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Chapter 1 - Mitsuko Unachiha

there's a student teacher at the acadamy, and the students may not be the only ones crushing on her! BannerxOC

Chapter 1 - Mitsuko Unachiha

Chapter 1 - Mitsuko Unachiha

All the D.A. teachers were crowded into a small confernce room, awaiting the arrival of the new student teacher, whom they all wanted to meet.

“I wish she would just hurry up!” Crowler said angrily.

“do not worry, im sure she'll be here soon.” Mr.Banner replied

“she better…” Crowler mumbled

just then, the door opened. A slender woman, appearing no older than 20, walked in. her Blue-ish-green-ish hair was pulled into a long ponytail. Her stunning blue eyes looked kindly around the room.

hello” she said “my name is Mitsuko Unachiha.” Her voice was like sweet music, gentle and clear. Mr.Banner stared at the angle before him, and blushing madly as well.

“well, Mrs. Unachiha, it was very rude of you to-“

“miss Unachiha.” She corrected. Banner blushed more. She was single!

“whatever, anyway you shouldn't have kept us waiting, we need to get to our rooms before the students show up!”

“oh, im sorry. I didn't mean to, its just that Cleopatara was taking her time today.”


“my cat.” Mitsuko said, smiling. She motioned for the door, from which a brown cat wit heyes as blue as her owner's and a pink bow on her tail walked in. she wore a pink collar with a golden bell, then `tink'ed with each step she took.

Pharaoh, who had been dozing off in mr.banner's arms `til now, looked up at the beautiful cat.

“me-ow!”( translation: man, she's hott!) Pharaoh exclaimed

Mitsuko giggled. “looks like someone has a crush!” she said, picking up Cleopatara.

“what class will you be observing?” the gym teacher asked.

“oh, History.” Mitsuko said happily

“that my class” Mr.Banner informed her, finaly finding his voice.

“oh great!” Mitsuko said “im so glad that I fellow cat-lover will show me the ropes!”

“well, I hate to break up this little meeting, but we must get to our classes before thestudent show up and glue somebody to the celing like last time.”

“come, Miss Unachiha, the history room is this way.” Mr.banner said

“please, call me Mitsuko!” the student teacher replied happily.

“ah…ok….” Mr.Banner said blushing.


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