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Chapter 3 - Part III

A Fairly Oddparents/Danny Phantom crossover story. Crocker rounds up all of Danny's enemies and uses them to take over Fairy World. It's up to Timmy Turner and Danny Phantom to save Fairy World!

Chapter 3 - Part III

Chapter 3 - Part III
The Fairly Odd Phantom – Chapter 3[/b]
Danny andTimmy looked around Fairy World. The once bright, pretty and pink Fairy Worldwas now dark, not-pretty and black. It was also swarming with ghosts who werekeeping fairies as slaves. “This is terrible!” Timmy yelled. The ghosts saw himand left their fairies. The charged Timmy and Danny. “Oh no you don’t!” Timmysaid, as he pulled out the now pink and green combination Magic Remote,“Pause!”
All theghosts paused in mid-air. “And…Erase!” Timmy yelled and all the ghostsdisappeared. “Nice work!” Danny said, giving Timmy a high-five, “But there’s alot more of them out there.” Danny and Timmy looked over the vast place thatwas Fairy World. “Then, let’s get started!” Timmy suggested. Danny nodded andthe both ran off.
Timmy andDanny ran down the street, blasting ghosts and freeing other fairies. They’dgotten to a dead end. “C’mon, let’s go the other way.” Danny said. They bothstarted turned around until they heard two familiar voices. “Not so fast.” Thevoices said. Skulker and Plasmius fazed out of the wall and planted themselvesright in front of Danny and Timmy. “Supreme Lord Crocker sent us to make sureyou don’t mess up his plans, ghost child.” Skulker said. Plasmius nodded.
Timmy andDanny just smirked. “What’s so funny?” Plasmius asked. Timmy pulled the remoteout again. Skulker and Plasmius gasped. “Not this time!” Skulker yelled. Heshot off a plasma net and captured the remote. The net then shocked the remoteuntil it exploded. “Oh, crud.” Timmy said. “Not so tough now with out yourremote, huh?” Plasmius laughed. Danny charged up a plasma blast and shotPlasmius with it. The ghost wasn’t paying attention and was shot back a couplefeet from the blast. Skulker looked back and got blasted off-guard too. Skulkerand Plasmius rubbed their heads and got right back up. Timmy had pulled on hisSanta Bag robe and the jet pack. “Cosmo! Wanda! I wish I had some sort ofweapon!” Timmy yelled. Cosmo and Wanda put their wands up and POOF, a wand-likesword appeared in Timmy’s hand.
Timmypointed the sword at the two ghosts. The star at the end lit up and shot amagical energy blast. “Aaaaa!!!” Skulker and Plasmius yelled. After the blastfaded, Skulker and Plasmius just fade away. “What happened?” Timmy asked. “I don’tknow.” Danny replied. They decided not to worry about it. Timmy ran down thestreets, blasting more evil ghosts. They had met up with The Ghost Lunch Ladyand Technus but they were easy to defeat.
Eventually,Timmy and Danny reached a dark, looming castle at the edge of Fairy World.“I’ll bet anything Crocker’s inside!” Danny said. Timmy nodded in agreement.Danny took hold of Timmy’s arm and he fazed them through the front door. “Wow!This place sure looks inviting.” Wanda said sarcastically. “I know!” Cosmosaid. “The people here sure are friendly.” Cosmo was referring to the guards inblack armor who were surrounding the 4 heroes. Wanda gave Cosmo an angry look.“What? You’ve always told me to meet new people.”
Timmysighed at his Fairy Godfather’s stupidity. Timmy slashed at half the guardswhile Danny blasted the other half. “C’mon, we’ve gotta hurry!” Danny yelled.Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda followed Danny up the winding staircase. When they gotto the top, they were met with a giant metal door with Crocker’s face imprintedto it. “He did all this in like, 2 hours?” Wanda asked. Danny fazed him andTimmy through the door. Inside was a long, dark temple. At the end of thetemple was a desk, a giant picture of Crocker on the wall behind the desk and achair that was turned around.
Danny andTimmy approached the desk slowly. “So, you thought you could just sneak in herewithout my consent?” A booming voice echoed through the temple. From theceiling, fell a giant metal armor-man. It fell to the ground on it’s feet andstood in front of our heroes. The visor opened up. “It’s Crocker!” Danny andTimmy said simultaneously. Crocker’s suit looked the like one in Abra-Catastrophe[/i], except it was black and more gothic looking. And thescepter had been transformed into a sword.
“Isaid I was going to rule this world and Earth and I won’t have you two stoppingme!” Crocker yelled. He shot a blast from his sword but Timmy and Danny dodgedbehind to pillars. “Come out, come out, where ever you are!” Crocker boomed. Timmypanted behind his pillar. “We need help.” He said to his fairies. “Why don’tyou call the fudgey-haired kid?” Cosmo asked. “That’s a great idea Cosmo.”Timmy said, “Wait, did I say that?” Cosmo ignored the joke while Wanda laughedunder he breathe. “Ok. I wish we could talk to Jimmy Neutron.” Timmy wished.Wanda poofed him the Game Buddy. Jimmy appeared on the screen. “Jimmy!” Timmysaid.
Jimmyturned around to his monitor and saw Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda on the screen. “Oh,hi Timmy.” Jimmy said. “Jimmy! We need your help!” Timmy explained, “Crockerhas taken over Fairy World!” Jimmy paused. “Again?” Timmy sighed. “Again! Look,my friend and I can’t stop him, so we need your help!” Jimmy looked at Goddardthen back to Timmy. “Ok, but how do we get there?” Timmy smiled. “Leave that tome.”
“Iwish Jimmy Neutron was right here!” Timmy said. Cosmos and Wanda raised theirwands and POOF a vortex appeared next to Timmy and Jimmy (now back in his ButchHartman animation) was tossed out of the vortex, followed by Goddard. “Longtime, no see, huh?” Jimmy said. “Talk later. I need you to invent some kind ofweapon to defeat Crocker!” Timmy said. Jimmy looked around the pillar and sawDanny being shot at by Crocker. “Give me 10 minutes.” Jimmy said. Timmy lookedout too. “I’ll try.”
Timmyjumped out with his cape flowing behind him and his sword out. He jumped atCrocker and swiped at his back. Crocker shot off a blast and missed Danny by acouple feet. “Why you little!” Crocker yelled. He turned around to swipe atTimmy but Danny started firing at the back of his head. “Stop that!” Crockerscreamed. Timmy flew over to Danny. “I got a friend to help us but we need tobuy him some time. He pointed out Jimmy, who was running back in forth betweenpillars gathering items, to Danny. Danny nodded. “Let’s do it!” Danny yelled.
Timmyblasted Crocker in the shins while Danny shot him in the head. “Urg!” Crockeryelled. Jimmy peeked around a pillar and tried getting Timmy’s attention. “It’sready!” he yelled. Timmy and Danny dashed down to Jimmy giant laser. “I call itthe Crocker Destroyer nine…” Jimmy started. “That’s nice, just fire it!” Jimmywas upset he didn’t get to finish but he went on. “I first need a very strongpower source.” Timmy opened the laser and threw his sword in. Danny flew behindit and shot plasma energy into the laser. “You were saying?” Danny remarked.
Jimmypressed the fire button and a brilliant blue blast fired at Crocker. “Noooo!!!”Crocker screamed as the beam hit him. His armor broke off and Crocker wasreduced to his normal, skinny self again. “I was so close this time!” Crockercomplained. Timmy, Danny and Jimmy just laughed. “I wish Crocker was home anddidn’t remember any of this!” Timmy said. Crocker disappeared. “Well, I’dbetter get going.” Jimmy said. Timmy and Danny nodded. Wanda and Cosmo madeanother vortex and sent Jimmy home.
Danny andTimmy poofed back to Dimmsdale. “Well, I guess this is it.” Timmy said. Timmylooked rather sad. “Maybe not.” Danny said.
“I’m greatwith kids and I charge less than that red head.” Danny explained. Timmy’sparents reviewed Danny’s papers. “You’re hired!” they said. Vicky, who wasoutside, starting crying her eyes out. “Yay! Danny’s my new babysitter!” Timmyyelled. Mr. and Mrs. Turner left that night and left Danny in charge. “So, whatdo you wanna do?” Danny asked. Just then, Danny’s cell phone rang. “Danny! TheBox Ghost is loose again.” Sam said. “Again?” Danny asked. “Again…” Samreplied. “Fight ghosts?” Timmy said, answering Danny’s first question. Dannysmiled and nodded. He and Timmy ran out the door, with Cosmo and Wanda in hotpursuit.
THE END![/b]


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DannyPhantomLover on December 29, 2005, 9:25:31 AM

DannyPhantomLover on
DannyPhantomLoverlmao ok about tha sequel thing..neva mind that cuzz i see that uuu already did that lol...srry..but uuu still rock!!!!

DannyPhantomLover on December 29, 2005, 9:23:29 AM

DannyPhantomLover on
DannyPhantomLover*claps*THAT WAS A GREAT STORY!!!!!! uuu should dew a sequel...anf if ya dew PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!! n e ways i loved it and uuu get a whole bunch of cookiez!!!!!!*gives uuu cookies while i add the story n uuu on mah list* great job!!!!

PhantomKat7 on December 24, 2005, 5:26:06 AM

PhantomKat7 on
PhantomKat7AWESOME STORY! Crocker was moron in thinking that fairies were in the ghost zone. That's crocker for you. This goes in my faves! Keep on writing!

Phantomdragoness on August 29, 2005, 9:33:25 AM

Phantomdragoness on
Phantomdragonesshaha, so funny, but Crocker is a moron

Glimmer: I'm surprised he'd think fairies were in the ghost zone (okay, not really)

i'm surprised you had an attention span long enought to read the whole thing

gohstann on August 26, 2005, 11:24:25 AM

gohstann on
gohstannCOOL! I rilly like this story keep writing please.

ouija-phantom-wolf on August 2, 2005, 12:50:03 PM

ouija-phantom-wolf on

JessyPie on July 13, 2005, 2:33:26 PM

JessyPie on
JessyPieYOU ROCK!!!

ROKER45 on April 22, 2005, 10:41:35 PM

ROKER45 on