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Chapter 2 - wait....MISS Unachiha?!

there's a student teacher at the acadamy, and the students may not be the only ones crushing on her! BannerxOC

Chapter 2 - wait....MISS Unachiha?!

Chapter 2 - wait....MISS Unachiha?!

Mr. Banner and Mitsuko Unachiha walked down the hall to the History room.

“looks like none of our students are here yet….” Mr. Banner observed.

“oh, well that's ok, I'd like to see the room before it's trampled by kids anyway!” Mitsuko said cheerfully “oh, and

im so glad I'll be watching someonel ike you teach, you seem so profecional, Mr…ah…oh my! I'm sorry, I don't belive you told me you're name!”

“Lyman…Lyman Banner, but really, you can just call me Lyman.” Banner informed her.

“wow, Lyman's such a cool name!” Mitsuko said smiling. Suddenly, students bagan filling the emtpy classroom. Among them were Syrus, Jaden and Chumley, on time for once!

“hey Mr.Banner, who's the girl?” Jadne asked

“hey…yea, who is she…?” the other students asked

“this is our new student teacher, Miss Unachiha.” Banner said

Miss? As in you're not married?” one Obilisk Blue asked hopefully.

Mitsuko giggled “nope, never.” Then she walked over to the Obilisk Blue, and put her face near his “But I'm sure I'll find someone real soon!” the Obilisk turned as red as a Slifer's Blazer. Al the girls in the room laughed. Mitsuko turned back to Mr.Banner. “Ok, I should let you're teacher take over now. And if it's ok with him, I can tutor anyone who needs help after school.” All the boys perked up.

“that would be very nice.” Banner replied. “Ok class, let's start our lesson….”

“wow, you sure know how to deal with these students!” Mitsuko laughed as they packed up lose papers in the classroom “though I feel bad for those 3 boys who got detention…”

Mr.Banner Laughed “oh, Jaden, Chazz and Syrus got detention all the time”

“Oh really?” Mitsuko asked as she picked up Cleopatara, who was sitting on some of the papers. “well, I'm sure their parents must be-“

“m…miss Unachiha….?” The Obilisk from before said softly, as he stood in the doorway. “Miss Unachiha, I don't understand anything, will you tutor me..?”

“Hey! Wait you're turn, Takeshi!” another male student called, pushing him out of the way. “Miss Unachiha, you have to tutor me!”

“no, me!” another student screeched. Suddenly, more male students flooded into the room. the room was filled with love-crazed boys all screaming “no me!” and “tutor me miss unachiha!”

Mr. Banner laughed and headed for the door “tell me if you need help…” he said ,grinning. Mitsuko gave a weak smile back.

`this is gonna be a long evening' she thought.

( A/N: I need the other teacher's names!)


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Darling_425 on March 20, 2006, 7:46:47 PM

Darling_425 on
Darling_425Splendid story! Continue, please!

totallyspies31 on March 3, 2006, 11:27:17 AM

totallyspies31 on
totallyspies31I just read chapter 2. THIS IS FUNNY!!! I wonder if Jaden or Syrus might fight for her. I know the couple will be Banner and the girl, but yeah. I LOVE THIS!!!!!! KEEP GOING!!!!
Your friend, Trevor.