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Chapter 5 - The Zoo From Hell

Extremely hilarious and odd adventures of the Yu Yu Hakusho team, written in a chatroom form. Yoda:Die laughing you will!

Chapter 5 - The Zoo From Hell

Chapter 5 - The Zoo From Hell
Previously-Kuwabara got demonfied, Yusuke got shrunk, and now everyone's taking a break because theres no trouble or so they think.

Kid Yusuke:SHAWD UP ALREADY!!!!!!!!!

Kuwabara:Why?Your a shrimp and I love saying it.

Koenma:*Appears in teen form*

Kid Yusuke:Have you found a cure yet?!?!?!?

Koenma:No so you need to come *Grabs Yusuke and vanishes*

Hiei:Well that was discreet.

Kurama:He looked irked.

Kuwabara:I think he looked the same.

Hiei:And I know your an idiot.



Kid Yusuke:*Appears in Human World*

Kid Yusuke:*Looks around and there is total chaos and animals everywhere.*

Kid Yusuke:*Goes to his house and sees a bunch of animals*

*A little orange cat comes walking up*

Kid Yusuke:What is with all the animals?

Cat:Urameshi you jerk you left and didn't get changed!!!!!!!!!!

Kid Yusuke:GAH!!!!!!!!*Falls over* Kuwabara!?!?!?!?!?!

Cat Kuwabara:Yes me and everyone else.

Kid Yusuke:*Looks at the animals sitting around the front of his house*You mean they're?


Kid Yusuke:Okay, let's see I'll bet the fox is Kurama, the black panther is Hiei, and that's all I can guess.

Bunny:You guessed Hiei and Kurama correctly.

Kid Yusuke:Yukina?

Bunny Yukina:Yes.

*Suddenly a snow tiger jumps out of a tree*

Snow Tiger:Yusuke your a...kid!

Kid Yusuke:Genkai!?!?!?!?*laughs*

Snow Tiger Genkai:*Tackles him*What was that dimwit?

Kid Yusuke:Did I say anything??????

Snow Tiger Genkai: Didn't think so. *Jumps back into a tree branch.*

*A dove floats down and lands on Yusuke's hand*

Kid Yusuke:And who are you?

Dove Kayko:I'am Kayko.

Kid Yusuke:Your a dove *snickers*

Dove Kayko:Stop laughing!!!*pecks Yusuke's head*

Kid Yusuke:OW!!!!!!Okay okay you win.*rubs head*mutters ow......... *even more mutter*better not use my head as a toilet.

Fox Kurama:*Looks around*Shouldn't Touya and the others be back by now?

Panther Hiei:*Tries to sense them*Their minds have been blocked.

Puppy:Well that's certainly not good!

Kid Yusuke:Botan, your a puppy?

Puppy Botan:Yup!

*A hawk flies overhead, and a hedgehog, a bull, and a polarboar come up*

Fox Kurama:Hello, Touya, Rinku, Chuu, and Jin.

Hawk Jin:Well, well, howdy, and it looks like our little Yusuke has joined us too!

Kid Yusuke:Jin your a hawk!

Panther Hiei:Obviously.

Kid Yusuke:Oh be quiet.*Pouts* Bull Chuu:Ya don't be so hard on the poor KID, Hiei.*Laughs*

Kid Yusuke:Meanies.......

Polar Bear Touya:And so you know I'am Touya and this hedgehog is Rinku.

Hedgehog Rinku:Yup that's me.

Kid Yusuke:Jeese it's like a zoo.

Panther Hiei:More like a Zoo from Hell. *It becomes noticable that Fox Kurama and Hawk Jin are staring rather hungrily at Bunny Yukina

(Foxes and Hawks eat bunnies)

Bunny Yukina:*Hides behind Hiei*

Panther Hiei:If anyone of you so much as bares your teeth at her that, person will be torn apart*Glares*

Fox Kurama:I wouldn't eat Yukina, she's my friend!

Hawk Jin:The same here!

Panther Hiei:You had better not!

Fox Kurama and Hawk Jin:I wouldn't ever*hurt looks*

Bunny Yukina:*Stops hiding behind Hiei* Sorry. It's the bunny instincts.

Kid Yusuke:Hey, Hiei says your minds are blocked.

Polar Bear Touya:Well obviously, he's a panther, he hasn't got the Jagan Eye.

Panther Hiei: -_-....

Kid Yusuke:Well as funny as this all is we need to find out who or what did this and make things right again!

Koenma:Well, don't you sound heroic!(Is suddenly standing behind Yusuke)

Kid Yusuke:GAH!!!!!!!!!DON'T DO THAT!

Koenma:Why, because I scared the little toddler?

Kid Yusuke:No!!!!!!!!And shawd up.

Koenma:Hehehehe sure.

Kid Yusuke:*Glowers*

Snow Tiger Genkai:I assume you've come here for a particular purpose.

Koenma:Well see.... *Cut off*

*Animal impulses strengthened, animal minds released*

Panther Hiei:*Looks at nearly all the animals as if they were a potential meal*

Bunny Yukina:*Sees alot of predators and begins hopping away*

Fox Kurama and Hawk Jin:*Watch the bunny intently*

Puppy Botan:*Barks happily and bounces around Koenma*

Snow Tiger Genkai:*Growls menacingly* Bull Chuu:*Snorts*

Polar Bear Touya:*Pounds on the tree Genkai is in*

Snow Tiger Genkai:*Growls*

Dove Kayko:*Starts to fly away but is grabbed and held by Yusuke*

Cat Kuwabara:*Meow meow *rubs against Yusuke's legs*

Kid Yusuke:GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Suddenly, it all ceases and all are normal again*

Yusuke:Hahaha Kuwabara you were such a cute little kitty.

Kuwabara:SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kurama:Well *sweatdrops*things are normal again.



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