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chibi sasuke wants to learn a certin game, and his brother Itachi is there to help. sasuke plays the game years later, but this time, nobody's there to help...
Harry Potter Parody! Tai thought he was a normal orphan...until he found out he was a wizard! join him and his new friends Matt, Sora and others as they try to figure out the mystery at Hogwarts! Story 1 of um...7?
chibi trunks, goten, gohan and videl get sent to the Cell Saga! what craziness will the Z Fighters endure?! um...i dunno! slight GohanxVidel
after the "25 years later" thing. The digi-gand talks about the wacky adventures they had as kids
title needs work...anyway! A mute girl comes to stay with Takeru. now she wont leave his side! then, a certin 10 year old falls in love with this new girl Cody x OC, OC x TK
this is a poem i made for the book "The White Mountians" which is part of "The Tripod Trilogy" so yeah...Beanpole is awesome!
two anime haters, a "ninja master" and i are sucked into the world of Naruto! There's an evil following us too! how will we get home?!
Kaname says she hates Sousuke. Tessa comes to his apartment, then Kaname comes...and sees a little somethin' somethin'! for Tessa lovers and Kaname haters!
poem done in study hall, about how Hatsuharu is always getting "lost", but you can never really be lost...
a poem that doesnt rhyme, and popped into my head late at night, but i love Hatori, so i put it up.
a sugar-high Zane and Syrus find Barbie Costumes and an "Aqua" CD. Yaio cuz of the lyrics and cross-dressing.
there's a student teacher at the acadamy, and the students may not be the only ones crushing on her! BannerxOC
syrus falls into a coma, and there's little hope of him coming out. can zane handle the fact that he may lose his little brother?