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Chapter 3 - i cant think of a title!

there's a student teacher at the acadamy, and the students may not be the only ones crushing on her! BannerxOC

Chapter 3 - i cant think of a title!

Chapter 3 - i cant think of a title!

Mitsuko groaned as her alarm clock sounded. It had been a long night of tutoring, love-struck boys, and Cleopatra lying on her head all night. Yep…fun, fun, fun.

Anyway, Mitsuko took a nice, hot shower and put on a black skirt and a pink polo. Then, checking her daily horoscope on her cell phone, she set off on her amazing journey to the classroom ( and by “amazing journey” I mean a un-eventful 5 minuet walk.) as she entered the classroom, she saw Pro. Banner at his desk, petting Pharaoh. Mitsuko smiled.

“Hello, Lyman.” `He sure looks handsome today…'

Banner jumped at the sudden noise. “Oh, hello Mitsuko.” He smiled at her. `She's so beautiful in that outfit…'he thought. Now, this would be a great time for a funny or romantic scene, but the student started coming in, so it ruined the moment (Oh, I'm so mean…^-^)

“Hello Miss Unachiha!” all the boys chorused. Mitsuko smiled at them. They all blushed.

“Class…” Banner started “I have an announcement…”

“You're going to quit teaching?” Alexis guessed.

“You're going to get married?” Bastion tried.

“You're really a girl?” Jaden asked.

“No….no….and absolutely not!” Mr. Banner said flatly. “Duel Academy is going to have a dance next weekend.” The entire room cheered. Mitsuko smiled at Lyman and blushed. Too bad teachers can't go to dances unless they chaperone…

“Anyway,” Mr. Banner continued “It's not a formal dance, but you are expected to follow the dress code.” Some girls groaned. Mitsuko sighed, still distressed about the `no teachers at dances' thing. Mr. Banner talked a bit more about the dance, then went on to the history lesson. Mitsuko sat at a desk, trying to listen (which she should be doing) but her mind was wandering off, and she found herself picturing going on a date with Lyman, which included dinner, a movie and lots of kissing. Before she knew it, the class was over and she realized she hadn't learned a thing about handling a class (again, what she should be doing). But she did learn one thing, if she wanted her fantasies to become real, she had to ask Lyman! She walked over to him.

“Hey, Lyman, I have to ask you something…”


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Blazing_SheFool on March 30, 2006, 3:41:01 AM

Blazing_SheFool on
Blazing_SheFool"No no and ABSOLUTELY NOT!" Oh yeah.

totallyspies31 on March 25, 2006, 6:34:06 AM

totallyspies31 on
totallyspies31Ask him you fool! Ask him before ANYONE else asks you. Or else Banner is gonna be having PMS. Thanks for updating!
Your fan/friend, Trev.