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East Coast Academy is known to be a miniature version of society: there are factions known as the Royals and Commoners, the factions are divided into subranks. The social system has thrived for almost a decade and has yet to be challenged . . . Until Now.
Misaki's world turned upside down when she, her brother and friends are separated when their island is destroyed. Now she is trapped in the darkness, but for some reason her light shines brightly. What will happen to her and all her friends?
For those who are readers of Shugo Chara! Y'all should be familiar with this, except the characters names will be changed and certain charas will be altered.

P.S. If I don't add a chapter in 2 weeks it is likely my BFF has killed me for this
Who knows what can happen ten years after you leave high school in your Sophomore year. Here's RAA's Class of 2011
This story pretty much tells about all my characters that will be featured in my story, "Julia Flores" and future stories