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Chapter 1 - Bios.

My character Bios. Just check 'em out.

Chapter 1 - Bios.

Chapter 1 - Bios.

Character Bios.

Ale'Xander “Xan” Mishima

Fur Color: Red

Clothing: Black Vest, Brown Baggy Pants, and Black Shoes (similar to Knuckles)

Eye Color: Green (Red when he goes “Super”)

Species: ½ Hedgehog and ½ Fox (Kitsune)

Family: Sonia the hedgehog (mother), Jack the Echidna-Fox (Father), Sonic the Hedgehog (Uncle), Sally Acorn (Aunt), Manic the Hedgehog (Uncle), Ame Mishima (Twin Sister), & Mina Mongoose (Girlfriend).

Description: Two Fox tails, Around 3 Feet tall, Dark, red hair, and calm and comforting Personality.

Destiny & Bio.: Xander is a young Hedgehog-Kitsune wanting to be just a normal 14-year-old guy, sadly, he's the Heir to his Uncle Sonic's Throne when he passes on, But until then, he just goes to school and fights along side his uncle, sister, and many other friends. He was once accidentally sent to earth in an experiment Dr. Eggman was doing and was forced to live there as an outcast. Xander, however, was not an outcast; he fit in almost instantly on earth and was introduced to sports: Football, Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Swimming, Etc. and was good at everything. When he finally got back to Mobius, he found his Friends were not home or anywhere to be found. He Pursued Eggman and found that his friends and family were his prisoners and his sister and girlfriend were at Death's Door, this angered him and with the help of the Master Emerald, Chaos Emeralds, and the Sol Emeralds (Eggman and Eggman-Nega had torn thread through dimensions, Blaze came to help), He had found a power he never even knew he had, and took out Eggman. Eggman & Eggman-Nega Fled from the battle. Xander however, His power was growing and couldn't control it, He bonded with half of the Master Emerald and created a set of new Emeralds called the “X-Emeralds” and scattered them throughout Mobius. He fell into a Coma and Slept for 10 Years, waking up to new world. (Story coming Very Soon)

Ame Mishima

Fur Color: Purple

Clothing: Black tank-top, Long Black Skirt, and Shoes similar to Sonic's

Eye Color: Pink

Species: ½ Hedgehog, ¼ Fox, & ¼ Echidna

Family: Sonia the hedgehog (mother), Jack the Echidna-Fox (Father), Sonic the Hedgehog (Uncle), Sally Acorn (Aunt), Manic the Hedgehog (Uncle), & Ale'Xander Mishima (Twin Brother)

Description: Hair is somewhat similar to what you would see with Amy, 2 feet 10”, and a Quiet, Shy, and Caring Personality.

Destiny: Ame only Follows Xander on his quest to inherit the throne (it's not really a quest). She has been on many adventures with Xander. The only adventure she hasn't been on is dating. She is shy when it comes to boys, the only boys she can actually talk to (excluding Family) is Tails, Knuckles, Vector, Espio, Charmy, Omega (though he's a robot), Big, and Mighty. She cannot however, talk to Shadow. Though it may look like he may be the darkest being around, she finds him VERY attractive. She's almost in love with him. Her friends include Mina, Cream, Amy, Sunshade, Rouge, Bunny, even Blaze when she's around. Ame just needs to find the courage in herself to find the right person for her and know what it feels like to be worried about by someone other than your friends, family, even your twin brother.


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Xander00 on April 27, 2006, 12:24:28 AM

Xander00 on
Xander00If you do that for me, I Will greatly appreciate it.

kafei23415 on April 26, 2006, 6:12:46 AM

kafei23415 on
kafei23415Xander seems cool. You should really draw some pictures of them. If you want, maybe (it will take a while, I wont have access to a computer after saturday for a long time), I'll try it...

^ .6