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Chapter 1 - Informal Beginnings

Time is gone anew as an ancient force uses Pandora's Box to wreak havoc, a crossover fic with alot of others, more to come. LUVYAZ!!

Chapter 1 - Informal Beginnings

Chapter 1 - Informal Beginnings

Three years later, Yusuke and Kayko are married, Yukina is living with Kuwabara, who is attending university, Kurama is hanging around and with his mother Shiori, and Hiei is with Mukuro in the Demon World. Obviously alot has happened in between and after, this particular story is taking place after. Also, after the two Yu Yu Hakusho movies. This story is mine, and no, I'm not the author person of Yu Yu Hakusho. I'm going to make it kind of like how a movie would be, with little switches and weird beginnings and titles and stuffz. Enjoy! Luv yaz! XOXO

*Three shadowy figures stare down at a swirling mass of liquid, glowing, with a small orb floating slightly in the dead center.* One of them murmers, "The balance of power is once again shifting." Another nods and murmers, "We need the one whose power rivals the fates." The other figure murmers, "We need the greatest power." The first murmers, "She as his leaves only him." The last nods, "We need the most powerful creation ever in or out of existance, that shall or will ever be." The middle murmers, "We need the shifter, the most awesome of all."

A boy with midnight black hair has an intent look on his face, focused and calm. His finger pointing on a needle balancing himself upside down with spirit energy, then slowly, stops using spirit energy except to stop the needle from ramming through his finger.*


"AHH!!!!" *Yusuke falls forward, somersaulting and slamming into a wall and shelf, knocking over several books and covering him with dust. *Annoyance mark* "Kuwabara! You idiot, whats the big idea?"

Kazuma Kuwabara laugh, "Ha, you look hilarious! Hey wait, I'm not an idiot!"

Yusuke stands wiping himself off, "Coulda fooled me."

Kuwabara glares, "What's that supposed to mean??????"

Yusuke chuckles, "Nevermind, you spend all your time at the university and you haven't changed a bit."

Kuwabara straightens up, "At least some of us can go to a university."

Yusuke sticks a finger in his ear and ignores him, "So what's the big idea?"

Kuwabara snaps his fingers, "Oh yeah, Koenma has a mission for you."

Yusuke shrugs, "You can tell Koenma to shove it, I'm taking a lonnnnng break." Yusuke tilts his neck back and forth, cracking several bones in it, causing Yusuke to rub his neck.

"Don't be dumb Yusuke, I'm serious."

"Yeah, well so am I."

"Well, that just won't do Yusuke, and wow, you actually called me by my name." A tall, teenage boy, with the word Jr, on his head smiles and holds his hand up in a gesture of greeting, "Yo."

"AHH!!!!" Yusuke throws his hands up and leans back balancing on one foot and stares at Koenma, then settles back into a normal stance, "Stop doing that!"

Koenma raises his eyebrows grinning, "Why, because you find me so intimidating?"

Yusuke rolls his eyes, "No, because I'll end up punching you, whether by accident or on purpose."

Kuwabara waves his arms up and down, "Hello, Koenma, you said you had a mission."

Koenma eyes register recognition and he nods, eyes narrowing, "That is correct, I have recieved information that there may very well be another rise of trouble soon."

Yusuke straightens slightly, and seems genuinely interested, more than usual, "What is it?" His eyes take a strange curious look.

Koenma regards him oddly, " Is something wrong?"

Yusuke shakes his head, "Just a little tired."

Koenma decides to dismiss it, "Well, this goes far back and coincides with many other things and such, partially myths and legends and fables."

Yusuke and Kuwabara both look confused, Yusuke responds, "English please? Nice and plain."

Koenma raises an eyebrow and mutters, "Idiot."

Yusuke gets an annoyance mark, "Watch it toddler."

Koenma coughs and starts talking, "I'll try and make this nice and easy for you, every country in the world has its own stories, legends, fables, myths, all that stuff. There are occasions where the stories differ slightly but are the same, this is one of them, but it differs very much, only one seems to be well known, the others have been lost or are very rare. In the Greek myth there is story about Pandora's Box."

Yusuke ponders this, "I think I've heard that one before, she opened the box of evil things."

Kuwabara nods, "I know that myth."

Koenma nods, "Then maybe you can elaborate."

Kuwabara looks up thoughtfully and a scholarly air seems to take around him, "That story goes from Prometheus, it started when Zeus sent him to deliver gifts to the world's inhabitants, but there wasn't a gift left, he gave away speed, and cleverness, all of that so he wanted to give humans fire. Zeus wouldn't allow it because he knew it would cause trouble, and it did. Prometheus snuck and gave them fire and taught them how to cook meat and cheat sacrifices and Zeus had him chained to a rock and sent a bird to peck out his liver each day, he was later saved by Zeus's son Heracles, and then Zeus sent Epimetheus, Prometheus's brother, a gift, Prometheus warned him not to accept gifts from Zeus but he did. Zeus made a wife for him, he made all the gods and goddesses give it a gift, and it was a beautiful woman, which Epimetheus took for a wife. She was given by the gods and goddesses a box which she was told must never be opened, however when her husband was away one day, the strong curiosity they had given her was too much, she opened the box. That released all the evils upon the world, hate, greed, despair, cruelty, and all the others, she couldn't stop them and in the bottom of the box the one thing left was hope."

Yusuke stares at Kuwabara shocked, "You actually have a brain. Wow!"

"Shut up Yusuke!"

Koenma narrows his eyes and they quiet, "Thats right, we were unable to find complete other stories, just small references to the stories themselves in several places."

Yusuke shrugs, "So what's the big deal?"

"Well it's unclear, but when we looked into the recent shifts in power, that myth came up."

Kuwabara tilts his head, "So, what does that mean?"

Koenma looks down, "We don't know, but I doubt its good."

*A red light begins shining, until its so bright, all three have to shield their eyes, suddenly it stops, and on the ground there lay a small silver ball.*

Yusuke rubs his head, "Ow, what was that all about."

*The little ball rolls around, and vanishes from view, but not the house."

Koenma kneels down and holds his throat, and begins choking.

Yusuke yells, "HEY!" Then, kneels down by Koenma, "What's wrong Koenma?? Koenma?? KOENMA!"

Kuwabara hits Koenma's back hard and Koenma falls forward and coughs up blood, Kuwabara kneels down anxiously, "What's he choking on?"

Yusuke turns Koenma over and opens his mouth and something shiny floats out. Then Koenma's eyes glaze over and he lies unmoving, and his body becomes cold.

Yusuke stares at Kuwabara shocked, "He's....dead."

The glowing thing is unseen by Yusuke and Kuwabara and floats slowly hovers gazing without seeing, then vanishes.

*Somewhere, a small silver box stands on a stone tablet and it creaks open slowly, and glows slightly, then shuts again. A figure stands near it chuckling, deep and gaunt, then it stops, the figure moves into the shadows and it seems to fade."

*In Spirit World.*

*Demons, ogres, and various other attendants run around, more frenzied than usual.* *Frantic cries and anxious yells carry throughout the halls*

*A girl with bright, sky blue hair, and a pink kimono runs through and runs into a girl with black hair and a navy blue kimono."

The blue haired one looks extremely upset, "Ayame, I'm going to the Spirit Detective."

Ayame nods, "We'll hold up here Botan, don't worry."

"Don't worry! That's all I'll be able to do!"

*In Demon World* A short, also midnight black haired boy makes his way to a portal connecting the world to the world of the humans. His eyes are intent, and his face is unreadable, a natural cool seems to flow around him, as well as an undeterminable rage. As he goes, he shimmers, or moves to fast to see unless you are very connected. Normal humans would never be able to see him. He pulls out a sword and slices his hand, trickling blood and ends up in front of a tree, he smears his blood on it revealing a portal, which he jumps into, dissappearing from view, and the portal shuts behind him.

*In human world.*

*A boy with bright red hair stands, waiting patiently by a large tree, which opens up, letting out the dark haired boy.* The boy looks at the red-haired one seemingly startled, "What are you doing here?"

The red-haired boy smiles, "Nice to see you to Hiei."

Hiei stares for a slight second more with a bewildered look, then grins and chuckles, "I should have known, Kurama."

Kurama and Hiei share a knowing and connected glance then Kurama looks up at the sky, "Something is diverting energies, large amounts of energies too."

Hiei nods, "I can sense it in Demon World, theres something there too."

Kurama looks back at Hiei, "Has Mukuro mentioned anything?"

Hiei shakes his head, "Nothing, noone in Demon World has any idea what's going on."

Kurama and Hiei both turn to look in the same direction, "Let's go."

*Human World Still*

*A girl with light blue hair and red eyes shivers and stares at the sky, it's raining now, and the sky is dark and grey.*

*Two girls walk in, one with brown hair, one with black.*

The brown-haired one walks right up to the blue-haired and sits next to her, rubbing her shoulders comfortingly then stops, "Yukina, do you sense it too?"

Yukina nods, her eyes still staring at the dark sky, "Shizuru, I feel death."

The black-haired girl sits in a chair in front of Shizuru and Yukina, "What do you mean, like someone died?"

Yukina moves her head slowly, eyes eerily steady, revealing nothing, "It's not just death, I feel something, more than one, and they are very ancient."

Shizuru's eyes narrow, "I feel only one thing, and it's mean, but more, and ancient?"

Yukina nods, the black-haired girl looks out the window, "Do you think it's something bad?"

Shizuru looks at the girl, "Kayko, everything we can feel seems to be bad, so I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say yeah, it's bad."

Kayko looks from Shizuru to Yukina, "Are you alright?"

Yukina stares at Kayko for a moment, eyes unreigistering, as if not hearing or seeing her, then she murmers, "I don't know."

Shizuru stares heavily at her, "Kayko's right Yukina, you do look paler than usual."

Yukina starts to say something, then grabs her stomache gasping. She kneels over in pain and suddenly stops moving altogether, and then her color starts to drain. Starting from her hair she loses all color, turning white, black, and grey.

Kayko and Shizuru instantly rush to her side, "Yukina!"

Yukina doesn't move, her eyes are glassy and she stares, she breathes softly but her eyes are empty and blank.

*Lightning rumbles in the sky, noone seems to notice.*

*Human World: Yusuke's House*

*Koenma's body is propped up on the couch, eyes closed.* *Yusuke sits on the table in front of it staring at it intently*

Kuwabara rushes in, "Botan's here Yusuke."

Botan walks from behind him and rushes to Koenma's side with tears dripping down her face, "Oh no, Koenma, please wake up, please." She chokes up and starts to cry.

Yusuke pulls her up and hugs her to him, she puts her arms around him clutching his shirt and burying her face deep into it, sobbing uncontrollably.

Yusuke rests his chin on her head gently, and hugs her, rubbing his hand on her back comfortingly, he murmers softly, "Shhh, it's gonna be okay Botan."

Kuwabara doesn't look very surprised by Yusuke's display of kindness and puts his hand on Yusuke's shoulder. Yusuke regards Kuwabara with little emotion, eyes blank. Kuwabara pats Botan's head and she pulls away from Yusuke and wipes her eyes, then hugs Kuwabara, he hugs her back tightly. Then, he lets her go and puts his hand, this time, on her shoulder.

Yusuke stares at Botan, "What's going on, whats' this all about?"

Botan shakes her head, "I'm not sure..."

Yusuke suddenly falls, gripping his head tightly.

Botan screams, "Yusuke!"

The door bursts open and Hiei and Kurama bust in.

Kurama bends down by Yusuke. "Yusuke, what's wrong?"

Yusuke's eyes go from normal to red and fangs come in and out of his mouth.

Hiei puts his hand on Yusuke's head and snaps it back and shocks him with some of his spirit energy, causing Yusuke's eyes to roll back in his head, then shut and he tumbles forward.

Hiei catches him and lies Yusuke on the ground. Yusuke doesn't move for a moment then sits up dizzily.

Kuwabara helps him up, "What happened?"

Yusuke squints his eyes, "I...don't know..."

Hiei stares at him strangely, "Something's wrong his mind is losing information and he's losing energy."

Yusuke tilts his head as his hands start to fade and become transparent, "Wha????"

A hand squeezes his shoulder and he returns to normal, Yusuke turns to face a robed figure, "Who are you?"

The figure laughs, and pulls back the hood revealing a girl with hazel eyes, long brown and golden curly hair, and tan skin, she smiles, "Heya."

Yusuke reels back, "Wha, who, what, how?"

Hiei shimmers and puts his sword to her neck, pressing it, " Move and you won't have a head."

The girl frowns, she pushes the sword away slowly staring intently at Hiei, who looks baffled.

Hiei re-sheathes his sword and moves back by Kuwabara.

The girl motions and Hiei glares, "What was that?"

The girl tilts her head, "I have powers too, but I can't stay long if I want them to stay."

Kurama stares at her curiously, "Who are you?"

The girl smiles, "I'am Sin, she turns to Botan happily, a pleasure to meet you sister!"

They all turn to Botan questioningly, Botan looks confused, "Sister? What do you mean Sin?"

The girl's smile turns again to a frown, "You are Death, I'am Sin, the physical representation of the thing itself, I have the power of Sin."

Botan swallows, "Seriously?"

Sin nods, "Too true I'm afraid."

Yusuke waves to get their attention, "What's going on here?"

Sin looks back at him, "There is a new force rising, they are using the power of those who possess the purest hearts and souls, they are destroying them, they have attacked you, Koenma, Yukina and there may already be others."

At the mention of Yukina, both Hiei and Kuwabara get horrified looks on their faces, and then immediately bolt out the door.

Sin looks at them then back at the others, "They are also using Pandora's Box, to trap the essence of the Beings of Creation, and thus control them, the beings are people like Botan and I."

Kurama seems to be pondering this, "Why did they attack Yusuke, Koenma, and Yukina?"

Sin looks at Yusuke thoughtfully, "Yusuke is very special, but I can't say to much yet, we are still investigating, Yukina is also one of us, she represents everything, she is Creation, there are several creation beings in each world, one in female, one in male, and then random genders for humans or animals or something else altogether, Koenma represents Spirit World as it's King, and he is the embodiment of Spirit."

Yusuke looks up out the window then back at Sin, "Guess relaxing time is over?"

Sin smiles, "Since when have you ever relaxed."

Yusuke grins, "Never."

Kurama nods, "I'll go get Hiei and Kuwabara."

Yusuke smiles, "Time to save the world, again."


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