tono Region and Their Champ's!

Don't Know what the Tono Region is? Check out this Link

Chapter 6 - Let's Split up!

Chapter 6 - Let's Split up!
Leo: Okay Let's Split! Come on Minun and Cooper!

Cooper: EVE! *got cha!*

Minun: Un, MIN!!! *Alright BYE PLUSLE!*

Dana: Come on Plusle, Sky LET'S GO!

Sky: Eve! *Okay!*

Plusle: Plus! *See ya later!*

They Split up as Planned While Team Rocket Trained Their Stunky To be stronger. They searched for a good 15 minutes when Dana Finaly found a pokemon that she thought she could capture near another Pound/Lake...

Seaweave: SEA!!! *Get away from me!!*

Dana: I'm gona catch that pokemon!!! Plusle use uhh...*She used her Pokedex to scann Plusle* umm... Spark!!!

Plusle did as requested but Seaweave was WAAAAY to smart for that......It Used a bubble attack that threw Plusle back againist Dana and if in stead of hurting Seaweave IT HURT DANA!!! the Seaweave Fled

Plusle: Plus... SLE!*Oops...SORRY!*

Dana: aww it's Okay we'll get the next one!

Leo Unfortunetly wasn't as Lucky.....He searched for 15 more minutes before he finally found a Pokemon That's name was....

Growlithe: GRRR...*Stranger Danger....*

Leo: This is going to be an Easy Capture...Minun, Jump on Copper's Back! copper use Quick Attack!

Copper did as told and right before It hit Growlithe...

Leo: Now Minun USE SPARK!!!

Minun Jumped up and used Spark on the Growlithe!

Leo: Now Copper, While Growlithe is getting up use SHADOW BALL!

Copper fired a small Shadow Ball Hit Growlithe and K-Oed the Pokemon

Growlithe: Grrr...*Oww...*

Leo: Good work you guys, But it's not caught yet...

Meen While...

Vulpix: Vulpix...*Oww...*

Dana: Good work You guys, But it's Not caught yet...

Leo/Dana: Pokeball GO!!!

The Pokeball's Moved left to right about 7 time's untill....

Vulpix/Growlithe: Grr....*I'm Not captured yet!*

Leo/Dana: Stay in that Stupid Pokeball!!! Dangit...SPARK!! and make it a big one!

A really big Spark was generated from both of their Pokemon and their Opponent was K-Oed, for good this time...

Leo/Dana: Pokeball GO!!!

They both threw a Pokeball at the Pokemon They wanted...

Leo: Come on Growlithe... I would really like to be your friend!!!

As Leo was Saying that Dana was also Perswaying the Pokemon to stay in the Pokeball...

Dana: Come on Please! It would be fun, You know you want to...

The Pokeballs Stopped Jiggleing and The red light's went out...and you know what that meens...


You got that Right, someone just caught a new Pokemon!!!

Leo/Dana: WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *Starts dancing with their Pokemon*

While Leo and Dana were Celebrating Someone else Just SAW a new Pokemon

Ruby: Whats that?

Neo: THAT'S A Shuppet!

Ruby: Hmmm...Looks Like my new Pokemon!

Neo: How come you get it?

Ruby: Becuz I bought the Pokeball's...

Neo: Fine...

Ruby: Dark PokeBall go!!!

The Pokeball jiggled for about a minute then the Pokemon was caught!!!

Neo: WHAT!!! how did you do that!!!

Ruby: Easy, Dark Balls Will catch any Pokemon no Matter how strong it's will or Physical stregth

Neo: So it's almost like a Master Ball?

Ruby: No, Their is still a 30% Chance that Pokeball might not work...-.-

Neo: Ohh well Can I try it on that Duskull?

Ruby: WHERE!?!

Neo: I'm not telling You untill I get one of the Pokeball's that are mine...-.-

Ruby: Fine...*She hands him a Ball* Now where is it?

Neo: over there! *He point's to a spot up in the air* Pokeball Go!!!

The Pokeball Fell into his hands and it started to Jiggle, but the light went out a few seconds after that...

Ruby: Okay you got Lucky... but now it's time for us to Train...It's almost 7:00!!!

Neo: *nods* Right!

Narrator: Whats gona happen? will Team Rocket Be strong enough to take over the Gym... Find out NEXT TIME ON THE TWIN LEGEND!!!!

Next time on Pokemon:The Twin Legend:

Leo: We are going to beat you!

Dana: Yeah and Your Cockey Attitude!

Star: What are you a broken Record?!? Lets just start!!!! Perido GO!!!

Leo: WAIT! Perido is a Rock type!

Star: Well what else do you Expect from a the rock gym?

Dana: Hell...


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Symphoniaprincess101 on July 8, 2007, 3:17:22 AM

Symphoniaprincess101 on

FallOutGirlAARHinder on June 26, 2007, 12:35:23 PM

FallOutGirlAARHinder on
FallOutGirlAARHinderDana- I cant wait until the we go to the gym!! I'll be Star and he or shes cocky attitude!! Want we Sky?!?!?

Sky- Ve *yeah!*

Tuxedo_Mini_Mask on June 26, 2007, 12:55:44 PM

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Tuxedo_Mini_MaskWOOT lol sorry I'm lagging teribly lol

FallOutGirlAARHinder on June 26, 2007, 12:56:43 PM

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FallOutGirlAARHinderits ok

FallOutGirlAARHinder on June 26, 2007, 11:45:47 AM

FallOutGirlAARHinder on
Dana-I'm gonna get a -a a- VULPIX!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A IM GONNA GET A VULPIX!!! ITS ONE OF MY FAV POKEMON!!!!

Sky- Eevee e *Yay a new partner!!*

Plusle- Plus plus plusle plus *Lets catch this thing and go back to the others*

Dana- Wait until u see what i caught Leo!^^