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Chapter 6 - The Little People

Extremely hilarious and odd adventures of the Yu Yu Hakusho team, written in a chatroom form. Yoda:Die laughing you will!

Chapter 6 - The Little People

Chapter 6 - The Little People
Previously-Yusuke went to Kurama and everyone became an animal they became normal and things so far are normal but for how long will things stay this way? Find out!

Hiei:No way in Hell I'll play!

Botan:Oh come on Hiei you wouldn't refuse me Hie,i because I know you wouldn't want to end up stuck in one city.

Hiei:Hn.......I'd rather that than play the stupid game anyway.

Koenma:How about I revoke your powers?

Hiei:*eye twitches* Fine I'll play your stupid game but kill whoever I get.

Kuwabara:Oh, chill out shortie this will be fun.

Yukina:Please, play Hiei.

Hiei:No way.

Yusuke:Come on Hiei spin the bottle can be fun.

Hiei:Slicing your throat would be even more fun.

Yusuke:Point taken.

*Night fall eventually comes and Yusuke, Kuwabara, and the others each go home, while Kurama and Hiei sit by the lake in the forest. *

Hiei:I can't believe you lowered your self to playing that game.

Kurama:It's not all that bad.

(Just so you know the people playing were as follows:Kurama, Kuwabara, Yusuke, Koenma, Botan, Yukina, Kayko, Shizuru, and Puu.)

(Hiei refused to play)

Hiei:Your pathetic.

Kurama:And you don't know how to have fun.

Hiei:That's not fun you baka.

Kurama:Right right, well anyway my mother will be expecting me home see ya tommorow.*Walks home*

Hiei:Whatever. *Sits and throws rocks at the lake*

*Then Hiei vanishes*

Hiei:*Rubs his eyes that suddenly hurt*

Hiei:*Then looks around confused*

Kurama:*Walking on the sidewalk**smacks head*My wallets gone I must have dropped it*Runs to the forest*

Hiei:*Looks around in shock*I....I....I've been shrunk.

Hiei:*Walks around trying to get out of the grass and bumps into something*

Hiei:Hey it's Kurama's wallet......*snicker*That probably hasn't even realized it's gone......*Hears footsteps*Okay so I was wrong......*sweatdrop*

Kurama:*calls out "Hey Hiei is my wallet there?". *No answer*

Kurama:He must have left.

Hiei:*thinks "No way I'm gonna let him know I've been shrunk *turns to shimmer and runs into a lizard(Which is kinda similar to Godzilla for him lol ~_^.)

Hiei:Gah! *falls back*

Kurama:*Sees his wallet and picks it up and sees a lizard.*Then sees it get sliced in half*

Kurama: What the?!?!?!*sees Hiei*


Kurama:*Laughing now falls on the ground from laughing so hard*

Hiei:*Annoyance/Anger mark*Go to hell you baka.

Kurama:*Laughs*Aww come on it's funny.

Hiei:Whatever*Starts walking away*

Kurama:Hiei wait what happened?

Hiei:I don't know who or what did this but when I find out whatever did it is dead.

Kurama:Your like six-inches tall how are you gonna find anything.

Hiei:I don't know.



Hiei:Isn't your mom waiting for you?

Kurama:Yes so I'll just leave you here to get eaten (Sarcastic).

Hiei:Fine, go then, I don't care. *Indifferent shrug*

Kurama:Okay *shrugs*Starts walking away*

Hiei:*starts walking the other way*

Kurama:*Realizes Hiei is serious and so does the only thing he can do *flicks Hiei and knocks him out*


(Author: MEANY KURAMA) (~_^)

Kurama:*Picks him up* Sorry Hiei but it's for your own good.

*Later on back at Kurama's house*

Hiei:*rubs his head*Ugh......*Looks around confused*

Kurama:Awake I see?

Hiei:*Eyes go into focus*YOU BAKA I'AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kurama:Not very likely.

Hiei:Hn........*Jumps off desk and starts walking towards the door*

Kurama:*Shuts door*


Kurama:Where do you think your going?

Hiei:Wherever I want, now open the door!

Kurama:No Hiei you'll hurt yourself.

Hiei:Just shut up and open the door! *Door bell rings*

Kurama:Oh they are here. Hiei:WHO!?!?!?!?!*reads Kurama's mind*


Kurama:*Picks Hiei up and then answers the door*

Hiei:Let go baka *Pulls out tiny sword and cuts Kurama's hand*

Kurama:OW!*drops Hiei*

Hiei: *Gets picked up by Kuwabara*


Yusuke:*Joins in laughter*

Kurama:*Smacks both their heads*One it isn't funny and two my mother is asleep!

Yusuke and Kuwabara:OW!


Kurama:*Takes Hiei from Kuwabara and sets him on the table*

Hiei:Why did you invite them over?!?!?!?!?!

Yusuke:Chill out Hiei we came to help.

Kuwabara:Ya *holds back laugh but has a big grin*

*Suddenly, Yusuke vanishes*

Yusuke:GAH!!!!!!*Looks up at Kurama and Kuwabara*

Kuwabara:HAHAHAHA now he's a mini too.

Kurama:*sets him on the table next to Hiei and tries not to laugh*

Hiei: *Smirks*

*Suddenly, everyone is normal again*

Yusuke:I'AM ME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hiei:*Looks relieved*

Kurama:Be quiet!*smacks Yusuke's head*


*Knock on door*

*Kuwabara opens it*

Kayko and Shizuru:School now!

Kayko:*Grabs Yusuke's ear and drags him*

Shizuru:*Grabs the collar of Kuwabara's shirt and drags him too*

Kurama:Well *sweatdrop*That was entertaining.

Hiei:*Looks at sunrise*

Hiei:It shouldn't be sunrise.

Kurama:Your right somehow time was forwarded.


Kurama:Oh well at least your normal again.

Hiei:Which reminds me *Punches Kurama's head really hard*

Kurama:OW!!!!!!!!*Grabs head*

Hiei:That was for knocking me out.

Kurama:*Small laugh*


Kurama:Oh nothing.


Kurama:So you wanna stay for breakfast mom likes it when I have friends over which isn't very often.

Hiei:*Looks a little surprised*

Hiei:No way I have better things to do.

*Kuwabara and Yusuke*Come running back*

Yusuke:Darnit those girls tricked us today's Saturday!

Kuwabara:We got ambushed by them and they wanted us to help them do a clean-up project.


Kurama:Why don't you all stay for breakfast?

Kuwabara and Yusuke:YAY!!!!!!!!BREAKFAST!!!!!!!!

Hiei:*rolls his eyes*

Kurama:Come on Hiei it'll be fun!

Hiei:*Rolls eyes again*Ya sure.

Kurama:Okay then Hiei is eating too.

Hiei:HEY!!!!!!Wait I never said.......*gets cut off*

Yusuke and Kuwabara:Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Kuwabara:And I'am cooking. Kurama:You'll have to fight my mom for that.

Yusuke:*Laugh*Imagines Kuwabara in an apron*

Hiei:*reads his mind and snickers*

Kurama:Okay then.

*So they with little or more trouble have breakfast*

What awaits our heros next time?Find out. Next time:The brother of the witches makes his appearance and it seems our heros have alot to deal with especially when everyone gets all shot around.


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Darksideofme on May 4, 2006, 3:39:31 PM

Darksideofme on
Darksideofmei luff this~! ^_^ i was laffing so hard when hiei cut kurama with his mini sword ^^ keep writing~~! *faves story*