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Chapter 1 - Chibi Alert 1

Extremely hilarious and odd adventures of the Yu Yu Hakusho team, written in a chatroom form. Yoda:Die laughing you will!

Chapter 1 - Chibi Alert 1

Chapter 1 - Chibi Alert 1
*In the forest*After saving the world our saviors are taking a well deserved break..........

Yusuke:Cannonball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*jumps off a rock into the lake*

Hiei:*gets splashed slghtly* arg!!!!!!!!!detective splash me again and you will die!!!!!!!!!!!

Yusuke:Okay Okay jeese chill out!*grins*

Kuwabara:*Reaches behind a rock and pelts Hiei with a water balloon.*

Kurama:You should not have done that Kuwabara.......*sweatdrop*

Hiei:Blast it you baka *pulls out sword and starts slicing at Kuwabara*

Kurama:*pulls out rose whip and whirls it around Hiei's sword*

Hiei:Let my sword go and stay out of this!

Yusuke:Hey come on guys clam down live a little. Kurama:*pulls back the whip*

Hiei:....Hn......stupid bakas.....*puts sword away and starts walking in the woods*

Kuwabara:HAHAHAHA shortie!

Yusuke:*pushes Kuwabara in the water* Hiei:*muttering angrily to himself* trips over something* arg!

Hiei:What? *picks up some paper**puts something in his pocket*

Hiei:*reads the paper aloud* Say chibifye and wave hand over victims*(doesn't know what a chibi is but does this and aims in the direction Yusuke Kuwabara and Kurama are.)

Hiei:Chibifye!*waves his hand* *A flash of light* *High voices*

Chibi Kuwabara:What the heck!!!!!!Yusuke and Kurama you look all small and your eyes *laughs hysterically(he hasn't noticed he is a chibi too)

Chibi Yusuke:*kicks him* Your tiny and goofy looking too so shut it!

Chibi Kurama:Our hands are chubby our eyes are huge we look comical.....omg were chibi's!!!!!!!!!!

*meanwhile*Hiei who has been watching them from a tree*jumps down and walks over*

Chibi Yusuke:Hiei something seriously screwed up is going on!

Chibi Kuwabara:*notices Hiei isn't a chibi*Hey shortie how come your not a chibi too?

Chibi Kurama:*has already figured it out*

Hiei:*picks up Chibi Kuwabara and throws him in the water*

Chibi Kuwabara:*flails around with Chibi zanyness*.

Chibi Kurama:You did this to us didn't you Hiei?!?!?!?!

Hiei:Guilty as charged hehehehe.

Chibi Kuwabara:*still flailing*

Chibi Yusuke:Make us normal Hiei!!!!!!!!!!

Hiei:Nah this is a much better look for all of you.*smirk*

Chibi Kurama:Come on Hiei!!!!!!!

Chibi Yusuke:I didn't want it to come to this but*Spirit Gun**nothing happens*

Chibi Kuwabara:I can't do my Spirit Sword!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chibi Kurama:I can't even use my Rose Whip!!!!!!!!

Hiei:*snickers*And shimmers away*(actually just to a tree so he can still see them but they don't know that).

Chibi Yusuke:*Pulls Chibi Kuwabara out of the water*

Chibi Kuwabara:This is the second lowest thing I think he's ever done!

Chibi Yusuke:What was the first?

Chibi Kuwabara:He had to be bribed to come to the House of Four Dimensions.

Chibi Yusuke:HE WAS GONNA LEAVE ME TO DIE?!?!?!?!??!?!

Chibi Kurama:Unfortunatley yes........

Chibi Yusuke:GRRR!!!!!!!stupid shortie some friend he is!!!!!!!!

Hiei:*feels a little guilty*.

Chibi Kurama:Calm down Yusuke if he is still around as I suspect the last thing we want to do is say something to anger him.

Chibi Kuwabara:ARG!!! How the heck did he get those stupid powers anyway?!?!?!?

Chibi Yusuke:It's your fault for throwing the water balloon at him!

Chibi Kuwabara:Oh really!?!?!?!?!*tackles Yusuke* *They roll around punching each other* *They roll into the water and get swept away by the vast current*

Chibi Kurama:Oh no!!!Guys your going to go over a waterfall!!!! *They go over the waterfall*

Chibi Yusuke:Dangit were going to die on a bunch of stupid rocks!!!!!!

*A swift figure grabs them puts them on the ground and shimmers away*

Chibi Kuwabara:Hey shortie saved our lives!!!!!!

Chibi Kurama:*Comes running up*

Chibi Kurama:I saw him briefly.

Chibi Yusuke:Wow he actually...saved us........

Chibi Kuwabara:Well maybe he's bad but he's still a shortie.

Hiei:*watching from a tree smiles slightly*

Chibi Kurama:Well now what we don't have spirit energy Hiei doesn't seem to want to make us normal anytime soon...... *a voice calls out *Hey Yusuke Kuwabara Kurama??????Where are you guys???????

Chibi Yusuke:Oh please no not now!

Koenma:(in teenage form)*walks up and sees them*


Chibi Yusuke Kuwabara and Kurama:All stare blankly....... *Akward silence* *Then*

Koemna:HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!Who's the toddler now Yusuke!!!!!HAHAHAHAHA your a Chibi!!!!!!!!!!!

Chibi Yusuke:Just shut up okay!!!!!!

Koenma:*Tears in eyes from laughing so hard*

Koenma:So how *fights back more laughter* did this happen.

Chibi Kuwabara:Shortie did this to us somehow.

*A perky voice yells Yay you found them Koenma!

Chibi Yusuke:This is just not my day *sighs*

Hiei:*from the tree*Snickers*

Botan:Oh my gosh your just all so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chibi Kuwabara:Why thank you Botan ^_^!

Botan:*picks them all up and hugs them tight*

Chibi Kurama:Uh....Botan your crushing me......

Botan:Whoops ^_^ sorry about that *puts them down* your just so cute!

Chibi Yusuke:Hey Koenma how come none of us can use spirit energy?

Koenma:Toddlers can't use spirit energy.

Chibi Yusuke:*Annoyance mark*

Koenma:Okay okay I'm not really sure but Botan and I can try and find Hiei and get him to change you back okay?

Chibi Yusuke:*Still annoyed*

Koenma:Or I could look into making it permanent........

Chibi Kurama:NO!!!!!!that won't be necessary.

Koenma:Okay then Botan come on*they both walk away*

Chibi Kuwabara:Grr......I don't care if he saved my life he's still a jerk and a shortie!!!!!!!!

Chibi Yusuke:*punches him* Your not helping!!!!!!

Chibi Kurama:I've got it!!!!!!!

Chibi Kurama:Remember Botan's whistle Kuwabara?

Chibi Kuwabara:Oh ya!

Chibi Yusuke:*Clueless* Hiei:*gets an odd look on his face*

Chibi Kurama:I don't have spirit energy but if we all work together it might work.

Chibi Kurama:*Holds up a rose* shout into this as loud and long as you can!!

All:*yell really loud* Hiei:*grips his head*jumps out of tree and smacks the rose away*

Chibi Kurama:Well well well you were watching us after all.

Hiei:Kurama!!!!!!!!If you ever do that again I'm going to make you eat a mouthful of dirt the hard way!

Chibi Kurama:Make us normal Hiei!!!!!!!

Hiei:*looks slightly emmbarrassed*

Chibi Kurama:Don't tell me.......

Hiei:Well I don't actually know how to reverse the spell........

Chibi Yusuke:WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

Hiei:When I was walking I found the paper and then I did what it said and put the other paper away and........

Chibi Kurama:Other paper?!?!?!?!

Hiei:Pulls it out and reads it*

Hiei:That explains why it wanted me to save it for later.......

Chibi Kuwabara:Then make us normal!!!!!!!!!!! Hiei:Well I know how but I don't think I should.......

Hiei:*smirks* *suddenly theres a loud pop*chibi gang's eyes get bigger they get more animated and adorable*

Chibi Kuwabara:*Waves his cute tiny chubby chibi hands around.*

Chibi Yusuke*Really high voice*Hiei please, we're becoming more chibier!!!!!!!

Hiei:*is on the ground laughing hysterically*

Chibi Kuwabara:Is it possible for him to laugh that much!?!?!?!?!

Chibi Kurama:I suppose so......

Hiei:*sits up*

Hiei:*looks at them and holds in laughter*

Chibi Kurama:Come on Hiei please!!!!!!!!!

Hiei:Okay, okay, fine *snickers*

Hiei:Un-chibifye!!!!!!!!!!!*waves his hand over them*


Kurama:Pulls out Rose Whip* then puts it back*.

Kuwabara:Our spirit energy is normal again!!!

Kuwabara:HIEI IS SHORT AGAIN YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hiei:Did I mention I can make you chibi's again anytime I want? you failed to mention that.....

Hiei:Chibifye!!!!!!!!!!!*waves his hand over them*

Chibi Yusuke Kurama and Kuwabara:HIEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To be continued..........


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Darksideofme on May 4, 2006, 2:40:36 PM

Darksideofme on
DarksideofmeLMAO~! i luff this idea~!

punkrocker on June 15, 2005, 1:18:06 PM

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punkrockerI like it it's really funny+_+Check out my stories.