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Chapter 2 - Chibi Alert 2

Extremely hilarious and odd adventures of the Yu Yu Hakusho team, written in a chatroom form. Yoda:Die laughing you will!

Chapter 2 - Chibi Alert 2

Chapter 2 - Chibi Alert 2

Hiei got pissed off and so when he found a way to turn the gang into chibi's he was all for it muwahahahahaha they got turned normal and turned back into chibi's and now........(read on to find out hehehehehe)

Chibi Kurama:*waves tiny fists* *high voice* Hiei change us back!!!!

Hiei:*staring at them*§_§......*laughs hysterically**falls on the ground*

Chibi Yusuke:Steals the papers with the information o n how to make people chibis.

Chibi Kurama:*Reads over his shoulder and raises his hand and yells Chibifye*!!!!!!!!

Chibi Hiei:*Has big cute chibi eyes*is quite tiny*has round face*

Chibi Hiei:NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Chibi Kuwabara:HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!This is hilarious!!!!!!!!!

Chibi Hiei:Make me normal right now!!!!!!

Chibi Yusuke:If we do we know you probobly won't change us back and try to erect revenge so no.

Chibi Hiei:Well I wouldn't trust you either!!

Chibi Kuwabara:Well not that your a midget again and a chibi were stronger than you because you don't have your spirit energy anymore!

Chibi Hiei:*Pulls out sword*and slices Kuwabara.

Chibi Kuwabara:*Pushes sword away*

Chibi Hiei:Stupid chibi sword doesn't work*sheathes it*

Chibi Kurama:Well since it seems were stuck like this for awhile what do you propose we do?

Chibi Yusuke:I dunno..........

Chibi Kuwabara:I'll go talk to Yukina she'll help ^_^!

Chibi Yusuke:Oh ya sure I'll bet she gave you a magical head band that allows you to summon her right to us from Koorime World.

Chibi Kuwabara:Actually she did *smirks*Pushes heart on headband* *Yukina appears*

Yukina:Kazuma??Kurama and Yusuke and .......HIEI?Your all chibi's!!!!!!!!!!!

Chibi Kuwabara:Yukina, can you make us normal???

Yukina:How? Chibi Yusuke:Just wave you hand and say........(gets cut off)

(Hiei worried they'll be normal and convince Yukina to not make him normal and acts on instinct)

Chibi Hiei:Waves his hand at Yukina and says chibifye!!

Chibi Yukina:HIEI!!!!!!

Chibi Kuwabara:You shortie!!!!!!*tackles Hiei*

Chibi Hiei:get off baka!

Chibi Kurama:Grabs Kuwabara*

Chibi Yusuke:Grabs Hiei*

Chibi Kurama:Calm down!

Chibi Yukina:*tries to use ice powers and they don't work*

Chibi Yukina:Oh dear.......

Chibi Kuwabara:You turned your own sister into a chibi you dummy!!!!!!!!

Chibi Hiei:*looks down*

Chibi Yukina:Aww don't worry it's alright*pats Hiei's back*

Chibi Kuwabara:*glares at Hiei*

Chibi Yusuke:*Kicks Kuwabara into the water*

Chibi Kuwabara:*flails with chibiness*

Chibi Yukina:Kazuma!

Chibi Kurama:*helps him out of the water*

Chibi Yukina:So why not just make each other normal?

Chibi Hiei and Kuwabara:*at same time*I don't trust him.

Chibi Yukina:Well show me how and I'll do it.

Chibi Hiei and Chibi Kuwabara:*nod*

Chibi Kurama:Gives Yukina the paper.......

Chibi Yukina:*waves her hand over them and says un-chibifye*

Hiei:Much better! Kuwabara:YA!*pushes Hiei into the water*

Chibi Yukina:Hiei! Hiei:Jumps out and kicks Kuwabara into a tree *waves his hand over Yukina and says unchibifye*

Yukina:Thank you Hiei!

Yusuke:*Helps Kuwabara up*



Kurama:Finds a slip of paper on the ground.......

Paper reads:The switcher* Kurama:Grins*and........... Preview:Next time........uh oh body swiching chaos and evil all combine in this the fan fic of *The Switcher* To be continued...........


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