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Chapter 4 - A Day In The Life

Extremely hilarious and odd adventures of the Yu Yu Hakusho team, written in a chatroom form. Yoda:Die laughing you will!

Chapter 4 - A Day In The Life

Chapter 4 - A Day In The Life
*A normal day after the whole chibi/switching incident*

Kuwabara:Yawns*lying on the grass*

*Meanwhile*In Yusuke's house*

Hiei:No way in Hell!!!!!!!

Yusuke:Aww come on Hiei I know you want to!


Kurama:I must admit the idea is crazy......

Yusuke:All we do is take him to demon world leave him there and pretend to leave and the scary demons,who would actually be some disguised friends from the Dark Tournament, give him a little scare!

Hiei:Well it would be kinda interesting to see the baka scared out of his wits......

Yusuke:Come on!

Hiei:Fine but tell anyone I was willing to do this without any payment except his horror*evil grin*and I will rip your inards out the hard way.

Kurama and Yusuke:§_§ Understood.

Hiei:Kurama and I will get the others ready you just get the baka up to a little trip.

Yusuke:*walks out side*

*Hiei and Kurama*vanish*

Yusuke:*Walks outside*

Kuwabara:Such a nice day out........

Yusuke*thinks*not for long*snickers*

Kuwabara:What are you laughing for Urameshi!?!?!?!

Yusuke:Oh nothing!

Hiei:*using telepathy*bring him to the forest.

Yusuke:Hey Kuwabara come on I wanna show you something.

Kuwabara:What is it? Yusuke:Come on and I'll show you unless your afraid you can't handle it.

Kuwabara*Is instantly up* *They go to the forest*

Hiei and Kurama:*Are standing next to a portal.

Yusuke:*Pushes Kuwabara through it and goes inside followed by Hiei and Kurama.*

Kuwabara:Where are we?!?!?!?!?!

Hiei and Kurama and Yusuke:*Pretend to go through the portal and shut it.*


*The demons sent to scare Kuwabara appear in black cloaks*

Kuwabara:*Conjures Spirit Sword*Who are you?!?!?!?!

Rinku:*Jumps on his head*

Kuwabara:GRRR!!!!!!!Take your cloaks off!!!!!!

Touya:Why would we do that?

Jin:*Whirls around Kuwabara swiftly*


Kuwabara:*Gets dizzy watching Jin*

*After some more antagonizing him they vanish*

Kuwabara:*Puts sword away*

Kuwabara:*Walks around looking for Yusuke, Hiei, and Kurama* Then in confused exhaustion trips into a small glowing lake*

*Meanwhile in another part of Demon World*

Hiei:That was hilarious, the look on his face was great!


Rinku:He's so boring he's funny.

Yusuke:Speaking of I better go find the idiot before he hurts himself.

Kurama:Okay catch up later Yusuke.

*About 20 minutes later*

Yusuke:Jeese where did the idiot go?!?!?!?!

*Rustling in the abnormally tall trees behind him*

Yusuke:*Gets Spirit Gun ready*

*An orange demon at least 25 feet stomps out*

Yusuke:*Is ready to fire*

Demon:*Grabs Yusuke pushing his arms down and disengageing the Spirit Gun*


Demon:*In loud scratchy voice*Urameshi you jerk!!!!!!!!!


Demon Kuwabara:That's right after you and Hiei and Kurama ditched me I got attacked and demonfied*squeezes Yusuke*

Yusuke:Well it's not my fault you were scared of the demons we sent.

Demon Kuwabara:YOU SENT THEM!!!!!!!!!*squeezes Yusuke harder*

Yusuke:*coughs*Kuwabara quit squeezing me!

Demon Kuwabara:*squeezes harder*


Demon Kuwabara:*drops Yusuke looking like he just realized he was squeezing Yusuke*

Yusuke:*coughs up blood*

Demon Kuwabara:Whoa, Yusuke I'm sorry I don't know what happened!

Yusuke:*Stands up and sees stars and tumbles backwards into a hole and falls into a pool of purple glowing water*


Yusuke:*Blacks out*

*About 30 minutes later*

Hiei:So that's what he's like as a kid.

Demon Kuwabara:Hahahaha he's a shrimp.

Kid Yusuke:Ugghh *groans*

Kurama:He's awake!

Kid Yusuke:*Jumps up*Who are you?!?!?!?!?!

Kid Yusuke:*Bumps into Demon Kuwabara*Looks up*

Kid Yusuke:GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*Runs*

Hiei:*Grabs him by the collar of his shirt and holds him up*

Kid Yusuke:Let go of me!!!!!!!!*Punches Hiei and accidently uses Spirit Energy*

Hiei:WHY YOU LITTLE*Starts to grab sword*

Kurama:Hiei control yourself, he obviously doesn't remember us.

Kid Yusuke:*Struggles out of his jacket*(Clothes became little too)

Kid Yusuke:Who are you all?!?!?!?!?!

Demon Kuwabara:I'm Kuwabara, that's Hiei, and that's Kurama.

Kid Yusuke:§_§ can talk!!!!!!!!!!!

Kurama:He's actually human but he got turned into a demon.

Kid Yusuke:You people are crazy.

Demon Kuwabara:No were not listen we're your best friends, those two are demons, and you're a Spirit Detective, and your actually not a kid but you got turned into one, and it erased your memory.

Kid Yusuke:Your crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hiei:*Talks in telepathy*No we're really not Yusuke*

Kid Yusuke:But how did? What was?ACK!!!!!!!!!!

Kurama:It's okay, it's his Jagan Eye.

Kid Yusuke:Jagged Eye?

Hiei:*Annoyance mark*It's a Jagan Eye *shows Yusuke*

Kid Yusuke:AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!*backs into a tree*

Koenma:*Appears*(He is in teen form)

Kid Yusuke:Hey you just appeared!!!!!!!


Kid Yusuke:Why does everyone know my name!!!!!!!

Koenma:Hahaha who's the toddler again!

Kid Yusuke:*Kicks Koenma*


Demon Kuwabara:*Grabs Yusuke*

Kid Yusuke:Let me go you big monster thing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Koenma: *Sweatdrops*

Hiei: *slams hand into Yusuke's neck, and knocks him unconcious*

So time goes on and Kuwabara is returned normal, Yusuke is still a kid but his memory returned, and they're all hanging out at Yusuke's along with Touya, Rinku, Chuu, and Jin*

Kuwabara:Hahaha, your even more of a shortie than Hiei!

Kid Yusuke:Shawd up!!!!!!!!!!



Next time-Someone has turned everyone in Human World into an animal and Yusuke is gone at Koenma's looking for a way to return normal!!What will happen now as the chaos continues next time!


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