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Chapter 0 - Misaki

Misaki's world turned upside down when she, her brother and friends are separated when their island is destroyed. Now she is trapped in the darkness, but for some reason her light shines brightly. What will happen to her and all her friends?

Chapter 0 - Misaki

Chapter 0 - Misaki
This is just a profile of Misaki, let's pray that I'll have motivation to actually work on this story

Age: 15
Height: 5' 2"
Hair: Brown, shoulder length, bangs partially cover right eye.
Eye Color: Blue
Relations: Sora - Younger brother
Kairi - Best Friend
Riku - Crush
Personality: Upbeat, serious in battle, not too quick to anger, friend, willing to help her friends -- no matter what the cost.

Fighting Style
I. Wielding Two Swords (Primary style)
A. Favors arial attacks
B. Uses Twilight's Wings
II. Single Sword
A. Uses even balance of ground and arial attacks
B. One hand style
III. Twilight's Wings
a. Both swords have a silver angel wing design and black handles. Moonlight has a light blue gem, Silver Moon has a violet gem.
A. Moonlight (Right)
B. Silver Moon (Left)


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