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Chapter 1 - My Gang of Goofballs

A hilarious fake chat whose characters are me and my best buddies, and anyone I feel like adding. IT SHALL BE THE FUNNIEST EVENTUALLY! MUWAHAHAHA!!

Chapter 1 - My Gang of Goofballs

Chapter 1 - My Gang of Goofballs
This is not planned I'm just gonna be random. This is the equivalent of a normal conversation between me and my bestest buddies! (And some random others that either exist or don't) HOORAY!.


InsaneOne: HYA!

Grave: -_- Hi.

Mysterious: ^_^ Hi!

InsaneOne: *Points at Grave* Meany!

Grave: -_-...

Mysterious: O_o

InsaneOne: Grave's being mean to me!

Mysterious: O_o...

Grave: -_-....

Insane: *throws frying pan at Grave and Mysterious*

Mysterious: X_X

Grave: *Furious* *Takes out *shovle* (They can't spell shovel ^_^ mls.) *kills Insane One*

InsaneOne: *dies*

Grave: *Burns body*

InsaneOne: *lives again* BOO YA! FIRE IS MY ELEMENT!

Mysterious: X_X


Mysterious: .....X_X.......

Grave: *tackles Insane* Get off him!

InsaneOne: *runs* *dangles kitten over cliff*

Mysterious: *twitch*

InsaneOne: *drops*

Mysterious: Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! *saves kitten* *kills InsaneOne with shovle*

Grave: *Laughing*

InsaneOne: *sob* So cold.

Writer: *Appears* -_- Weirdo.

InsaneOne: SEE! All are against me! *Appeals to readers for help* ........*tumbleweed rolls by*

Grave: -_- *walks away*

Mysterious: O-o, *follows*

Writer: ZzZzZzZzZz

InsaneOne: *Tackles* WAKE UP!

Writer: O_O MORON!

InsaneOne: *drags Writer* *Chases Grave and Mysterious*

Mysterious: RUNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

Grave: O_O *Runs*

WILL THEY ESCAPE!? WILL ANYTHING ACTUALLY EXCITING HAPPEN? WILL INSANEONE EVER BE LOVED!? STAY TUNED FOR NEXT CHAPTER! <(^^)> <(^^<) (>^^)> ^(^^)^ ^(^^)> <(^^)^ (>^^<) (<^^>) <(^^)> KIRBY GOT DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *TACKLEZ/HUGGLEZ* ~~~~~~~~~~LUVZ~~~~~~~~~~~


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